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How to Use Tags to Create Niche Blogs at Hubpages

Updated on February 11, 2012

Find Your Niche at Hubpages

I regularly sit and think about how I can my readers' experience at Hubpages an organized, easy to find the right information experience. One of my primary strategies to do this is to create "blogs", or a set of related articles, through creating a unique tag and applying it to all of the hubs that match up with the "blog" topic. 

Using tags as a way to create "blogs" is a streghth over single website blogs because you can tag a blog with more than one "niche tag", applying it to more than one of your "blogs", and if you had done this from a few different websites, you would have duplicate content as a result. Duplicate content is not a sound blogging strategy -- Period. 

To illustrate what I mean, I have four primary blog channels here at Hubpages. I try to keep the number of channels small because I want to make sure that I am publishing articles to each niche tag on a regular basis. When I wrote the article 10 Top Android Market Alternative App Stores, I applied three niche tags because it covered all types of Android devices and it covered general technology news and information. For Android, I applied "I Own an LG Optimus V" and "The Samsung Intercept Herd". For technology news and information, I applied my tag "Tech Tonic". 

This is particularly useful if you plan to publish a lot of hubs on Hubpages over time because it focuses your readers and leads them to relevant related content quickly and easily. Unique niche tags also have the benifit of allowing you to have a dedicated RSS feed with that tag name.

You can load your niche tag RSS in to your Feedburner account to monetize it with Adsense, and you can post your feeds to directories and link to it on your profile page so that your readers can follow your blogs even if they are not visiting Hubpages on a regular basis.

Allowing someone to subscribing to a feed with a name associated with a personalized topic of interest is a much more effective marketing strategy than "Danatheteacher's Latest Hubs", which is the default RSS title if someone subscribes your hubs within Hubpages. 

#1 How To Build A Blog- Broadcast Separate Blogs on Profile-Must be Unique Tag to Hubpages

#2 How To Build A Blog- Create Groups in My Account w/ Your Blog Titles

#3 How To Build A Blog- Put Hubs In Their Groups by Drag and Drop

#4 How To Build A Blog- Every Hub in Your Blog Needs Your Blog's Name as a Tag

#5 How To Build A Blog- Click on a Blog Name Tag from a Member Hub to Get Your Blog's Unique Feed

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Things to Remember!

1. Think of a unique niche tag name for your blog. You do not want it to exist anywhere else in Hubpages.You want it to be yours alone!

2. Do not be afraid to invite other hubbers with relevant content to your blog tag to use your tag on their hub. This delivers relevant content to your RSS subscribers, creates community and networking, and further promotes your niche tag.

3. Remember to monetize your RSS feed for each of your unique tags. You do this by copying the RSS feed address, burning it in Feedburner, and linking your Feedburner with your Adsense. Then you have to post it on your Profile, and its not a bad idea to post it as a signature at the end of the related blogs -- A sort of "subscribe to me here" sort of thing.

4. I've also had a fair amount of success by creating Facebook fan pages for each of my niche tags. Along with my RSS feed, I also add the link to the Facebook fan page in my end of the hub signature.

5. Remember that your hubs can be labeled with more than one niche tag depending on the content.

6. Do not be afraid to play with it. If one niche tag is not successful, you can pull it and replace it with a new campaign.

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    • profile image

      Tim Ross 5 years ago

      Excellent work. see you,

    • SteveoMc profile image

      SteveoMc 7 years ago from Pacific NorthWest

      Well done, I use all of these myself and now you can help me with them.