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30 Days of November equals 30-Hub Marathon

Updated on March 16, 2011

Time is running

I don’t want to deepen the significant of the number 30. But being one of the Hub Pages writers it means a different thing to me. It’s not the new moon or the full moon but fulfilling another marathon of writing 30 hubs, fresh, meaty and commercially-relevant.

So here I am again, running, I mean writing ahead of the deadline for 30-hub marathon. Many Hub Nuggets and Wannabes have done it. I did it myself last October. Although, there were symptoms of being flagged, noted with duplicate content or similar to other hubs, my pursuit of hitting it to thirty was not a simple feat to accomplish.

Qualities of 30-hubber/marathoner

1. Uses the Hub capsules to the fullest. My first attempts to finish my first ten hubs were not really meeting the standard of Hub writing. It’s not simply theme writing. Hub writing has also theme, in fact it is deciphered into specific topic. The arrangement of paragraph or text and photos can be chosen by the hub writer. Related capsules on news and videos are waiting to be tapped. One can also make a quiz for the reader aside from the comment capsule. RSS feed or really simple syndication is also there. Links, codes for eBay and Amazon are commercially available.

2. Researches the topic so well. A hub writer must have a wide array of sources if not knowledge about the topic he/she is developing. You don’t have to be branded as member of plagiarism and duplicate content society. You just have to reference it and develop a new paragraph for it. With all the sources available in the net, how could one not be tempted to just highlight the essence of the topic, copy and paste it to your hub capsule? Referencing it would be the safest way to tap its ideas into your content.

3. Review to hub topic before publishing. Adding the finishing touches of the hub minutes before publishing is important. There can be broken links after you publish it or malicious links as well. Be sure that you have the right theme. I had this hub that really didn’t match the topic I’ve developed. Although, I match my topic with the last option on the theme, still, the general idea seems to go nowhere. My bad, actually. It was a serious topic but I’ve read comments that didn’t jive with my topic.

4. Read and read and read. History books, current events, anything you fancy, fiction or non-fiction really matter in Hub Pages world. Being the ambassadors of written literature in the net, many are looking at us as their confidants when looking for topics they want to read or they can relate into.

5. True to his/her work. This is a dedication to what the Hub Page staff really wants us to be. Many lives were changed not only because they are receiving the fruits of success but due to the sacrifices they contributed for the success of Hub Pages.

The list could go on and on up to thirty. The fulfillment of reaching 30 hubs for a challenge will showcase the true qualities of the challenger. It’s not the days of November that we’re after. Why not make it 60 or 90 hubs for a month? Is it too sacrificial?

Well, it’s just a matter of time management.

HubPages, known as the best virtual writing community to date, inspires  prolific writers from around the world. Lawyers, businessmen, educators, mothers, students and almost all sectors in the community continue to contribute worthwhile articles that have more than 50 million readers, following them globally.

Aside from having that kind of fame, you can also monetize your articles through Google AdSense and HubPages Ad Program; much more with eBay and Amazon.


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    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 8 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      You better work it now. HubPages community is waiting for your upcoming hubs.

    • bacville profile image

      bacville 8 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      I cannot do the challenge. I have so many things to do in school (projects, assignments, etc.).