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A Guide To Successfully Writing and Passively Earning On Hubpages: Turning Your Pennies To Dollars

Updated on March 4, 2012

Almost everyone on hubpages has a goal of improving their earnings from the previous month and I am no exception. I have been on hubpages for over a month and have just finished my own personal 30 hubs 30 days challenge. During my challenge, I have made roughly 5 dollars and had about 1000 views. Not very successful but what I got from this experiences was knowledge of how to be successful. Although I still have a lot to learn, during my 30 days challenges, I spend hours reading other people’s hubs. What I learned was:


Ever Green Topics:

You want to choose a topic that is going to last. While seasonal topics are fine, you want something that will have a steady traffic all year long. While the list of things you can write is huge, here what I learned from reading “How to Earn More Money from Hubpages” by jimmythejock: Product Reviews, Educational topics, and Solution to Teenage Problems. Start from here and see where it takes you.

Title, Title, Title:

Besides choosing a good topic that people will search, the title is probably the second most important things about online articles writing. A good title always includes the keywords that you are targeting as well as relates to the article itself. I recommend using Google Adwords when you are doing the title. Choosing several keywords that relate to your article that has a good numbers of global/local search, high competition for advertisement, and high CPC (about 1-2 dollars).


High Quality Hubs:

No matter how well you can do SEO, you can never replace writing quality, original contents. If you write a quality hub, you probably do not need to do that much backlinking. If you follow hubpages standards:

  1. A minimum of 1500 words of truly informative, well-written, useful content
  2. A minimum of 5 relevant, high-resolution, properly-attributed photos (ideally your own)
  3. At least 1 video (ideally your own)
  4. At least 1 Map and/or Table Capsule
  5. At least 1 Poll and/or Quiz Capsule
  6. Ten relevant tags
  7. A succinct and compelling customized summary
  8. Attractive and logical formatting

Check These Hubs Out: They follow the hubpages guideline and have been quite successful: Check their stats:

Total lifetime views: 12,752,747

Per Hub average:81,748

Current total monthly views: 430,330

Per Hub average: 2,759

Let’s be a little realistic, this is just a guideline. Writing 1500 words of quality, original contents would requires a little more than 2 hours of work, especially if you have to search for picture as well. A good articles to me is around 400-500 words (recommended length), with 1-2 pictures, and a video if you want. While writing longer is good, I have never finish reading any of those quality hubs that was 1500 words long. I usually read the first paragraph, scan the documents to see what was relevant, and leave.


If you have written a good article, very few backlink are actually requires. Check out these sites to help backlink:

  1. Reddit
  2. Digg
  3. Stumbleupon
  4. Yahoo Answers
  5. Infobarrel
  6. Redgage

If you used, you need to search for the appropriate subreddit or else you articles will be lost. I have also found some success with yahoo answers, it is a good site for free traffics. I have only been using infobarrel, redgage, for a short time but both site have offers some success. All these sites are do-follow, so they help you in your google ranking. Try these sites out to see if they work for you. A words of warning, do not place too many backlink at one times, google will think you are spamming.

Quantity Is Just As Important As Quality:

Let's be realistic, the odds of one of your hubs generating thousands of views a day is going to be low. Even among top earners, only a couple of their hubs will ever generate a good income for them. The rest will just occasionally add traffic. To offset this, write a lot with realistic expectation. Do not try to win the lottery by assuming your one hubs is going to make thousand of hits, instead think small. Assume one hub will get you 5 views, 50 hubs will get you 250 views, and 1000 hubs will get you 5000 views. If you think like this and continues to write quality hubs, you will be successful. If you write only a couple of hubs that is high quality, you will either hit or miss like the lottery (More like miss). If you have not look at the Learning Center, please do. It is very imperative that you at least scan through them.

How Much Money Have You Made In One Month

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How I Will Increase My Earning:

There really is no magic trick to this. What I have learned so far, I have summarizes in this article. I will essentially follow these guidelines and that is how I will increase my earning in the coming month. Making money is never easy, so if you treat it as a jobs, you will be successful.


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    • Olde Cashmere profile image

      Olde Cashmere 5 years ago from Michigan, United States

      Sound advice and I appreciate you documenting your experience on this site. Best of luck and thanks for a well written hub with useful information. Voted up and awesome.