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Abc Hubnugget School

Updated on July 13, 2019

The ABC's of the HubNugget school

are not the norm as a rule.

They're words that matter just to us

To learn them all will be a plus.

They'll help you make your writing

That much more exciting.

The more you learn

The better you'll be

As a writer you will become

As great as you can be.

A is for affiliate settings

Bis for bookmarks and backlinking

C is for categories, comments, and capsules

D is for Duration

E is for earnings and Evergreen Content

F is for followers, feedback, forums, and fan mail

G is for Go-Getters

His for HubNuggets, Hubpages Ad Program, and Hub Score

I is for income

J is for the Joy of Writing

K is for keywords

L is for Learning Center and links

M is for Moderation Help

N is for nominees and niche

O overwhelming wonderful

P is for profile and photos

Q is for questions and quality

R is for Referral Trackers and research

S is for spelling and statistics

T is for traffic, topics, title, and tags

U is for user name

V voters, vote and videos

W is for wannabes

X is for X-tra effort

Y is for Yes I'm a writer

Z is for zeal

H is for Hub Metrics, Hub Hopper, Hub Karma, and Hub Score

"So class, who can tell me what the letter H stands for?" asked professor Jason Menayan.

"I know, I know." exclaimed RedElf waving her hand in the air.

"OK RedElf, remember, I want not only the words that begin with H but also their meanings." reminded Professor Menayan.

"OK, but can ladyjane1 help me? There are so many that begin with H I thought maybe we could take turns."

ladyjane1 jumped up from her seat to join RedElf at the front of the class.

"H is for Hubscore" began RedElf. "Hubscore is what determines or shows you the quality of individual Hubs. There are many things that affect your Hub Score such as: traffic, reputation of the hubber, the length of the hub, the quality of content, how many thumbs up you receive, and how many people read and respond to your hub."

"My turn." stated ladyjane1. "H is for Hub Karma. Hub Karma is that score you receive that shows how much you link to other hubbers hubs and to the Topic Pages in your own hubs. Linking to like subject hubs will give you a good Hub Karma Score."

"H is for Hub Metrics." began RedElf. "It sounds kinda complicated but it really isn't. Hub Metrics is really neat, it gives you a lot of information. It shows you word count so you know how many ads you can include in your hub (1 ad per 50 words), revenue potential (always a good thing to know), incoming links, view duration (this shows how long people take to read your hub), when your hub was published and your short URL address (good for use on Twitter and such)."

"H is for Hub Hopper" called out ladyjane1. "What is Hub Hopper and why should we use it? Well, Hub Hopper lets you look at a whole bunch of recently published hubs in all kinds of subjects. It lets you quickly browse through a random selection of hubs you might not normally come across."

"Excellent girls"

F is for forum, feed and followers, A is for Accolades

"Class this time we will explore the words beginning with F and A. Who would like to tackle those letters?"

"I will Professor Menayan." Patty Inglish jumped out of her seat eager to begin.

"Great Patty, who will join her up here?"

"OH, let me please." ripplemaker waved her hand from the back of the row.

"Come on down." Turning to the girls he said "Your on."

"I'll go first," said Patty. "I think I'll do the letter A. A is for Accolades. I love getting these. They are really important. They show everyone just how good you are doing. Every time you reach a hub milestone achievement you receive one. There are a lot of them so listen carefully: Hub Views, Followers, Number of Hubs, Years on Hubs, Questions Made, Questions Answered, Great Commenter, Popular, Great Discussion Starter, Great Hub Pages Citizen, and Engaging Writer."

"ripplemaker, did I get them all?"

"It sounds like it to me Patty. Now it's my turn, I have the letter F. F is for forum. A forum is a great place to meet other hubbers and make new friends. It where you can ask questions and get help. You can answer question and help someone else. You can find out all the new things going on, give advice and get advice. And as an extra bonus you can talk to other hubbers about all kinds of different things, things that interest you and things that interest them."

"My turn. F is for feed. no, it doesn't mean feed your face. The feed is a very useful tool. It shows you all of the activity of your hub including: Hubs you've published, Hubs you've commented on, questions you've asked and answered, and forum threads you've participated in. It can also show you the activity of the Hubbers you follow. It keeps you up to date on what you are doing."

ripplemaker stepped behind the podium. "F is for followers. I just love this word. It means people like your hubs. A follower is someone who follows your hubs, wants to read more of your hubs. It's important to have followers. It means you are doing something right. It's also important to follow others. Find Hubbers who have common interest and who write about things you enjoy reading about.

"I see a couple of someones have been studying. You girls really know your words. Thank you"

E is for...C is for...L is for...S is for

"Come on down Enelle Lamb and KoffeeKlatch Gals. It's time for you to show us what you know." said Professor Menayan.

"We ready", they replied in unison.

"Can I go first?" asked Enelle. At Gals nod she turned and said, "I think I'll take the letter E. E is for Evergreen Content. That's information about things that don't change. Like answering a question, explaining how to do something or a detailed review about a popular place or product. When you write about a subject that is popular and you do it well it can bring you lots of traffic for a long, long time."

"I think I'll do the letter L." Gal spoke up. "L is for Link Suggestion Tool. That's the little green button at the top of your hub. It makes it easy to add links to other hubs that have related content. It also helps you easily link to your own hub with similar content and topics pages of the same subject."

"I think I will do C." said Enelle. "C is for Capsule. Anything you put on your hub goes into a capsule. Actually you can't put anything in your hub without entering it in a capsule. There are many capsules you can use to make your hub more interesting: test. video, rss, poll, amazon, table, map, photo, links, comments, ebay, code and quiz. You'll find all of these selections at the top right hand side of your hub when in edit mode. With all of these choices you can't help but develop a dynamite hub."

"OK, that leaves the letter S." said Gals. "S is for Summary. As you all know a summary is a description that is about 2 to 4 sentences long. I bet you don't know why you should write a summary. Well, I'll tell you. A summary actually communicates with search engines and web services and lets them know what your hub is all about. Once they have a handle on what you've written they can place you in the proper subject area. What this means is more traffic for you."

"I am impressed by the extent of the knowledge all of you girls are showing." stated the professor proudly.

Hub Word Oral Quiz

Looking at his watch Professor Menayan realized he had to go. "I'm sorry class I must leave for a staffing. I am going to have Simone Smithand Fawntia Fowler in charge. They will quiz you on the words I have written on the board. I'm sure you will all do fine."

Simone and Fawntia quickly walked up to the front of the classroom eager to quiz their classmates. They stood there looking at the words and decided after much discussion how they would do this.

"Hey everybody, this is what we'll do." spoke up Simone. "There are 8 words and 8 of us here. Why don't we each take a word?"

"What a great idea," exclaimed Patty. "Can I do the nominees word?" At everyone's nod she began, "N is for Nominees.Nominees are the 18 people that are chosen to be featured and voted on each week. They appear on the weekly HubNugget hub so people can become familiar with their Hub and vote for their favorite in each category. To become a nominee you must have been writing for HubPages for less than 90 days and have an author score of at least 75."

"I want to be next." said Simone. Looking at the words on the board she decided on her favorite word. "H is for HubNugget. HubNuggets are the 6 hubs with the highest number of votes. The Hubs are written by new writers, selected by Elite Hubbers, and elected by the HubPages community."

"It's my turn." cried out Fawntia. "W is for Wannabe. This is my favorite word. A wannabe is simply a fantastic hub written by a new hubber that had been chosen by the team to be highlighted on the HubNugget Hub. There are 3 subjects chosen per week and for each subject 6 wannabes are chosen. That brings the grand total of wannabes to 18. When everybody reads the weekly hubnugget hub they then vote for their favorite for each category."

"Me next" said Gals. "I know what I'm going to do. C is for Comments. I love comments. This is where you let people know how much you appreciate their article. Comments are very important. You can offer help, constructive criticism, bolster the author's confidence, or just plain say thanks, I really appreciate you. It's also important to respond to any comments you receive. It lets the commenter know you appreciate their comments and that they matter to you."

"Let me go" cried RedElf. "K is for Keyword. Keywords are just words that people enter into a search engine when they are online looking for information. When writing a Hub you use keywords in your title, tags and content. It is important that you become aware of what type of words people are entering. The best way to do this is to use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

ripplemaker stood and said, "G is for Groups. Groups are Hubs that share a common theme. When you group your hubs it helps to attract search traffic. If you have more search traffic that can only be a good thing."

Enelle shouted out, "T is for Tags. This one is really easy. TGA are simply keywords and phrases that describe your hub. They are what people enter into the search engine and lead people to you."

"Well, I guess that leaves me with R is for RSS." said ladyjane1 quietly. "RSS stands for Really Simply Syndicating. This sounds pretty complicated but if you really listen you'll see it isn't as hard to understand as it seems. The RSS software makes a list of blogs posts or articles which matches the search you would do for your hub if you were doing it manually. It then takes all the information to wherever you place the RSS feed URL link. It helps to bring traffic both to you and the articles you link to."

V is for Vote

The door flew open and in rushed Maddie Rudd. "Im sorry I'm late, I was at a meeting. What did I miss?"

Everyone started talking at once. But, Maddie being Maddie, she understood right away. They had been doing the Hub ABC's.

"Hey, you guys didn't save me a word to do." Looking at the board she thought for a moment, then smiled and said, "I know a very important word that everybody seemed to forget about."

"What is it?" Everyone asked.

"V is for Vote." Everyone groaned. It wasn't that they forgot about the word it was just than it was second nature to them all.

"Voting is absolutely important. Everyone can vote but you can only vote one time per category. So, all of the wannabes need to vote for themselves and get out there and let everyone they know that they want their vote. You can Tweet, put it on facebook, email all your friends. put it on any blog you can. The only way to win is to promote votes and of course don't forget to vote for yourself."

It's Your Turn

Now it's time for you to do your part. Make sure you vote for your favorite hub. Let all your friends and relatives know about it. Encourage them to some, read, and vote. And all of you nominees, don't be shy. Let everyone know your hub has been chosen as a HubNugget Wannabe Hub. It's a terrific honor and each one of you deserve it. We are proud of you.

  • How do I get on the HubNugget Wannabe list?

HubNugget Wannabe is a well written and presented hub by someone who has been with hubpages for less than 90 days and has an author score of 75 or more. The hub needs to have been published within the last 7 days and have a hub score of at least 55.

  • So what's in it for you?

Well, I'll tell you. First of traffic to your hub is really going to soar, this means more people will be reading your writing. This can only lead to a more fans following you. The title of your hub will be posted in the HubNugget forum-thread, you'll receive a wonderful letter of congratulations from one of the HubNuggets team members and you will be featured in our newsletter.

  • What are the guidelines?

To make your hub worthy of all this fame all you have to do is chose great topic, write a well-written, well-researched hub of about 800 or so words, and add a few relevant pictures and maybe even a video. Last but certainly not least, make sure you read over your work, edit carefully and remove any mistakes and then push that publish now button. Make sure you go to the hub learning center and read the following site for any questions you may have.

Last but not least, it very important, promote, promote, promote. Make sure you tell everyone you know to sign into hubpages, read and vote. Post it on every blog you participate in. Make sure you let people know they don't have to join to vote.

A lot of research went into preparing this hub and I received a lot of answers to the most asked questions by reviewing the many help forums and hubs. I would like to take a moment to list the ones that were invaluable in my research. These are the ones you need to go to when you have a question or a problem.

Forums: The name of this forum is Frequently Asked Questions-Read before Posting by Maddie Rudd (This is under the Need Help? Ask Here. Forum) name of this forum is Recent Changes-Answers to the Forum Concerns Here by Simone Smith (This is under Official HubPages Announcements.)

Hubs: by darkside by Shirley Anderson by Paul Edmondson by InspireHub by Patty Inglish

Also the learning center is by far the best I've seen online. Make it a point to visit it.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2011 Susan Hazelton


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