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Can Google Adsense account used in hubpages can get suspended?

Updated on October 28, 2008


first of all , google adsense ids used in hub paged will not be suspendend for the reason because you use it on hub pages. google adsense provides us comple rights to place google ads where ever we want to.We can place google ads anywhere if we have the authority or permision . in the case of hub pages , it gives us permision to place google ads on articles. and as i said already google adsense gives permision too. so i can definitely say that. if your google adsense id or account is suspended , using it is hub pages is not the reason for it .your google adsense account will be suspended only when google adsense terms and conditions are not followed. let me tell them in detail below

we donnot act against google adsense terms by purpose

we all know that we dont act against google adsense terms and conditions by will but some conditions are hard to follow. they are click exchange .

1) we click our ads and test them may be once 3 months or 4 this is against the google adsense terms.

2) we may call our friends and reguest them to click our ads many times and we click their ads in many times . google adsense terms strictly bans the users who does that .

3) we may give our link to click exchange websites and forums where we exchange clicks with other adsense users thats against terms too

4) if we request the people who visit our sites to click our ads . it is againt the terms too

5) clicking the ads using proxies

6) placing more than 3 ads in a page

7) having more than one adsense account

these are the basic terms we dont follow and get banned and once your account is banned you cannot continue adsense

Are you angry with google adsense ? please dont feel so

If we see the google terms we get irritated at times . yes it true that some times we are not able to follow these terms and we act against them accidentally.if my accountgets banned i may get angry too but google adsense's aim is not to ban us .its aim is only to be loyal to the advertisers who are google adsense's customers .

actually when we use click exchanges , people who click our ads donot have interest in the content or prodeuct in the ad so the advertiser is befinitely not benifited by the click , so google considers it as fraud and invalid. also that when we click own own ads we dont aim in buying the products or reading the websites content but our only motive in doing so is to make the google adsense's aim ( getting quality traffic to its advertisers ) is not satisfied

but still thjere is one question , valid click or invalid click , it may get money from advertiser (only an assumption) but they behave rude to us by banning us. hope google adsense answers this soon

if google adsense is angry by my review please forgive me ,sorry


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