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First Blind Date: How I Met My Wife

Updated on June 16, 2013

Through the days and nights my dreams stand out as a cricket on a quiet summer night.  My mind runs faster while the days are streaming by, but that special day is coming soon as I lie awake wishing it were tomorrow.  I didn't have to pass the time long, since it is the morning of, as my mind draws blank with one thought running over and over again...

I asked myself, “Will she like me?”

I tend to think that I lost most of my hours daydreaming, even though I still went on with my every day chores.  My work day went quick and I think my boss looked at me weird when I answered her "Goodbye" with "I will do it on Monday morning."  It doesn't matter though, since my evening is upon me now.  I quickly shower, shave, and relax prior to being anxious.  I tell myself not to get my hopes up and keep my feelings inside tonight.  After I throw my outfit on I look into the mirror one last time, and smile.  I travel to the meeting place, leaving my phone on silent.  As I open the pub's front door, my heart stops, my mind faints, and my legs take a step forward into a world unknown to me.  I spy my friend and walk closer to make eye contact before saying “Hey.”  With nothing more to utter I extend my arms and hug her.

I turn my head and see a smile that could make the world a peaceful place.  My friend introduces me to my blind date and we begin speaking back and forth as though we have known each other for a lifetime of happiness.  My friend decides to step out for awhile so the girl and I keep on chatting.  We drink our last call and drive to the nearest diner for coffee.  The next thing we know the sun is on the horizon.  We say our farewells and give a kiss.

Now the sweet memories are behind us with three beautiful years gone by.  I find myself at the end of an isle where I speak the words, “I do.”

We are pronounced, “Husband and Wife.”

From one blind date to an unknown life in front of us, we strive to keep each other happy.  She is my world and I am hers.  I couldn’t ask for anything better then what I had then, now, or ever.

As of June 13th, 2013, my wife and I couldn't be happier. For Valentine's Day this year we went and got a tattoo together. We have our ups and downs like any marriage or couple, but with every waking moment she has me in sweet ecstasy. We will be coming up on our five year anniversary and I have already been planning for it. Once it happens, I will be sure to update.

Life could not be any better than being with her. Just going into work every day has me missing her. Keep following; I will update as the adventure continues.

How many blind dates have you gone on?

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    • profile image

      Mario 3 years ago

      do not get drunk on the date i got so wasted on a 1st date last year i bakelcd out and woke up 9 hours later in bed with a lady i'd never met before.when i tried to ring my date to apologize she'd changed her number still don't understand why do not hoover up a vast amount of speed before the date seriously i know i guy who did a lot of speed before a date strangely she refused to see him a again chicks go figure

    • profile image

      Ellocon 3 years ago

      The truth just shines thguroh your post