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How To Write Articles & Make A Income Online

Updated on March 27, 2012

Article Writer For Hire

An article writer is some who provides content for websites. Generally, businesses will hire writers to create material for sites in order to market their products and services online. A writer will create an article used to target the audience in which the business is trying to obtain.

In order to gain traffic to a website, you must have good content. The fastest and easiest way of doing this, is by hiring someone who has experience.

Over time, with good content, backlinking, and SEO, business and sales will increase. it's the most effective way to get exposure in today's online market.

If you're unable to create content yourself you may want to hire an article writer who can provide you with content for your website or blog. Just be sure to ask for writing samples to see if the writing style is something you want associated with your business.

Article Writing And SEO

To get noticed online, you must utilize SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). Article writing that includes SEO, is important for online marketing because it helps with targeting your niche audience. Ideally you want to reach people that may be interested in what you have to offer.

Here are few methods used to gain traffic with SEO.

  • Backlinking
  • Anchored Text Links
  • Good Content
  • Article Submissions

You don't need to be a SEO expert or Guru in order to learn how to write content that can be easily found by search engines. Just make sure that you " bold " your keywords and use anchored text links within your content. Using a article submission site, such as hubpages, will help you with the rest.

Reasearch and Article Writing

Regardless of your background, you will be able to create an awesome article with research. Read as much as you can on the topic, and then put it in your own words. Utilizing materials in order to gain insight will allow you the best opportunity to create a well written piece.

Visiting the library, surfing the internet, an in some case visiting an establishment for ideas, is the best way to begin your research. Ask the client for information regarding the product or service, in order to get a better idea on what it is you will be writing.

You don't need a college degree, or be an expert in the field that you're writing on. Just be open to learning as much as you can in order to provide the most informative article possible.

Make Money Writing

Why You Should Hire An Article Writer

Aside from the fact that it will free up your time, it's also a fast, professional and easy way to get your business started online.

Having someone to deal with the more time consuming task of article writing, will free you up for more important duties within your business.

Unless you have time to create original content ( that's seo ready and web friendly ), hiring a article writer is your best option for the fastest exposure online. Good luck with your business!

Article Writer Software

When you need content quickly, you may want to consider purchasing article writer software.

This type of system will allow you to take one article and turn it into several. It will also provide you with keywords to increase SEO.


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    • jhunpaler profile image

      jhunpaler 5 years ago from Philippines

      thank you for this informative hub :)

    • tlmcgaa70 profile image

      tlmcgaa70 6 years ago from south dakota, usa

      thank you for a great article/hub. voted up, useful and interesting. am also bookmarking it for future use.

    • LSKing profile image

      LSKing 7 years ago from East Coast United States

      @website examiner - The field of SEO is competitive, but there are numerous jobs for article writers because of this. Most clients will check out samples from potential article writers prior to hiring them. Others choose based on price. Either way, I wonder how the web will handle all of the competition of SEO. Google has been doing some " tighting of the belt " when it comes to placement. It seems to be throwing the ranking system off. You never know who will end up on the first page for a certain keyword. Hard work doesn't always seem to pay off when it comes to certain niches that's why I love hubpages. You can write an article about anything without having to stay boxed in by a blog's topic.

    • profile image

      Website Examiner 7 years ago

      The various SEO techniques are fascinating to follow. I am not much into such things, personally, but am always interested in learning. The field is crowded and competitive, it must be tough. Also, I am wondering how clients can decide what SEO experts and article writers to work with...