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Stuck With Writer's Block? 11 Creative Tips To Start Writing Again

Updated on October 19, 2015
Writing begins with you
Writing begins with you
Create, Think, Write
Create, Think, Write
Keep those pencils sharpened
Keep those pencils sharpened

The Ideas Will Come

Have you ever sat down at your computer or notebook enthusiastically prepared to write all those unselfish visions in your head down? When all of a sudden your mind is an open abyss of blank extinction?

When not just an hour ago you were brainstorming with great topic ideas, but you were to busy doing other things let alone get to the computer or your notebook to write those impressive inspirations down. Now unfortunately those heavenly thoughts are quite possibly gone forever.

Do you have days were you just do not possess a solitary thought in your head at all? Your creative spark has left the room, you are left sitting there just a big bag of broken down words. You sit and stare at the bright computer screen, the blank piece of crisp white paper, waiting, waiting for something to come to mind so you can begin, to begin to write again.

Have you begun writing material you assume is great, but half-way through the middle of your masterpiece you run out of steam because the phone doesn't stop ringing, or someone is knocking on the door,the dog wants to go for a walk and your concentration needs a pooper scooper?

So often I am full of ideas and great articles I want to write. But then there are those times I just haven't a clue as to where to begin. So I had an idea on to how to work through what is often called writer's block. I have come up with some concepts that work for me when I am at a loss for topics, or I want to write about something more personal.

I am calling it 11 creative ways to start writing. The stipulation is you write one page. No more, no less. Just one page. You write about the specific list of topics. It is very simple and straightforward. This way you have a pool of specific topics to write about.

Create, Think, Write

Let's begin.

1) Write a page about your first day of school. If you cannot remember that day, try your first day of High School. I remember my first day of Kindergarten. It was quite traumatic. If you've never been to pre-school or away from mommy's apron strings it can be a very harrowing experience. I cried a river of tears that day.

2) Write a page about the first time you spent a night away from home. How did you feel, what was your reaction? I know for me I was probably 6 or 7 years old and by the time nighttime rolled around I was crying to go home. As much as I wanted to be at mmy friends house, I wanted my mom more. I cried a lot apparently as a child.

3) Write a page about the first time you attended a funeral. I lost my paternal grandfather when I was ten. He had full military honors with a 21 gun salute. I am told I had to be brought back home because I was so distressed losing my grandfather. I do remember sitting in the yard listening to the guns go off, and the taps playing afterwards. More crying.

4) Write a page about something that frightens you. By now I must sound like a big cry baby. But not so. I eventually found my way. But I am morbidly afraid of snakes. harmless or not I will avoid anything and everything relating to them. And I will cry.

5) Write a page about when you initially started adapting to technology. Did you initially reject it or jump right in? I remember around the year 2000 discovering the internet. Going to the library to learn how to use the computer, eventually getting one of my own. I loved the idea of being able to research whatever I wanted without having to look through a filing cabinet at the library.

6) Write a page about what makes you angry. I don't get angry very often. But there are things that tend to make me mad. Overly rude and inconsiderate people can set my mood off. Holding a door or saying thank you really isn't that hard.

7) Write a page about how writing makes you feel. When I am able to write it makes me feel happy. I often struggle with writing, but it has always been something I enjoyed doing even when had a hard time writing something.

8) Write a page about a lost animal. It doesn't have to be yours. I rescued a stray cat a many years ago when I lived in Charlottesville Virginia. He was a black cat I named Church. Unfortunately he was sick and didn't survive. But I felt better having rescued him, giving him food and a comfortable place to stay during his last days.

9) Write a page about a child. Any child. I don't have kids, but have 6 nephews and a niece. My niece being the only girl gets special attention from most everyone. She was a very unique child, very independent and strong-willed. She has grown into an intelligent, self-determined young lady.

10) Write a page about your worst day ever. Well that could be many. But I have to say when I had to put each of my three cats to sleep. Most recently my 20 year old Cia. Sully was 12, seven years ago, and Ethel was 17, three years ago. each time was the worst day ever for me.

11) Write a page about a person you love or hate. I can't say I really hate anyone. But I do love my Mom. She is a special, loving, caring, impartial human being. The person I love with all my heart.

These prompts are sure fire methods to get you started writing on those days when your flowing ideas are running on empty. I thought if I shared a bit about myself with each prompt it might jog a memory or two for you to get started on writing. I do hope these tips help you begin writing. Please enjoy using these ideas, as they will give you an opportunity to reflect back on your past and hopefully gaze forward to your future. Happy writing, and as always happy hubbing.


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