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Produce Hubtastic Hubs: 7 Ways to Become a Successful Hubber

Updated on March 13, 2012

Many novice hubbers have this question, as do many seasoned hubbers. There are plenty of great hubs on here about how to become a successful hubber, and plenty of ways to learn from those that have made successes of themselves here.

In the hope that this hub will help you succeed, as well as adding my hubs to the ranks of the successful, I offer you 7 Ways to Become a Successful Hubber

Read Other Hubs

Part of becoming a successful hubber, is becoming a part of the hubpages community. Getting involved in the forums, answering questions, writing hubs and reading other hubs.

There are some very important reasons for reading other hubber's hubs, besides the wealth of information everyone has to offer.

1. Hub Hopping

Hub hopping is one of my favorite pass times when I'm not writing hubs. The reason for this, is because hub hopping does two great things for you: (a) It gives you a chance to learn something, (b) It gives you a chance to help hubpages get rid of poor content. Which is something very important if you want to be successful. Hubbers who produce hubs simply to promote their affiliate sites, pyramid schemes or content spun articles - bring down the rest of the site. Especially since the advent of google's Panda update. Simply put, the more shallow, salesy or copied content there is on hubpages, the more often your articles won't be seen by google. You help cut down on crudy content, and you give your articles a chance to get seen more often.

Hub hopping also helps out your fellow hubbers, both in the ways that help you, but also by helping to their content to get better rankings within hubpages. So hub hopping helps everyone full circle. Do it often, and increase your chances of becoming a success.

2. Finding Other Successful Hubbers

Successful hubbers are already well aware of the information I am passing onto you, which means that they are already on hubpages every day, reading away. They know that those who truly wish to be successful, will read as many hubs as they write (minimum). By reading other hubs, you will have an opportunity to find those successful hubbers. Giving you the opportunity to follow them and learn from them. In turn, you're usually lucky enough to have them return the favor and follow you too.

3. Inspiration Not Replication

Reading other hubs is a great source of inspiration and information. Though that does not mean that you should go out and replicate every hub you read. You might find a hub about current trends very inspiring and decide to write your own trendy hub, though there is no reason you need to copy the hub you read. Use fresh content that came from your mind, with unique trend information. Or whatever information it is that you decide to hub about.

Write Hubs About Everything And Nothing

Many hubbers have found success in writing hubs that are sure fire traffic gatherers. Many other hubbers have found that producing hubs about random topics, has helped them rank up. Still others have found success in writing hubs that highlight their passions, regardless of how well they believe they will rank.

Going but the success of others, we can come up with this simple equation: Writing about everything can bring you a lot of success and writing about nothing in particular can bring you a lot of unexpected success.

Make Your Writing Hub-Worthy

As an affiliate writer myself, I get really annoyed with articles and hubs that simply copy the sales letter from their affiliate sites and past it into a hub. No really worth while content goes into the hub, so it really doesn't help anyone other than that hubber who posted their referral link in the hub. It also pains me to see many hubs titled as "reviews" that hold very little reviewing in the actual hub. Most of these hubs are promoting affiliate products, and the person writing about those products probably hasn't actually bought or used the product(s) themselves.

Many of the best hubs that I have read on hubpages, are hubs that actually teach you something, or let you into someone's world. They are all about writing, just for writings sake. Sure the hubber who wrote those hubs wants to earn money from their writing, but that's not what drives the passion behind it. You can tell that these hubs are hubworthy, not just because of their great content, but also because others will rank up the hub and it will be read often. Poor hubs will be flagged or ignored in most cases.

So to be successful on hubpages, you should make sure your hubs are rich in quality content. It's okay if you produce a fluffy article on the tired occasion, but make sure your not purposely filling the hubwaves with crap. This will bring you regular success, and show your readers that they can jump into almost any article of yours and not have to worry about wasting three minutes of their life on a sales letter.

Use Pictures

The proof is in the pudding, and it's also in the hubpages help forums - using pictures in your hubs helps to increase your success. Especially when those pictures are completely filled out with a caption, creator and url link. Even just a caption and creator will go really far.

This tip helps you the most by improving your visibility on google, bing and other search engines that use pictures. So by using this option, you get a chance to have your hubs found in more then one type of search. If you don't believe me, you can experiment with different hubs that have pictures and hubs that don't. You'll notice that the hubs with photos will usually receive more views than the hubs without pictures.

Keyword Crazy

You'll want to get crazy enough to get out there and learn what keywords you should use for your hubs, but then you'll need to keep the crazy toned down when using keywords in your hubs. If you have too many, you'll get flagged. If you don't have enough you won't get as many page views, which will leave your hubs ranked lower in hubpages and google.

As a good rule of thumb, make sure you have at least five keywords in every hub. Ten to fifteen is better, but make sure your keywords stay relevant to your hub when you use more than five.

Don't Leave Empty Comments

I have found that a lot of people get into the habit of leaving short little blurbs in hub comments. While this isn't a bad thing all around, these are 'empty comments' and they won't do more than make the hubber you commented - a little bit happier.

The trick to commenting, is to leave something insightful that shows you actually read the hub, not just skimmed. Offer a rebutal to what they said, or offer more information about the subject that wasn't covered. Go into detail about what you really liked in the hub, or ask the writer a question. Be genuine and authentic, instead of just following the herb.

"Great hub" is an easy thing to type in real fast, but it won't get anyone to follow you or become to interested in checking out your hubs.

hubpages rocks!
hubpages rocks! | Source

Hub Till Your Hearts Content

I can't stress this enough. If you truly want to be a successful hubber, you need to hub a lot. None of the successful hubbers in this community, found their success through two or three hubs. They have hundreds if not thousands of hubs under their belt.

To make it more of a challenge, you don't want to make fluff hubs in your portfolio. It's fine if you had to force something out just to get past a writers block, but don't make it a regular habit. Try to write at least two hubs per day, or more if you can manage. This will put you on an even pace to success within a few years. If you want sooner success, you'll have to up your game and keep the quality hubs a coming!


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