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BlogCatalog Web Site Review

Updated on January 29, 2014
There official Media Press Image
There official Media Press Image


Do you own your own website?

Here's a marketing tool for you.

I discovered BlogCatalog about a three years ago. Not too long after I started here on I own my own website, and I was needing a free way to market my product. You know- get the name out, as one might say. However, I did not have the means. The means being cash money.

It did not take me long to discover that, was not really geared up for self promotion. In fact they actually frown upon it. I found this fact out by, trying to shamelessly promote my blog in the HubPages forums, in other people's comment sections, and so on and so forth. I too, was a "newbie" at one point in time, and I chose a more difficult path to making my way. However, after a couple of weeks of constantly breaking the rules, and poor performance ratings. I finally took the time to read, what other hubbers had to say about succeeding here on, and how they made their money. That is when I ran across Katyzzz, here on HubPages. She is Kat822 on I simply discovered the connection all by chance. That is when I stumble upon BlogCatalog's website.

There are two important things to know about the website. Blogcatalog is it is free to join, and to promote your blog's on. However, they do have a service that you can purchase into, to get even more benefits. I took the free route. Therefore, today I'll only be reviewing the free access, that BlogCatalog provides.

BlogCatalog's website, has a ranking of 10/10 in the Google ranking system. Twice as better, than that of ranking of 5/10. However, they are two completely different types of social marketing websites. You do not write articles for BlogCatalog, like we write hubs on HubPages. BC is strictly for people, who own their own website already, to promote and advertise their blog articles with. Not only that, the articles that are accepted and approved, then will be listed under your BC's profile name, and acquire a greater page ranking as well.

The blogs I have listed under BC, usually appear first or third, on the first page that appears on Google's search results. Yes, that is correct. My article and listing appears at the top of the list, almost each and every time. Test it for yourself. Type in Intimate Evolution in Google's search engine, and see what you find. I should be right up there at the top.

Now I know, that there is software out there that one can purchase, that increases your web traffic. I also know that with the right keywords, and a good SEO program downloaded into your website, that it will benefit your website, too. However, most other website owners also know this information as well. What you will have that they don't, is a profile of It is simply that simple.

Therefore, my review on BC is that a website owner should not be with out it. It truly makes little sense to no sense not to join. The only requirements that they have, to list an article under your newly made up profile, is to verify that you are the owner of the said website. On that note, which is extremely self explanatory on BC's site, don't get caught up into thinking that you have to continue on to step 3,4,5 in the verification process. Because you don't. Once you get established on BC, and try submitting an article yourself, you'll see what I am writing about. Just complete step one and two, and you are finish. Later on that day or following business day, you will receive an email notice that 1) your article was accepted and now listed, or 2) was denied. Again, like HPs BC does not allow the promotion of mature or adult content. Therefore, blogs on XXX topics are prohibited.

Moreover, I cannot really say enough good things about BlogCatalog. I thoroughly enjoy their forum section, that they have titled as "discussion." I enjoy the commonality of friendship, between fellow bloggers. Bloggers there are very genuine. The reason I think that is, is because these bloggers are just like you. They own a website, and they are simply trying to drive traffic to it. The traffic to my website increased threefold, since opening up an account with them. With figures like that, with comparative earnings figures equaling the increase, one cannot argue against the benefits gained from opening a free account. With that all said, I highly recommend If further advice is needed, please feel free to email me at Remember I am a student now and again, so it might take me a few days to get back to you.

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  • profile image

    Dubstep 6 years ago

    hmmm this is good

  • profile image

    Website Examiner 6 years ago

    Very interesting. I run a private network for creative writers, where the members wanted a group blog. But getting traffic to blogs can be very difficult. This sounds like an attractive service; the potential for blogs may be significant, with the right know-how. I hope you are having success with the project. W.E.

  • liswilliams profile image

    liswilliams 8 years ago from South Africa

    Thanks for the tips, will definitely be checking them out!

  • bonny2010 profile image

    bonetta hartig 8 years ago from outback queensland

    great article, being new to the internet and trying to follow a language Iam not familiar with makes it hard trying to get the traffic, your article may help me fix some of my problems - anyway thanks a lot it was also a good article to immerse myself in - I like your writing

  • IntimatEvolution profile image

    Julie Grimes 8 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

    I hope you find it useful.

  • Daddy Paul profile image

    Daddy Paul 8 years ago from Michigan

    Good read

  • IntimatEvolution profile image

    Julie Grimes 8 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

    Glad to help. I hope you find it as rewarding as I have. Let me if you sign up, that way I can read your blogs.

  • Sage Williams profile image

    Sage Williams 8 years ago

    Great article, very informative and well written. I will definitely check this out. Thanks, I appreciate anyone who writes about helpful hints regarding promotion of articles.