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10 Tips to Building Back links With Articles

Updated on February 14, 2012

The best way I have found to build back links to my hubs and other websites is with the use of article marketing. It is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website from all over the world. I have come up with 10 tips to help you get started in driving traffic with article marketing.

1. The first thing that should be common sense is not to use the same article. If, you use the same exact article that you wrote on your website it does no good. The search engines will discount it as a “duplicate submission” thus driving your original article down into the Google nether land of articles. The best way to avoid this is, to thoroughly rewrite your article from a different perspective with similar information. This give the search engines something entirely different on both ends. One for your back link and one for your website.

2. When article marketing always draft about 5 copies of your article all unique. This way you can submit them to some of the top online marketing directories like Ezine, article base, and Go Articles.

3. One of the oldest tricks in the book is auto submission. There are tons of websites and software packages that promise to submit your article to thousands of directories. So, why shell out money to submit the same article to thousands of directories? All this does is reduce your original article to nothing, and the search engines will ignore it. There are only a few top article directories that the search engines regularly go to so concentrate your energies on those top 5 or ten directories.

4. The idea of creating articles is to link directly back to your website. I have seen many people submit quality articles, but they seem to forget why they are doing it. Great article and no back links were created at the bottom. Use the author bio section to talk about your website and who you are. Article directories will not allow you to use the bio section to create back links to affiliate websites only your own.

5. When linking your address in the Bio section, one excellent way to create a second link is to link a keyword that is on your website. Creating a keyword that you want your site to rank well in will help your rankings in the search engines.

6. Most people will only link to the homepage of their site. But, what about all the other significant content that is available on your site. Use keywords to get deep bank links in there as well and not just your home page.

7. There are tons of fantastic places bedsides directories to get your article published. There are hundreds of online magazines that cater to specialized niches. If, your website is part of the overall group submit the article to them.

8. Look for broad and pure, specific niche article directories that are related to the content that you are sharing. These sites can draw thousands of much targeted traffic to your site.

9. You do not need to throw away those articles you have already written you can combine them into one giant e-book that you can use as a free download to visitors or a place to sell your articles online for people to have the information.

10. You can also use the articles as an outline to create videos or slideshows that people can view anytime .

So, use the articles you create wisely and investment in all the time you spend writing and creating them will pay off in the form of tons of traffic and money.


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