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Creating A Landing Page

Updated on September 16, 2009

Landing Page

 In an effort to be more facebook friendly and increase my online exposure I added a link from facebook to my hubs. Unfortunately there is no main url where visitors go first then scroll down to what they might like ot read. So I created this as landing page so people can click on other hubs they might like.

Unfortunately, I made a mistake when entering the url on facebook and now can't get rid of it. They may be having network problems, which I hope they get fixed soon.

Facebook is a great way to increase exposure to your hubs. There is a link at the end of the hub to add it to facebook but it didn't work so I manually added it at facebook which I suspect everyone will have to do.

You can create a links tab at facebook to outline your links which is also a great way to garner exposure to a blog if you have one as well as a website.


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