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How to Write a Hub or Article about an Evergreen Topic

Updated on June 16, 2013

Evergreen refers to getting a steady form of traffic. Evergreen topicsare topics that will always be around and people will always search for it on the Internet. A good example of evergreen topics is the “how to” subjects. For instance, “How to change a light bulb” is a simple topic that will not be overlooked. We will always have light bulbs, whether they are LED or Energy Efficient bulbs. Evergreen topics are subjects that visitors search the web for continuously.

How do I know if my topic is an Evergreen one? First off,do some research. If you produce a subject and you are wondering if it is an evergreen topic, use a keyword tool search (if you Google keyword tool you will find one). Type in your topic and search the keywords. Most of the keyword tools will tell you how many times those keywords are searched over a specific amount of time. If it is a large number, then you might be on the right trail. And at the same time you are finding the right keywords for the theme of your article.

Usually if you are not talking about the latest fad or craze or even a news item you may be on the right track. Another way to figure out if it is an evergreen topic is to Google it directly. Google is a powerful tool that can be used to your advantage. I find a lot out just by asking a question right into the Google search bar and I usually have a response of “Wow, I am not the only one who has wondered that very same thing.”

The hardest part of using Google for looking up “good evergreen topics” is possibly getting the run around and they don’t just come out and say what the topics are, so you are stuck wondering if you are on the right path. Below you will find some generic examples that might assist you of evergreen topics.

  1. Landscaping
  2. Shopping
  3. Safety
  4. Work (searching for)
  5. Unemployment
  6. Love and dating
  7. “How to” stuff
  8. Vacations

These items above will always be around. Mostly, you should write about what interests you. The more passionate you are about the subjects, the better your articles will sound. Be patient with your hubs. If you write it, the traffic will flow.

If you are still trying to figure out good topics to write about, think about this; what would you like to read? What hobbies do you like to do and learn more about? Do you have any projects coming up that you can outline and write about? Now search it. See what comes up. If others are searching for it too, meaning there are answers and other articles on the same subject, then write about it. Don’t be scared to write about a subject that has already been written. Maybe you have some additional point of views that you can make in the article. No one is perfect and things change daily. There may be a more efficient way to do something. Share it in a hub or blog it.

I may be way off base in this article, but this is my true feelings and thoughts on the subject and what I am writing about I believe 100%. I enjoy writing. I have been on Hubpages now for 13 days and I have 11 articles written and I am shooting for the $1 mark already. I love to write and I started out writing poetry and short stories in the sixth grade and I have been writing ever since. Writing can come easy to you as long as you like to write. I cannot stress that enough. If you don’t like to write and you are on Hubpages only to make money, you may not succeed. Most people want to read articles that are well written and the author knows the subject whether they learned first hand through their own lives or they have done a lot of research on the matter.

So if you are looking for excellent subject matter, look into your own life and see what has always attracted you. Write about it. It may be an evergreen topic. You may surprise yourself on the article you inscribe. I find myself writing more and more everyday and it seems as though I can’t stop. Good luck to you and I wish you a fun, prosperous journey.

If you do like to write Hubpages is the way to go, just click the link below. You have potential to earn a little extra money Along the way.


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    • profile image

      Masaru 3 years ago

      Date: September 30, 2012Sales Person: Mark GregoryLocations: Issaquah WASales I was previously wnkirog with another Ford dealership and the customer service was nothing compared to what Mark has given. He's a great salesperson, honest, genuine and was worth the 15.75 drive!I received an awesome price for my Fusion and an extremely fair offer for my trade in. Couldn't be happier! Thank you so very much!

    • profile image

      ariseandshinesl 5 years ago

      Thanks foe the information.

    • talfonso profile image

      talfonso 5 years ago from Tampa Bay, FL

      I knew it - I knew vacations are evergreen topics (tell it to those who think it's for the summer, winter, or spring break only)! This Hub is really interesting and I'm in the process of doing 2 "How-to" Hubs on doing crafts!

    • angied83 profile image

      Angie D 5 years ago from Cebu, PH

      True, finding an evergreen topic requires some thorough research. I myself use google instant technique and Jaaxy, a keyword tool, that helps me determine if it's worth writing a hub or article for that particular "evergreen" topic!

    • MarleyOz profile image

      MarleyOz 6 years ago

      I am amazed myself, but I keep plugging away. I use the help of social networking to show my articles since I don't have an actual website. It seems to help. And I have been getting a lot of pointers from different hubs on hubbing.

    • onlinecashdigest profile image

      onlinecashdigest 6 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      That's truly interesting MarleyOz. You are still new to Hubpages but your earnings are faster than what I have and I already have 47 hubs to date. I would be trying to learn from your way of writing hubs.

      Thanks for your reply. Keep hubbing.

    • MarleyOz profile image

      MarleyOz 6 years ago

      I earned a total of just under a dollar through the hub page program in about 14 days. All the cents I have earne thus far has really been adding up. However I have not been able to make any money through adsense yet. I haven't figured that one out.

    • onlinecashdigest profile image

      onlinecashdigest 6 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      I agree that Evergreen topics support goals for recurring online income.

      May I know where do you earned the $1, is it from Adsense?