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Applying for Adsense Chatper 3 (How to protect your account)

Updated on November 17, 2013

Avoid Getting Banned

The email you never want to receive goes something along the lines of
“We are suspending/terminating your account for” followed by a list of the
reasons why.
Now make no mistake Google do not ban you for fun, or on a whim, or
just because the wind has changed direction. They do it because they
believe that you have either tried to defraud them and their advertisers. It
maybe that you have “accidently” clicked on your ads a few too many
times, or that a friend or relative has clicked on your ads repeatedly. Or it
could just be plain and malicious clicks by persons unknown. However it
is most likely that your site simply does not comply with their quality
criteria, and a Google human reviewer could have reviewed your site
after your initial application was approved and seen a non­compliance..
This is just one more reason to use a “Click Locker ” like I talked about in the last section in order to stop this happening to you. It can be hard
enough to get an Adsense account, so why not protect it as best you
can?To avoid getting banned do not click on your own ads ever, nor
encourage site visitors in anyway to click on your ads.
Nor should you encourage friends and relatives to do so, you may think
you are being smart and won’t get caught out, but you will do and then
they will ban your account and keep all of your earnings to date.
They do this by monitoring ip addresses and if the same 6 ip addresses
click on your ads daily then their software will flag this up.
Other things to avoid getting banned: ­

Click Exchange for Mutual Benefit

Never ever use a click exchange where others offer to click on your ads in
return for you clicking on theirs. This is the fastest way to get banned.
Never implement or run any “Auto clicking” software, it does exist but is a
good way to waste money, as when you buy and run it you will get banned
pretty quickly.

Discussing Account Information Openly

Never discuss your Click Through Ratio (CTR) online, it is against the
TOS and can get you banned. Yet you will see people talking about their
CTR in forums, having helpfully placed a link to their site in their forum
signature, thus enabling Google to ban them from Adsense very easily
just for talking about their CTR.

Privacy Policy: Important website element

Also as I mentioned earlier you need a privacy policy, this is mandatory
and if a Google human reviewer comes across your site and you don’t
have one (Linked to from every page) then you will get banned.

Pictures Next To Adsense Ads

You can place pictures next to your ads but they need to be clearly
differentiated from the ads by placing a well­defined boarder around the
pictures, as the pictures should not draw undue attention to the ads. At
one time you were allowed to place pictures right next to ads and people
doing this experienced massive CTR percentages, however the TOS
were then changed to prevent people doing this and misleading people
into clicking on the ads. If in doubt use a thick border or avoid the issue
totally by not placing pictures anywhere near ads.

Modifying The Adsense Code

Never ever modify the Adsense code, people do try and it is a good way
to get banned very quickly.

Using Copied Content

Also note that Google policies require you to use original content and not
other peoples copyrighted content, if as an example someone files a
DMCA notice about your content, then this is likely to result in a fast and
very permanent ban from the Adsense program.
Of note is that this applies to images and videos (even Youtube ones) as
well, although given the amount available from Google images alone you
would be unfortunate to get a permanent ban as a result of an image
violation, withy a notice to correct/remove it and a temporary ban until you
have removed the offending image.
If in doubt always ask permission and/or credit the image back to the
original owner.

Bad Traffic Sources

You should also avoid bad sources of traffic – Yes that is right there are
bad sources of traffic, of which you can lose your adsense account by
using them.
Typically you should avoid using link farms and traffic/banner exchanges
as you have no control what so ever of where the traffic is coming from to
your website.
Using false doorways or page cloaking programs to up the ranking of
your website is also likely to result in not just an adsense ban but also
your site being totally excluded from Google’s search results.

Buying Traffic/Visitors

Also you should avoid buying traffic/visitors as this is also likely to get you
banned, as it will result in a sudden upsurge of traffic, which in turn will
result in a sharp and un­natural increase in adsense. If you do predict a
sharp increase in traffic and hence adsense then you can right to Google
adsense in advance to let them know that you are expecting more traffic
– It maybe a new website or project launch as an example.

Multiple Adsense Accounts

Firstly Google Adsense hate duplicate accounts! Even if your site is
100% adsense compliant in every aspect if you apply for a second
account, you will get an automatic ban!
Do not apply for multiple adsense accounts as under the TOS you cannot
do so, and if you do so then you will get all of your accounts banned. This
even applies to different people living at the same address. As an
example if you have an account and your brother living at the same
address applies for one then most likely you will both be banned from
Thus a big word of caution to those living in a block of flats or apartments
as you will have no idea if anyone else in your block has an account or
not. In this instance write to Google for clarification before applying.
Of note is that you only need one account as once approved you can use
it on any of your websites that comply with the TOS, yet I see people on
forums bragging they have six accounts – why? It is totally pointless and
the only reason they have got more than one is that they will regularly get
banned and hence need more than one.

Buying An Adsense Account

Lastly never ever “Buy” an adsense account from anyone as they are not
transferable (legally at least) and if you do buy one then you are likely to
find that when you start using it, it gets banned virtually overnight, and you
have no idea who set it up or what site was used to apply for it. You will
also find it very hard to switch the payment details to your name.
Just note that they rarely ban one site, it tends to be a total Adsense ban,
of which they rarely if ever lift. And if you are banned for any reason they
have the legal right to keep all of your Adsense earnings.
The clear moral of this chapter is that you need to put effort into not
getting banned by observing the conditions of the TOS


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