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Writer's Interview: Alastar Packer

Updated on September 18, 2016
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In an English course at Villanova University in 1981, Maria interviewed her mom, who likened her to Barbara Walters. She never looked back.

The softer side of Alastar with Ms Elsa
The softer side of Alastar with Ms Elsa | Source

Meet Alastar ...

Alastar Packer is truly an example of a modest Southern gentleman. I believe he thought he would be "tooting his own horn" and just didn't have an instant comfort level with the process.

I am grateful that time, contemplation and a gentle nudge from a couple friends convinced him otherwise. After reading the following interview, I know you will be as well:

The times I'm most creative are ....

first thing in the morning after that first cup of coffee and all is quiet in the house. Also something I read or hear will set off those "creative juices". And funnily enough when dreaming myself a "creative person."

The times I'm most joyful are..

the time spent with friends and relatives and an ex-feral tomcat whose become quite the homeboy. Traveling to the beach or mountains on vacation generally bring about a high level of joy as well.

Something I'd like to learn to do...

is teach the world to sing in perfect harmony ha ha, no, that's the old coke commercial; but on second thought its really not a bad something to want to learn to do.

My secret talent ...

is being able to foresee things before they happen sometimes; that and giving marvelous back rubs unexpectedly.

Best gift I ever gave someone ...

My father loved the Andy Griffith show. Just before he passed away I bought him a large framed and numbered original charcoal drawing of the characters in the Andy Griffith show for his birthday. He always said Aunt Bee reminded him of his mother. He was thrilled to tears, bless his heart, when I gave it to him in his hospital room. Now I have it in my home where guests usually comment on it which is very nice.

Best gift I ever received from someone ...

The gift of life from my mom.

If you peeked in my closet, you'd be surprised to find ...

anything but a great many clothes, but you would find an arrowhead, souvenir and good luck coins from friends and relatives, piles of vintage magazines collected over the years and many other treasured items

My dream dinner date ....

is in a beautiful glass restaurant, sitting at the top of a luxurious hotel, overlooking over the ocean. After which there would be some "shag" dancing to beach music.

My favorite vacation spot .... paradise destination ....

My favorite vacation spot is probably the Great North Woods of Canada. Charleston, S.C. and the seacoast islands are nice too; and a paradise destination would be the fantasy spots of Fiji and Bora Bora.

Something I fear ....

My biggest fear is for this world. There are so many good and beautiful people and children, especially children, in it. If humanity could only get the negative aspects of our nature under control and let the positive shine forth oh what a wonderful world it could truly be .

On a lighter note, never had fear of heights as a child but as the years went on vertigo became a little problem; but that's been largely overcome lately...most of the time!

What I most despise in others...

This is going to be short and sweet. Parents that don't treat their children right. Those who put things like drugs before their children and deadbeats for example.

Something I got rid of and never missed...

Acne at 18-that's the first thing that comes to mind!

What song tells the story of your life .... Why?

Keep on Smiling by Wet Willie. That song helped pull me through a tough time as a young teen and kind of set the pace for the future.

{Alastar, Please, don't blush! How cool is a man who selects a song that fits marcoujor's "It's Raining Men" theme perfectly...? Well, the same kinda guy who is holding sweet Ms Elsa in that picture! Thank you for this "blast from the past" song that I have always loved as well...!}

Wet Willie: Keep On Smiling

Some advice to my younger self ....

Listen fool, listen. Never allow yourself to lean to your own understanding when it conflicts with the experience of those older and wiser.

The best part of getting older...

Learning the real meaning of life and being able to share my past experiences with others. On the other hand growing old is hell and even worse if you're poor (words of wisdom from one of the older and wiser).

Best advice to a new writer...

Stay the course and don't get discouraged too easily. If you are new at writing, it takes time . Practice makes perfect and good things are worth waiting on.

My favorite book and why...

After reading umpteen thousands over the years that's truly a mission impossible so lets just say two books that a big impact in childhood: one was called American Folklore and the other was an Alfred Hitchcock compilation of eerie fiction stories. On reflection those are the same two subjects I mostly write on--history and the paranormal!

What subjects / genres are you best at writing/ about ?

Again, history and the unexplained. A memoir about the seventies and eighties are in the works with four chapters, or years, on HubPages.

What would be a subject/ genre that would challenge your current writing efforts? Or are you perfectly happy with where you are...

Pretty happy with where things stand at present; but the future may see a branching out for further adventurous challenges!

Thank you, Alastar....

I admit I was teeter - tottering on which of the many Temptations songs to select for you.

Your answer, albeit tongue - in - cheek, about 'wanting to teach the world to sing'... and your dream dinner date... have greatly assisted me in my decision!

So, please enjoy, and even dance with me to one of my favorites: "Funky Broadway".

© Maria Jordan (July, 2012)

Diana Ross and The Supremes with The Temptations: Funky Broadway


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