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30 Hubs in 30 days: A Novice's Experiences In Online Writing And Money Making

Updated on April 27, 2012

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As a complete novice in online writing, I wanted to give this challenge a try. I currently have almost no ideas what keywords and backlinks are (which I have been trying to learned in the past couple of days). I have been reading of people who had success with this challenge, someone name court did a 30 day challenge and made about 400 dollar. I have also been reading the article “30 Hubs in 30 Days” by traceye and have been inspired to write my own experiences. I want to know the true facts, is online writing a good ways to make money or are all the people who write about their success on hubpages in a quick amount of time lying? I want to find out.

Week 1

So it has been 7 days since I joined and have written about 10 hubs, including 1 that needs revision. Here are the results so far:


Total # of visitors: 338

Earned: 1.28

What I learned:

Okay so far this week, I have not made much. I have learned a little bit about keywords research and have been looking through Google Adwords. Beside that I have learned the importance of backlink through other hubpages and through the forum. I only upload my article through digg, stumbleupon, and reddit. I have also taken traceye’s advices and try to used yahoo answer to get more backlinks. I will continue to make updates.

Week 2

So this is the second week of the hub challenges for me.

Week 2
Week 2

Total # of visitors: 505

Earned: 1.74

# of hubs: 15 (1 in need of revision)

What I learned:

So there is actually not that much improvement. I have published 15 hubs already and 1 is in need of revision. Some of the new hubs are good quality while others are so-so. In term of money, I have made about 5 cent/day but the good thing is that I notices people are searching me on Google. The traffic is not a lots and some of the hubs are not even getting any traffics but I am still trying. I have been backling my hubs through yahoo answer which is giving me some good result and I have been using yahoo trend to give me ideas to write. I have also been linking my article together. I hope to pick up more traffic but I do not think it will be any time soon. For next week, I will try to continue to write more quality hubs (some of hubs are not that great) and try to figure out what rss feeder is.

Week 3

This is the third week and I have just achieved 1000 views. Yay! Moneywise, it is not very impressive.

week 3
week 3

Total # of visitors: 1047

Earned: 3.48

What I learned:

So making money is painfully slow but I am still trying. So far I have learned a lot about backlinking especially about Reddit. Check out this article "Increase Website Traffic by Posting Links on Reddit-Part 1" to learn more about posting on Reddit. It is a great website to drive traffic to your hubs even if it is only temporary. Be careful not to get ban for self promotion. I am planning to write more articles on other websites to drive traffics back to hubpages.

Week 4

Week 4 of the challenge:

Week 4
Week 4

Total # of visitors: 1496

Total Earning= 5.35 (not including Saturday and today since hubpages has not updated yet)

What I learn: So far I have earn very little for the past 1 month. Yet I notice that 1/3 of my view occur during my last week, so it is improving. What can I say, I made about 5 hub during the last 2 day of this challenge and although I have made very little, I have notice a increase in the number of Google search. So the experiment on my part is a failure but I have learn so much about backling, SEO, and I have read up on a lot of info on improving traffic. Some recommend using websites to create backlink and spin articles while other recommend not to. I have yet to verify which is true. I will continue to write about what I learn.

Advices for other novices who are just beginning!

For those who are just beginning to write for the first time, my advice is to be persistence. I am pretty sure that you will not make much in the beginning, unless you are really lucky. For those people who claim they have huge success, they might have or not, but it is unlikely they started completely from scratch. They probably knew how to target group of people and probably have multiple accounts on other websites to help create backlinks. If you want traffic, you need backlinks. Social Bookmarking work to a certain extend for me. If you use Reddit, you can generate a lot of traffic if you choose the right subriddet. For the other bookmarking website, its either a hit or miss for me so far. I tried Yahoo answer but it lead to nowhere. I have like 1 or 2 visitors from my posting, which a couple won best answer. For now this is pretty much all I learn after my first 30 days.

P.S. I did manage to figure out how to use RSS feed, which you can see that I have used in a couple of my hubs.

Read more about what I learned during my 30 days 30 hubs challenge: A Guide To Successfully Writing and Passively Earning On Hubpages: Turning Your Pennies To Dollars


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    • hawaiianodysseus profile image

      Hawaiian Odysseus 

      8 years ago from Southeast Washington state

      Okay, this is great...but what happens in the long term. Do these 30 hubs continue to make money for you at the same or greater rate, or do they--as the downward arrows indicate--lose traffic over time? To me, that is as vital a component to factor in as what happened in the initial 30 days. Thank you, sir!

    • daisydayz profile image

      Chantele Cross-Jones 

      8 years ago from Cardiff

      This is really interesting! I just don't have the time for a 30 for 30 challenge at the moment but I may well try it at some point as I can see it does help. I have been here 3 months and published 29 hubs so far but my earning increase has been slow too, I can see how posting a large number in a short space would create more traffic so obviously allow the money to increase a little quicker.

      Voted up!


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