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Easy Newb Way to More Traffic: Without Competing in the Google Search Ranks

Updated on December 14, 2010

Traffic is on the Way

A question I've often asked as I'm sure you have to, is how do I get more traffic to my website or hub without building all of those SEO backlinks? The answer is very simple, you don't. That's right, You don't build backlinks, instead you let the backlinks build themselves for you.

See it's really quite simple, except everyone always wants results right away! Which is fine and dandy but the more impatient you get the less likely you are to stay committed. Most newb internet marketers or bloggers will get down on themselves because they don't get traffic right away. Check out my top 10 footballers on twitter hub. I posted this hub on Octber 21st, it's almost been 2 months, but the thing is. I haven't even touched it since I posted it and now I'm ranked number 6 in Google when you search footballers on twitter. So I'm getting a lot of traffic. So here's how you can do it too.


In order to get easy newb traffic you have to first do some research, but don't worry it's really not that hard to do. What you want to do is use the Google Keyword Tool to search for your keyword and/or keyword phrase.

What the Google Keyword Tool does is show you how many times globally per month your specific keyword/keyword phrase are being searched per month, locally, and even shows you how much competition there is for the specific keyword you're targeting. In my case, footballers on twitter, this is being searched 2,400 times a month globally, with no competition at all. This allows me to rank very high, plus hubpages already has a high ranking within google, so whatever you post with a good keyword will certainly rank high with time. So give it time, and the views will come.

Most importantly, use the Google KeyWord Tool and do research. Now if you have your own individual website do the same thing, but since your website is brand new, you won't be getting SEO backlinks directly to your website over night, it's going to take time as well, but here's how you can do it without building any yourself, and instead letting the backlinks build themselves.

Let The Backlinks Build Themselves

This sounds too good to be true right? Well it's not, here's all you have to start getting more traffic to your hub/website.

Hubpages: So you always see those publishers who have been on hubpages for a year or so, who have that 96% ranking that you'd love to have, but you don't want to wait that long to get it. Well here's what you do. Instead of writing tons and tons of articles, much of what you probably don't even care about. Write about the things you are interested in, but then throw in a hub writing about another successful hubber on hubpages. All you have to do is start finding out who the top hubbers are, and individually message them, asking them if you can maybe get some type of interview with them, or for them to share some insight with you as to how long they've been doing it, if they've made a steady at home income, if it's for a hobby, etc. You can compile a list of questions to ask, I'm sure of it.

Once you gather this information, you can have them write a piece on you as well, or merely include you in one of there next pieces. What this does is GOLDEN.

You post your hub up about them and there success, there trial and errors. Even if they only have 60 followers who read their hubs, all of a sudden that link that's redirecting them back to your hubpages profile, gets you more viewers instantly. All without having to rank high in the google page ranks. What this does is give you an association with a successful hubpages writer, and all of a sudden people will start following you because you have gotten on their radar. Make sense? It's all an association game, it's about building little tiny relationships with individuals on hubpages that gets you the loads of traffic.

Side Note: Have Good Perma-Links when making your new hub. You can type in any title you want, but when typing in your perma links. meaning your or something like that..make sure you include your specific keyword phrase that you looked up on google. In this case, based on the example link I just gave, my keyword phrase is How to get more newb traffic. Got it? Okay good! Moving on!

Your Website Outside of Hubpages: The whole concept is the same. The easiest way to do this is with a blog style type of website, where you're sharing information based off of a passion you have. In this case it's on a much grander scale. You contact someone with a similar type of blog that you have, ask them for an interview except now you'll make an audio interview, aka a podcast! You upload this to your blog, have them include a link of your website redirecting them back to yours. Then you rinse, repeat, do the same thing with a different blogger. Most bloggers will be happy to do this because whatever viewers you already do have, when you include their link to their website, you're giving them more traffic as well. So everybody gets everybodies viewers, everyone wins. Since blogs aren't necessarily, selling anything, it's really not a competition. Sharing is caring!

But what if my business online is selling a product! This is okay too! Still contact bloggers with a blog pertaining to your specific business, and on your website ad a new tab that dedicates a page to blogs related to your product. What this does is again gives a link to your bloggers, and in return, when they post a new blog and have a link to your website, lets say they have 20,000 readers a month, all of a sudden you might get half of that and have 10,000 new viewers to your product page a month, right? So they're giving you business, and when people visit your page and see them in your blog tab on your product website, they'll redirect to their blog, which in return gives them traffic, so again everybody wins.


In conclusion it's best to help people with whatever it is you're passionate about. When you ask for something make sure you're giving something in return. In this case it's you asking another hubber or blogger for info on their online story, writing a piece on it, and then giving a link to their website back to their page. If they say no, then move on, it's not a big deal. There are over 500 million people on the internet, I guarantee you you will find someone who says yes. And who knows, that person could have 1,000,000 page views a month, that's all it could take to sky rocket your particular hubpage, blog, product selling, or services offered website.

Make sure you are a real person, and can provide valuable content to the readers on the other side of the screen, because they are also real people like you! We all get on the computer, but we don't like talking to one! So be real, have valuable content, and most of all be yourself. Thanks for reading and we'll talk soon!

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    • rihamah profile image

      rihamah 6 years ago

      What great and useful tips you give us, specially the be patient part. As a new hubber I've felt some disappointment when you wait long for the traffic at your beginning, when you need anything to encourage you. As a new hubber and I've only been doing this for 4 months. I've written some hubs but I'm still low on traffic and I have no followers and I was wondering if you had any advice for a newbie like me on getting more followers and traffic. And If you have time will you be kind enough to look at my work and give me your feedback?

      Thanks again for a great hub.

    • chrisaltamirano profile image

      chrisaltamirano 6 years ago from California

      Hey rihamah, thanks for reading!

      Before I posted this comment I went ahead and read one of your hubs, "Decorating Your Christmas Tree Using A Color Scheme."

      The first thing I noticed was that you redirected the readers to one of your hubs by including hypertext links. Good job. Not many people keep the readers within their hubs.

      Next thing I noticed was that you had PRODUCT OVERLOAD! I felt as if when I got to the page I was being told "buy something buy something buy something!!"

      This is not good, no one likes to be told or sold on anything. Your content got slimmer and slimmer as the products got thicker and more overwhelming. Have you ever had someone try to sell you on something? It's not cool hu? And most of the time you won't buy. Now I know you might feel a little desperate because you aren't making any sales, or maybe you are and you just want more, but focus on this.

      Write Valuable Content, that gives your readers inspiration and connect on a personal level. As I said in my hub, people want to talk to real people online! Not robots! With that being said your on the right track, but be consistent. 8 hubs in 4 months? It's time to step your game up! Set tiny goals to accomplish.

      Week one, write 3 hubs. Week 2 write 4 hubs. Week 3 write 5 hubs. Then week 4 write 7 hubs! And if you don't know what to write about that's okay, go to the answers and questions part of hubpages, you can always find great ideas there.

      Hope this helped!

    • chrisaltamirano profile image

      chrisaltamirano 6 years ago from California

      Oh and start networking with other Hubbers in your specific niche! Sign up for RSS feeds and leave great thought out comments, this way you can be first to know when they make a new post, and you can be the first to comment. The more you get the top spots of other hubbers comments the more exposure you get and ultimately the people who read the popular hubbers hubs will see you and start clicking your avatar image and will go read some of your hubs!

    • chrisaltamirano profile image

      chrisaltamirano 6 years ago from California

      Oh and start networking with other Hubbard in your specific niche! Sign up for RSS feeds and leave great thought out comments, this way you can be first to know when they make a new post, and you can be the first to comment. The more you get the top spots of other hungers comments the more exposure you get and ultimately the people who read the popular hubbers hubs will see you and start clicking your avatar image and will go read some of your hubs!

    • zanin profile image

      zanin 6 years ago from London, England

      This is great advice. Thank you for being so candid. I am so glad I found this hub; I have learned lots. I particularly will start to get RSS feeds from other hubbers and do more networking.

    • GirlieGeek profile image

      GirlieGeek 5 years ago from Georgia

      Nice hub and great for a newb like me.

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