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Ebay Block Bidder List & How To Reply To Someones Feedback Negative Neutral & Positive

Updated on October 18, 2012

 Sooner or later your going to get hit with a negative feedback on Ebay. You can help prevent but you can not stop it all together because you will always get someone that will prefer to hit you with a negative feedback, than send you an email rather than sort the issue. If you read my hub why communication is so important to being a successful ebay seller you will gain some excellent techniques that will help prevent people leaving negative feedback and instead sending you a email to sort out the matter. Now Ebay also added a "neutral" option to their feedback system, which is pointless. You either had a good or a bad transaction not a medioker but its there and people use it. Neutral seems to be used by people that don't want to hit you with negative but also don't want to praise you either. Alot of negative feedback doesn't make sense. Sometimes people will leave neutral if they didnt receive their item but got refunded. Its not on. Neutral and negative feedback seriously effects your ebay business. Ebay structure some of their fee's based on your feedback performance. 

So what can you do, well if you've read my other ebay hubs. Simple emails and contacting unhappy ebayers before they leave feedback can help you calm down an unhappy customer. If someone does leave you negative feedback then you can have it removed If the person who left it agrees to remove it. Alot of people leave negative because they think that they're a million miles away from the seller. I know people that call buyers up and ask them to remove their feedback if it is not deserved and rightly so negative feedback impacts or business. Alot of people do change their feedback once they've been called. If someone leave rude abusive feedback you can have it removed immediately by ebay. The negative feedback will still stand but not the comment.

So lets say you don't want to call these buyers up and even though you've emailed them they don't agree to removing their feedback what you can do? Well you can reply to any feedback whether its good, neutral or bad via this link Here (You should bookmark it ).On the right hand side you'll see "Reply to feedback received" click on that and log in to your account, all your feedback will appear in chronological order, select the one you want to reply to and leave a clear professional reply DO NOT GET PERSONAL. If someone leave you feedback saying " "Seller sent the wrong colour avoid seller " you could put "correct colour was resent same day" Just to let know potential customers that you deal with any problems rather than letting this feedback decide for your customers. Now you can also reply to positive feedback too so if someone gives you glowing feedback reply to it saying thank you this may encourage buyers to leave similar feedback.

Now sometimes you'll also get some questions regarding some of your items before someone buys. Now if they ask you questions that are clear to see in your description get them on your block bidder list, these people are a nusence. If they ask how big something is and you've put it clearly in the description all dimensions, these people clearly do not read through the descriptions before they buy. They're the ones that will moan even though something is clearly stated before they buy.

So if you want to block someone you need to put their ebay name in the box and comma after it. Block bidder link here.

On this page also you can add rules to who can bid on your items. People who have 2 unpaid item strikes (something you wouldn't know by looking at their profile), are from other countries. Have low feedback. This prevents unpaid sales.

Remember when you sign in to the feedback reply link that you will be signed in under so once you have left your reply to your feedback remember to go back to you countries ebay site or everything will show in dollars until you log out.

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    • JP993 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from England

      Neutral isn't good, it damages your ebay score. The people that usually leave neutral feedback leave comments like "Happy with service" "good ebayer". Its used by people who think that they've treated how they should of been naturally but leaving neutral actually really damages your score, it shouldnt be there. You either did a good job or didnt. Click on my link above to read more of my ebay hubs : )

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Oh yeah, one thing though-I think Neutral feedback might be a little better for sellers in that people who would otherwise leave bad feedback with a "neutral" transaction might instead leave neutral feedback, right?

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Thanks for this, I'm not a new seller but I still got some great advice! :)

    • JP993 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from England

      Thank you very much Joel,

    • Joel Hawkins profile image

      Joel Hawkins 

      9 years ago

      More great advice, please keep them coming. Thanks for writing.


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