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Best Social Bookmarking Sites

Updated on February 12, 2011
Social bookmarking or so-called "Bookmarking" are today one of the best options to have all your tools and favorite pages online, wherever you are, without having to connect to the computer where you saved your "Favorites." But not only do we provide this comfortable lead but they are a democratic way of finding good and interesting resources and news on the net.

We can find real-time news, we can share and recommend any article we find interesting, vote and give our opinion, and also thanks to its fast indexing, we also can benefit from SEO strategies and SEO. That is why in this article we present a selection of the best that we can use currently Bookmarking:

• One of the most popular social bookmarking and used. Lets share news, sort by tags, see the people who share the same story or link and view the "tweets" that mention this link. Page Rank 8.http: / / /

• delicious same social marker, where you can sort the results by theme: science, technology, business, sports, etc. You can search for news results both formats, image or video, and can vote for all results. Page Rank 8.

• Social Bookmark pages in English, also rated themes and format of video, pictures and news. Page Rank 8.

• Excite Bookmark: Social Bookmark Portal Excite. Lets see how many people have kept that same link and classification tags.http: / / /. Page Rank 5.

• Anything interesting, news, articles, blog entries, videos, photos, etc.. Page Rank 7.

• social bookmarking site in English in general. Page Rank 7


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    • Rynaldos profile image

      Rynaldos 6 years ago from USA should also be added to this list. its no different from Digg and Reddit in terms of functionality but it also has a revenue share program of 80% for adsense publishers. virtusa is also busy doing tests on additional functionality which is sure to push them to the top of the list ! at this stage, its a secret lol