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A Blog Post is Like a Flower

Updated on June 19, 2013

A Flower in a Blog-eat-blog World

A Blog Post is Like a Flower

A Blog post is much like a flower. Here is the life cycle.

  1. It starts off as a seed. The seed is the idea of what you want to write about. The seed can be inspired by something on your mind. It can be a negative or positive inspiration. If your blog is written in anger, the reader can tell. If it is written with positive intentions, the reader will also pick up on it.
  2. The seed starts to grow. As you write your blog posts, the seed grows. It eventually breaks ground. The post starts out as one text box. Then you add pictures, videos, and links. Pretty soon you are at the next phase.
  3. The blog post is now a stem, without leaves. It is standing upright and ready to put out its leaves. Some blog writers stop here. The blog may not have tags or even a summary written. But in a rush to publish a blog post, the writer quickly publishes before it has even put forth its leaves. These kinds of blogs don't thrive. They get a few views, then disappear, forever lost.
  4. Stage 4: The blog now has leaves. The writer has taken the time to write the tags and summary statement, and even made sure there is a great photo to represent the blog post. The content will intrigue others and get many views.
  5. Stage 5: The blog blooms with a flower. A blog that really prospers has excellent content, a great root systems, and a beautiful flower proudly glows from the top of the stem. This blog is gonna make one blog writer a lot of pennies!

Thorny Hubs Inflict Pain


Evil Blog Posts Have Thorns

Some blog writers want to take out their anger in their posts. I suppose they have that right. There are so many people hurting. So they take it out on the world. It could be from reading something they don't agree with. It could be someone else intentionally trying to upset them. They could be picked on. There are a number of reasons behind why someone may write a "thorny" blog post.

Whatever the reason, these painful blog posts can inflict pain on others. The thorns penetrate the skin, and cause others to bleed.

Have you written any blog posts that cause others pain?

A Flower in Full Bloom


A Great Blog Will Bloom With Brightness

Write your blog with enthusiasm and positive passion. Only then will it bloom like the midday sun with radiance and glory.

Spread love to others with your writing, not hate.

Try to find the positive in everything, and forget the things that cause you hurt. Then you will be able to heal and spread positivity to others.


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Absolutely agree with you. Some write hurting hubs, lots of criticise while most people write interesting and useful hubs. That is the benefit of hubpages..just write what you think. Thumbs up