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3 Best Tips That a AdSense User Have to Know And Follow

Updated on June 9, 2011

The best earning way is the Google AdSense for every publisher. You can earn money easily by displaying Google AdSense ads to your website or blog. Also, there are other AdSense companies but Google AdSense is the best among all. It's the way to earn money form home. So, it's the online money earning game. You can easily earn extra cash form home by doing a little work. You can learn more by reading Google Adsense : Start Earning Money Using Google Adsense. This page only tells your the most and mandatory 3 tips that an AdSense User have to know and follow. These tips are really important and you should have to follow strictly if you want to earn much money from home.

Tips No 3 :

As a AdSense user, you must have to know the terms and policy of Google AdSense. There are several policies to earn legally and much by using AdSense. All AdSense user must have to know before using it. For example, you can't use Google AdSense code to the pages which is copied form others or if your website is adult materials relate. Moreover, you can't click your own ads etc. All these things sre mentioned in Google AdSense terms and conditions page. Before using AdSense and earning much money, you must have to learn and follow AdSense program policy and terms and conditions. If you don't do then one day you may ban from Google AdSense.

Tips No 2:

Program and policies change time to time. So, you should keep yourself to AdSense program policies. Moreover, some thing may be legal to you. But it's illegal to the eyes of Google AdSense. For example, you create a website and some of the pages of that site has no content except the Google AdSense. Is it good? I don't think so. You may click your websites ads every day. Are you doing it often or continuously? If you do, you will see you have earned much. But there is a bad news for you. Your account will be closed very soon and you will not earn money. All's are lost. So, to learn these  types of issues or issues of the AdSense users, the AdSense users mistakes, the information related to earnings, the information related to website optimization, the ways to solve AdSense users mistake or to ask anything related to AdSense then you must be joined to AdSense blog or group. There is a huge information about all of these issues. Learn and ask anything from there. It will really keep you up to date about the making money techniques and AdSense rules, terms and conditions. Follow these groups or blogs and discuss with poeple about your query and earn money online form your home.

Tips No 1:

I think, you learn all the AdSense program policies, terms and policies and keep yourself up to date by joining and posting forum or group posts of AdSense. Now, the last thing you should know and follow is quite hard at the first time to you. But this is really very simple and easy. It's the website optimization. Many people says that optimization techniques are very hard to apply and understand. But I think so. Optimization includes both placing the AdSense ads and using the high paying keywords to your web-pages. If you use HUBPAGES there is a great flexibility. You don't need to think about Google AdSense ad placement. HUBPAGES is intelligent enough to place ad block easily. Here, you have to optimized your hub keywords. Already there is a keyword tool which is also a good choice to find out keywords. Moreover, you have to use your own mind and brain for finding and using keywords. Always try to find out the most used words which relate to your page content. Now, find out there usage. If you want to use them also find out how much they often used. Lastly, use them to your website keywords.

If you use blog or if you have your own website then place Google ads at the starting of your page content after the main header of your site. You may use the format of this page. Look this page places ads before and after the title of this page.  This is really an eye catching position to attract visitors. Moreover, in the right sidebar there is another ad block. That is also a nice placement of ads also. Try to find in this way to place your ad's position.

These are the best 3 tips that an AdSense User must have to know and follow. Without missing any of these, you don't expect to earn much through Google AdSense. Know all these tips and follow these tips and you will see that your earnings is increased than many other AdSense users. I wish you will know and follow theses tips and earn money easily form your home.

© Written by rancidTaste

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