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Earnings from HubPages

Updated on July 17, 2014

My Bubblews Beginnings

After I published my first article on Bubblews, I looked at my notifications and liked a post from each of them. This did nothing for my earnings. Then I tried connecting with each of them. This led one of them to connect with me (out of about 10) but that did not increase my bank, so apparently connections don't generate money. It does make sense that they would help you long term since those users will get notified when you post and will be more likely to click on your articles. Otherwise it seems the only place someone can easily find your work is when it is briefly listed as new.

My earnings and activity stopped at 28 cents, so I published a second post. I immediately got more activity. I am connecting with everyone who interacts with me, and I am viewing their posts, but trying only to like writing that appears to be legitimate and in proper english, not just random sentences or copied out of another website.

My bank now stands at 36 cents after my second post. I left for work, and when I came back 12 hours later, I was up to 58 cents. This is with just the two initial posts. I edited one of the new posts with an additional paragraph and resubmitted it. I'm not sure if that counts as an additional submission for the day, as you are only allowed 10. I don't want to break that rule or any other! This had absolutely no effect or reaction from any other users.

I now submitted my 3rd post of the day (4th if you count the update). The notifications of activity started quickly, but are much lower than in the morning. If southeast asia is generating a big chunk of the activity, they are just waking up now. I am up to 64 cents.

It is interesting to click on users and see their activity. You can see which ones leave comments--these are more valuable contacts. Also some are creating and adding tags. I will have to figure out what that is all about. Up to 77 cents. I submitted my 4th post.

Woke up next morning--full 24 hours, and I am at 1.04. Looks like so far I make about 25 cents per post.

UPDATE July 15, 2014

It has now been almost a week since I joined Bubblews. I have submitted 14 articles. I have to admit, most are poorly written, but this is just an experiment. Most of my likes and comments seem to come from Southeast asia, and the highest level of activity seems to be in the early morning, which I guess is evening in that region. My articles submitted in the morning get twice the activity of those submitted at night (central time). It also doesn't matter what I write--I seem to get the same response regardless. Apparently most users are just liking and connecting with the hope of a reciprocal response. Rarely do I get a comment that mentions my actual content. I am now up to $6.14 in the bank, which is 43 cents per post, vs. my original estimate of 25 cents. I have 345 views and 153 likes. I am not working very hard on this. First, it doesn't seem too lucrative. Secondly, there is a good chance my account will be deleted. Lastly, it is kind of boring. I think we all write because we like to, so to write jibberish seems pointless.

UPDATE July 16, 2014

Bubblews rolled out a website redesign overnight. At first glance, it is more eye-catching, but harder for writers to use. My stats are now views 502, comments 22 and likes 221 for total earnings of $8.45. I have not been tracking my connections, now renamed followers, but this will be key to my earnings. Current followers 135 (some people have thousands).

UPDATE July 17, 2014

My bank is now up to $9.82 so my last 4 posts and related activity added $1.37. My stats are now views 582, comments 33 and likes 268 with 21 articles. Average earnings per article 46 cents. With the redesign, it is now easy to see Bubblews following and followers lists, and easy to follow multiple other users, so I have been following a lot of other users in the hope they will follow me back. That is now easier than liking an individual article, which now takes several clicks whereas it used to take only one. Following 326, followers 250.


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