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Best Ways to Get Anchored Backlinks to Your Hubs Without Social Bookmarking

Updated on October 27, 2009

Anchored backlinks are, without a doubt, the most effective means of driving traffic to your hubs, blogs, and websites. Keywords, obviously, are a main component, and it is crucial to understand how to choose and effectively use them. It really isn't that difficult to accomplish. This article will provide anchored backlinks to at least two other articles I have written, because of the SEO keyword selection.

Keyword Selection

Choosing the best keywords for your article doesn't have to be a guessing game. You want to use popular search terms, yes. You also want to select ones that don't have a huge amount of competition.

  1. Google Insights for Search is the place I start. I take a basic idea, enter it into the keyword text box, and select the parameters for my search. I get top ten related searches, and a list of rising searches. When I see the word breakout next to a suggested keyword, I pay attention. It means that there has been a tremendous increase in the use of that particular search term.
  2. Google Adwords Keyword Tool. I plug in the search terms I've selected from the Insights results, unclick synonyms, select the options to show the average CPC and visit trends, and click get keywords. Once the list is populated, I sort them by the top trends by clicking the Average Trend Column. The results are a rather exhaustive list of search terms people are using, how often they're used, and the average cost per click for each keyword. I select several from the list using the ADD button, then download in a text format into notepad for the next step. For more detailed information on using Google Adwords Keyword Tool, see the article, "How to Make Money on the Internet".
  3. Free GTrends Tool From Wordtracker. Enter a starting keyword to generate up to 100 related keywords and an estimate of their daily search volume. You have to enter one keyword at a time in order to get results, so repeat the process if all of the keywords from step two don't show up on your lists. Your results will show the number of pages, etc. that are using phrase somewhere in the content.

Using Your Keywords

Use your top keywords in your title, and the first 250 characters of your content. Overall, your keyword use should total about 3% of your total content. That being said, don't overdo it. For more information about online writing, see "Make Money Writing Online: A beginner's guide."

Creating Your Anchored Backlinks

You read it right, you will be creating many of your anchored backlinks. You don't need to pay for them, and you don't really need to worry too much about social bookmarking. In fact, I rarely bother with those sites. Amazingly enough, they are still some of the top referring sites to my articles. That is because other people do use them. If you are creating a lot of content, bookmarking everything on all of those sites is extremely time consuming.

As you increase the number of anchored backlinks to your hubs, your search engine ranking increases. The search engines look at those links as votes for your hubs, blogs, articles, etc. Therefore, the more backlinks you have, the more votes you get credit for.

One way to produce anchored backlinks is by doing exactly what I've been doing in this article. Providing links, with my SEO keywords, right in the text. I've also added those keywords into the cloud for this page. You'll want to add backlinks from your blog or website, and be sure to enter in those keywords into the metatags so that you are creating anchored backlinks.

I also use Free Web Submission. ( to submit my content to a number of search engines simultaneously. I know, the vote is out on whether this is effective. All I can say is when I fail to submit, I see it in page views and ranking.

Okay, so now you've got the basics of how to create anchored backlinks. Would you like to see some proof that my method actually works? The picture below is a screen shot of the Google search results for my article "Make Money Writing Online: A beginner's guide." This article was published on on April 18, 2009. Today is April 20, 2009. Take a look at my ranking. Number 22 out of 44,500,000! Not bad, huh?

My Google Search Engine Ranking


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    • Zac828 profile image

      Zac828 7 years ago from England

      This has been very useful, thank you, I'm struggling with the back links thing and need to increase traffic, reading this and learning really helps, thank you. Glad I found it!

    • profile image

      Linda Myshrall 7 years ago

      Finally found an article that connects the dots in a way that my foggy mind can follow! Thank you so much for this, Linda

    • Sage Williams profile image

      Sage Williams 7 years ago

      Thanks so much for all the very valuable information. I am always searching for new techniques in the SEO field.

      Greatly appreciated!


    • profile image

      jenicoe2001 8 years ago

      terrific article! Can you tutor me? lol j/k : )

    • creativeMind profile image

      creativeMind 8 years ago from Cochin


    • MagicStarER profile image

      MagicStarER 8 years ago from Western Kentucky

      Thanks for this good article - I think I finally understand what anchored backlinks are now, thanks to you! :)

      Very good - And guess where I found you? On a search for anchored backlinks, what is - on the first page of Google! Even tho' I am a hubber like you!

      Very good!

    • kmackey32 profile image

      kmackey32 8 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

      Great hub

    • Julie McM profile image

      Julie McM 8 years ago from Southern California

      Thanks to all of you. Glad to know this has been useful.

    • kristenkiya profile image

      kristenkiya 8 years ago from India

      That is really great & informatove hub. Thanks for sharing dear

    • profile image

      wordscribe41 8 years ago

      Thank you so much for this much needed information, Julie. Thank goodness for the ability to bookmark pages such as yours. I went through the process you laid out and really learned a lot. Thanks from all of us new hubbers!

    • livewithrichard profile image

      Richard Bivins 8 years ago from Charleston, SC

      Very informative hub Julie. Thank you for sharing.

    • Julie McM profile image

      Julie McM 8 years ago from Southern California

      Rach, I have edited the hub. Linktator removed their comp checker. Try Wordtrackers Free GTrends Tool. Link in content above. Julie

    • Julie McM profile image

      Julie McM 8 years ago from Southern California


      Yes, I do internal linking to related articles. I use the links capsule as well as including links in content. I have also found, and recently because I am fairly new to HP, that linking to Hubs published by other members is also effective in increasing Adsense income.

    • Neil Ashworth profile image

      George Poe 8 years ago from United Kingdom

      Good article. Do you have an internal linking strategy also Julie?

    • queen cleopatra profile image

      Roselyn Mendoza 8 years ago from Philippines

      Thank you for the helpful info. Anchored links are still somewhat of a mystery to me :)

    • illminatus profile image

      illminatus 8 years ago from Chicago, IL

      Julie I've found your hub to be the most informative out of everything I've read to date.. Great job.

    • Indiepages profile image

      Indiepages 8 years ago

      Thanks Julie. I just started hubpages 2 days ago and am trying to orient myself. Deep down I was hoping that if I built a good page, they would come.... sigh. Points 1 and 2 were awesome - thanks for taking me by the hand and leading me through it. Point 3 link failed for me but I found a competition checker through google. I'm still a little fuzzy still on backlinks but will figure it out as I persevere. Thanks again.