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Am I A canidate For Intervention

Updated on December 29, 2009
I'm addicted to you Babe
I'm addicted to you Babe

Are You Addicted To Hub Pages

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I've been on Hub Pages for two months. In 60 days I've managed to upset my wife by being on the computer. I try to explain that it is a hobby, like her book reading, but she doesn't buy it. Then I tell her I'm making money. Naturally she asks how much. Well, my Adsense earnings of 35 cents didn't impress her. I didn't even bother mentioning my Amazon earnings. Oh yeah I don't have any yet LOL.

After her bickering I get off the computer. However I always shortly sneak back on and check out my blogs and Hub Pages. I spent a lot of time here. It's more interactive then my other blogs. Of course I'll over stay my time and she'll come charging in throwing out a comment or two.

Quite frankly I don't know what her problem is.I do the things that need to be done around the house. I spend time with the family. I go to all the places I have to go. I even ignore the urge to check things out on my phone.Still she feels I have a problem.

I'll admit I have a problem. It's my wife. I love, her but she is not tech smart at all. The computer to her is a place to check email and play games. Yes her phone can take a picture, but she doesn't know how. Take the picture for her, she can't transfer it to the computer. Set up the DVR? Not her. We got navigation system in the car, she'll never use it. Maybe that's because woman will ask for directions, unlike us men.

I see the computer as a way to open up the world. I've met many great people from other states and countries that I'd never would have met without the internet. I've learned so much just surfing the net.I've even made good money,not here yet, on the internet. I see it as a tool to make yourself a better person. Not my wife though.

My fear is that at some point, she will convince everyone that I need Hubverention. What is that you ask. Intervention for those addicted to Hub Pages. Don't lie I know you are out there. I've read some of your stuff. I however am still in denial.

So what should I do? I fear being dragged into a room with family and friends. I fear everyone telling me how I'm letting them down. How I must choose between them and Hubs! I fear the withdrawal symptoms. Cold sweats, shaking, seeing keyboards that aren't really there, and the voices in my head telling me my followers are leaving me and my Hub score is dropping.

Like I said I'm in denial. My word against hers. So I ask again......................How do I avoid intervention?

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    • janiek13 profile image

      Mary Krenz 8 years ago from Florida's Space Coast

      Hey, I'm with you, it's not a problem, I can handle it.