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Low Hub Scores It's All Good

Updated on November 13, 2022
The Stages Of ME profile image

Our life stages are unique. Kathy enjoys sharing her thoughts and stages through her writing and looks forward to learning about yours.

Hub Scores can go up and down ~ hang in there!
Hub Scores can go up and down ~ hang in there!

LOW Hub Score - it’s all-good - and it can get better!

What does a low hub score mean? Is it indicative of poor writing? When the score is a consistent negative number, should you give up? The answer is no!

We all seek understanding and wisdom to improve when entering the uncharted territory of writing. The one thing we can rely on is that opinion will happen. Interpreting work will always have a unique perspective for the reader. Of course, there is an excellent appreciation for editors, publishers and the skills they bring to our writing, but passion comes from within. One should look forward to learning while continuing the individuality of their writing journey.

I started writing Hubs as a ministry after writing a simple book about my faith journey. My thoughts in that book and my writings on Hub Pages spill out. I envy the natural gift of sound editing. However, I don’t have it! I feel compelled to write now if only I could see my mistakes as quickly as I write.

Whereas writing is my passion, editing is my nightmare. Writing for me is cathartic, even therapeutic. It reflects my inside. I believe the most important thing about writing is why? Why do we write? Why does anyone write?

It conditions us to care, even when one doesn’t show signs of caring. Many people struggle with feelings or emotions. We all do! For example, when in an argument, you say, “I don’t care,” and yet, you’re dying inside. We care what people think! We wonder how we’re perceived and hope for beautiful outcomes, but none of these matters. What matters is the message.

Your message as a vessel of Christ is vital to someone. There is someone out there ready to read your work. Be prepared to accept the critique. The critiques, when done with care, make for better writers.

A hub is a meeting place; a Hub page is where writers come alongside fellow writers to grow together. Hub is a place to share ideas and help one another in the magical world of writers' hearts and minds. Worry less about the scoring and more about the magic of sharing your writing.

What Matters In Any Craft

What matters?

  • It matters that we constantly seek to be better and continue to be life learners.
  • It matters that we desire to share with compassion, regardless of opinion.
  • It matters that through sharing and learning from others; we continue to grow.
  • It matters that we understand the umbrellas we fall under, such as belief systems, families, and choices always allowing for gray areas.
  • It matters that you only get a glimpse of their reality by reading, watching, or hearing about someone or something. To honestly know someone or something, you must spend time.
  • It matters that anything worth doing is continually changing; therefore, it's essential to remain consistent and open-minded.
  • It matters that criticism is significant, positive or negative, but to change is individually a decision and your own choice.

How I relate my Hub Story with a Story from my past ~

When I was young, my parents gave music lessons to my siblings. Maybe the other kids asked for the assignments or appeared to have attributes that would allow them success in music — for example, having long thin fingers best for playing the piano. As a kid, I had short fingers and leaned more toward sporting activities. I had a sincere desire to play the guitar and sang and yet wasn’t vocal in sharing my passion. When I shared my interest in music, I’m sure my parents wanted to help me succeed the best way they knew. They encouraged me to play the flute because I was quite the vocal and winded child. I love the sounds and musical elements of the pipe. However, this was not my desire. I attempted two weeks of lessons and almost came to despise the instrument. Not that I didn’t like or even love the sounds of the rhythmic beauty of the flute. It just wasn’t the desire of my heart.

I wanted to play the guitar and sing. My short, stubby fingers had such desire that I borrowed my brother’s guitar, practicing until my fingers bled. I kept trying to gain musical skills, and in high school, I purchased a twelve-string guitar from a friend with my savings. I would play in the quiet and to myself. Once in college, I was with a group of kids at a coffeehouse, and a friend said, “You play the guitar and sing, do this.” Long story short, a girl was sick one night, so I got up on stage with this guy to do a harmony part of a song. It was fun, and people seemed to like it. I felt encouragement, and I kept plugging away, practicing becoming a regular performer at the coffeehouse.

As time went on, I had gained what I guess you could call a following: nothing spectacular, just a friendly group of friends that came to hang out. We got to know one another, enjoying each other's company and supporting our strengths and weakness. One day, the manager of the University Pub, as it was on campus back then, came to the coffeehouse to hear me play. Afterward, he said, “you are terrific, but you’re taking away my business. Could you come and play at the pub? I can’t pay you much, but you can eat for free, and I can give you, say, twenty bucks?”

Now I wasn’t making anything at the coffeehouse. I was a poor college student, and the coffeehouse was next door to where he wanted me to play. I was excited and moved our coffee house gatherings to the pub. All my friends that entertained also ate for free, and if they played, they got twenty bucks too. It was a win-win situation.

A few months into this venture, my following grew; I wrote my material, leading to more “Gigs” in the community. I was making hundreds of dollars, and after some time and dedication to my craft, my performances improved, and money increased, as did contracts and opportunities. I never changed who I was. I was not a trained professional, yet I played my music, writing, and singing from my heart. The more I tried, the more it touched others, and the more I grew as an artist and a person.

My mom once said, “we gave the music lessons to the wrong kid.” I told her, “No, you did what you thought was best. I didn’t have long fingers, so you thought I would struggle. It’s good you did that because the desire came from within me. Hence, I had to work at it and perfect it, and I didn’t compromise who I was with my craft.” Thankful to my parents for doing what was best for me as one of five kids. I appreciate the most because of the times they allowed me to be myself and figure out who I was, all by myself.

Why do I share my story? Well, Hub pages, somewhat like a parent.

  • Hub pages and authors will encourage and give pointers.

  • Criticism is a means of growth.

  • Give yourself a break if you don’t have time to do the work your hub needs; get back to it when you can.

  • Your hub score is just a score. Is it essential to be aware? Yes, but it will go up, and it will go down. Just like in school, a grade is not who you are! Your score helps to know the comparisons of others. Scores/grades do not define you.

  • You will see people who write and are at your disposal. Keep reading what they write. Listen to their pointers and advice.

  • Continue to research one day at a time and incorporate pieces of what you learn to write and read other hubs to your hub.

  • Share with others in the comments, answer questions, and check out a forum.

  • You will have the desire to do more and learn more. Just keep writing! Make sure you know why you are writing?

  • Remember, no matter what, you’re reaching out and touching lives, sharing your heart with the world, and it’s a fantastic opportunity.

  • We may not all be the best at something, but everyone has something to contribute, and outcomes can change, so hang in there.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish's ability to climb a tree, it will spend the rest of its life thinking it’s an idiot.” -Albert Einstein.

In Conclusion - Keep On Hubbing!

My writing is a ministry; I write from my heart. This author would love to understand words such as links, search engine opportunities, and many other words I see and hear on hub pages. I have figured out some things on my own, receiving help and understanding from others, during my two years here on hub pages, and each day I learn more.

I didn’t know how to drive a car until I did, still learning to maneuver ice storms. I didn’t know how to play the guitar and sing until I kept trying and got better at it. I rarely understood computers and technology (and still don’t -), but I learn more daily, just like the story from my college days. Playing music allowed me to form a group of friends who encouraged and supported me. I have found that same thing here on Hub Pages. A battle with illness was the catalyst for my writing. My life experiences because of life changes keep me passionate about sharing something. I can’t always give the time I would like to write here on hub pages for my health issues, but the time I spend here is rewarding and life-changing.

We are emotional beings, desiring to share and learn with others to grow. Writers seek to improve and or help others as we quest for knowledge. Knowledge is a gift; how we use it can be life-changing. Our society and emotional monitoring lead us to fear, myself included. I suggest we remain true to ourselves while always seeking to improve; there is something more significant for us to do, something to try, something to experience, coming through the hard work and the discipline of staying in the game. It’s not that you will always win or that you will forever lose, but what if just once, when you least expect it, you make a fantastic play that changes everything?

Peace in your stages, and keep on sharing!

Don't Give Up

© 2014 Kathy Henderson


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