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Adsense Help - Terms explained

Updated on October 28, 2009

What different Adsense terms mean

Many new and experienced internet marketers have problems figuring out the meanings of different terms displayed in Adsense so I've provided a list of the most displayed terms and what they mean. They can help you to track what what is going on with the displaying of ads on your site, allowing you to target the right strategy to get alot of impressions and clicks.

Page Impressions - This number tells you how much times your page has been viewed. An impression is successful when a user visiting you site loads the whole page without problems. Adsense refers to page impressions based on the amount of ads displayed on your site, so if you have four ads on one page, you will receive four impressions for every visit to that page.

CTR - This stands for Click Through Rate and tells you the percentage of clicks you get for each visit. You can use it to tell how many users are finding the ads useful and how often they click. All users of Adsense aim to keep this percentage high as this is one of the main factors that affect how much you earn through clicks.

eCPM - This stands for estimated Cost per thousand Impression and gives a rough estimate on how much you will earn for every thousand impressions. You can use it to compare which pages are performing best giving you an indicator of what to focus on repeating. The higher you get the number the better your earnings will be.

Queries - This shows how many people have used google search through your site. You will get earnings based on the click through rate of your searches. When a user utilizes the google search function on your website, ads are displayed at the top of the results. Users often click the first ad if it interests them, most of these ads are top paying

Earnings - This shows the amount of money you have made with adsense. You can view your daily, weekly, monthly and all time earnings. You can also see the earnings under each channel you have set up and compare them accordingly.

Referrals - Although the google referral program has ended, you might still see reports for it displayed. The program made you earn commission whenever you referred another publisher to use adsense. You would get paid per click and some commission for every sign up. The exact revenue share was never revealed but it depended on many factors, including the content and quality of the referee.

Channels - Channels are set up to track how well the ads are performing. You can set up a channel for one particular ad or for one whole page and track it on an individual basis. You can test out different ads and track how they perform, helping you to place the right type of ad in the best suitable place.

Account Access - This refers to websites that have permission to manage your adsense account. You can use this feature if you share revenue with another adsense website for whatever reason. Some sites give a percentage of the revenue to users who own content hosted there. In most cases, websites share the revenue of traffic that a user brings to them.

Publisher ID - This referes to the unique number assigned to an adsense user. Every account hold has one and it is embedded in all of your ads. This number is used to track which user should get the revenue for the ad displayed. You will never find a user with the same ID and never give yours out.

If you have any other questions on meanings of different adsense terms, leave a comment below and I will include it in my article. Good Luck!

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