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Choosing Hub Topics

Updated on December 10, 2015

Sometimes it becomes difficult to think of a topic you want for your hub. You can get writers block, or even just lack enough information to put into a hub of your choosing. If you find yourself looking at a blank template and having to delete hubs that are incomplete, the you have made it to the right place. If you are just looking for some sort of inspiration of where to draw from next, then you have also made it to the right place. Here are some tips to figuring out your next hub topic.

Go to the Bookstore

A great way to find a topic is by grabbing a few of those best sellers from the bookstore. This is a great way to develop a great hub. People would love to read a review about the book they are wondering if they should by. That'll even be a great way to incorporate an amazon ad in your hub. You can put a book that you enjoyed on your hub, and not only have you made yourself an interesting hub, but you have increased your chances of being paid. If a book is not worth writing a hub about, then I can guarantee that there was a topic that the book covered that can make a great hub. Not only did you engage your brain in a good book, but you have also dug up some great material for your next infatuating.

Publish Your Writing Assignments

If you are enrolled in school, then you are constantly exerting your time and energy over the internet researching articles to write essays and writing analysis' of poems. Your hard work should not only be means of a letter grade when you can turn it into money. Your breakdown of a poem can help some poor student out in the distance and make for an interesting hub. Do not deny people of your fruits of labor. Let your studiousness show all throughout your hubs. Not only does this make for one more hub, but it also drives you to be more interested in actually completing well written assignments.

Publish Your Hobbies

Your hobbies can definitely be incorporated into your hubbing experiences. People all over the world share similar attributes and would like to hear about your coin collections, hunting trips, and chess club endeavors. Your rants about your favorite things can do can become deeply riveting hubs that earn you some money in the long run. Your hubs will be fun to write and your fingers will type as smooth as a river runs.

Television and Films

If you are looking for substantial material, then turn on your television or go to the movies for a night out. Millions of people are home watching television and want to read about their favorite shows. By just turning on your T.V. set, you are drawing from a large audience and all you have to do is hub your opinion of a series that you find captivating. You build a community on hub and get to watch T.V. while you are at it.

You can even make a fun night out of it. If you have been looking forward to seeing a movie that has just come out in the theater, just take the time to go out and watch it. Once you get home, open up Hubpages and get to typing about your experience. Movie watchers will enjoy it, and you can even create your own ring of readers who like your critiquing skills and trust you on recommendations.

Look Around You

Everything in the world is inspiration for a hub. You can hub about growing plants, or even write a hub on your families baking recipes. The hub opportunities are endless. Take a journal or note pad wherever you go is definitely a good way to start looking for topics. While you are going about your day, you will find that the world is full of topics. You can write about the effects of airplanes on the environment or how living in the suburbs can affect the person you can become. Write down all these topics in your hand journal and let the topic flower until it has bloomed into a featured hub.

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