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10 Nice Social Bookmarking Sites for Building Backlinks - 2014 List

Updated on March 27, 2014

Building backlinks to your online content remains the primary way to attract a greater internet traffic. Of course, first you must ensure your content is worth the time of the viewers but even if you are producing awesome articles, they will not reach the target audience without sufficient advertisement. Social bookmarking sites are very useful in this regard and I thought it was a good idea to share with others some of the nice social bookmarking sites I am using to secure backlinks.

Nice Bookmarking Sites?

What I mean by nice websites is to those sites that are easy to register, publish your links without causing major problems and provide a public bookmarks page that are accessible to people not logged in to the site and to Google bots. Also, a nice website should not be too heavy on ads like some websites that give you pop-ups every few seconds and are so spammy that they are banned by google. I checked every website on this page to make sure it is ranked on google so they are safe. I use these bookmarking sites with confidence and I can recommend them to you without any concerns.

The List

Uno Internacional: There is nothing interesting about this dull-looking website other than the fact that it can give you do-follow backlinks. But that alone is enough to call it nice for my purposes. It's PR4.

Zariaetan: With a completely meaningless name, this website is PR3 and your links become do-follow on getting pusblished. It seems to work.

SiteJot : This is a dim but straightforward site. You get a public page with your links listed with anchor text. Make sure you don't use very long titles for your links because you get three dots after a certain number of characters, probably not very good idea for anchor text. Instead use short keywords and post your link. If you can't find you public profile search your user name in the public pages. It's PR4 and links are no-follow.

BOOKMAX : This is a PR4, no-follow bookmarking site but like SiteJot reviewed above it is hardly social at all. It is just one of those sites where you get a public profile with anchor texted links. This is not a big problem though. Because it is easy to register and you get neat links. This site is a go.

Hidden-WEB : Post your link. See it on home page and public profile page in seconds. Not much to say. A quick, no-problem social bookmarking site with PR5 and do-follow links.

URL.ORGanizer : This is one of those bookmarking sites that has its own unique layout rather than being another clone of the regular link posting websites. This gives the sense of placing your link in a quality website and provides confidence that this website (and your links) are going to be out there for a long time. PR4 and no-follow with public profile.

myHq : Bookmarking site with an early 2000's feel. PageRank is PR4 and links are do-follow. Your links are posted immediately on a public page without any pending period or whatever. Nice site.

Guide-Vin: A clone bookmarking with an edge. You can upload pictures for your posts and that makes things a bit more exciting. Upload a nice picture so it will attract some attention and people will vote for it and your post gets featured. Submitted links are no-follow but they become do-follow once your link is reviewed. The site is PR4.

AK3: A decent PR5. Links turn do-follow upon getting published. Looks like it's gonna work.

Other Bookmarking Sites That Deserve A Mention

These are not part of the list because they are not so nice. Still, I though it best to name them here in case you want to check them out.

CanYouCCMe : PR 0 and no-follow. Checking Google Webmasters, I find that my several months old links from this website are not listed. This looks like a worthless but you can try it if you want.

Julie Higgins: This used to be a nice site until the PageRank turned out to be 0. The site seems to be down from time to time but I am not sure what is going to happen to it. You can check this one if you feel like it.

Want More Social Bookmarking Sites?

If you were interested in this list of social bookmarking sites you may also want to have a look at this hub about High PageRank Social Bookmarking Sites.


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    • hassann profile image

      hassann 3 years ago

      Thanks for the feedback Amr. I'll keep updating the list from time to time.

    • AmrElNawawy profile image

      Amr El Nawawy 4 years ago from Egypt

      MakeaFace had been sold on flippa

      juliehiggins has page rank (0)

      canyouccme has page rank (0) and I couldn't know how to submit

      I think your list needs to be updated.