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Another Google adsense payment

Updated on November 23, 2013

Another Adsense payment. If I can do it so can you.

Just received another cheque from Google. Have to admit it's a bit of a thrill when the cheque comes in the post. It does take a bit of time to do your promoting through forums and search engines but makes it worthwhile when the payment comes. Most of this payment came from my own website I use my payment to take my family out to dinner on a weekend. Folks, if I can do this then believe me so can you.

Update - Google have stopped posting out cheques and now ask for bank details so that payments can be transfered more securely by electronic funds. Make sure to update your payment details in your adsense panel.

Remember - NEVER click your own adverts or ask others too.

My Adsense payment.

Hints and Tips.

If you have a Website or Blog then why not rent part of it out to Google. If it passes their criterior then Google pass on advertisors to your Website and when visitors click on their advert links on your website then you get paid. I would ask you though not to click adverts. Google are very smart when it comes to this. It's also dishonest. Also imagine if your account had accumilated say 60 dollars,euros or pounds and Google found out you had been clicking adverts they would disable your account and you would lose this money.

Do not purchase 'hide your ip' programmes as again unless it's one I haven't heard of Google will find out and disable your account. Play by the rules. Do a bit of research on keywords and what they pay. At the end of the day there are companies out there that, if you have a good website or blog, they will pay good money to have their adverts displayed.

If you're a hubber or blogger, keep adding fresh content - not only will it entice people to come back to your hub/blog but search engines love frsh content meaning good search engine results!

Beautiful Donegal,Ireland.


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    • Jimmys Money blog profile image

      Jimmy 6 years ago

      Hi cwilliams6009, thanks for your comment. Yes,anyone that runs Google Adsense on their websites should not click advertisments to help boost their payments. I know 1 person who invested a lot of time and effort creating websites and blogs and chanced a few clicks.Google knew exactly where the clocks had come from and disabled his account.A lot of time and effort for nothing plus he had to go back into all his blogs and sites and remove the adsense code.He also lost 50 dollars his account had built up.

    • cwiliams6009 profile image

      cwiliams6009 6 years ago from Vancouver, BC

      Nifty. You ask people not to click on your ads . . . I imagine what you mean is don't click unless you are genuinely intested in buying. yes?