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What's Up With Copy Cat Hubs

Updated on March 13, 2013

You Kidding Me?

I have a few blog sites that I post on. Not only to I post, but I read other people's stuff. Just this morning I checked the latest hubs on this site. Seven pages in the latest Hubs and I already saw five Hubs about the the XBox 369 Ring Of Fire (also known as Ring Of Death)! Every one had the same content , just rewritten. I'll bet that these people all downloaded the free report from some website. They received the rights to do whatever they want with the product and chose to piss me off by posting them here.

I'm a bit lazy at times myself. I just assume pee my pants then get up from a comfortable chair and go to the bathroom. Of course I don't because laziness just doesn't cut it in certain situations. I also understand that there will be more then one Hub about a particular subject. Usually you can tell that they are different posts by the way they are written. The Ring Of Fire and other popular copied articles aren't fooling anyone.

These are just a bunch of idiots that are recycling the same old garbage just to get something up with the intent of making money. Go ahead, put up your XBox article. Tout the horror of the Ring Of Fire. Then with your infinite wisdom, throw up some XBox Amazon ads. Tack on a few XBox Adsense ads too. Like why would anyone buy these items with a few hundred Ring Of Fire Hubs floating around? I'm sure you would do better advertising WII or Playstation. However, If you are too lazy to actually write your own material, what makes me beleive you would plan your advertising tatics.

Those of you that use these 100 year old articles and then post then as blogs, are YOU KIDDING ME? I find you insulting. Recycle cans, bottles and newspaper, but not content! No one is going to read your Hubs or click your ads. You will fail at both, being an author and financial wizard. If this was actual paper, I'd use The Ring Of Fire Hubs as toilet paper.

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