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Goal: A Million Views - Thanks for Your Support!

Updated on May 27, 2016

Searching Online

What is my target audience looking for? Searching for?

What are the needs of the target group? Who is the target group?

Target Group

First of all, what is a target group?

A target group is a collection of viewers that are collectively interested in a single object. For example: someone who has a motorcycle - let's say Harley-Davidson - will be interested in things that pertain to their bike.

Clothes, maintenance, places to go, and perhaps others with bikes.

Finding Others With Similar Interests

For example:

I own two motorcycles. I have apparel for riding which includes clothing that is made of leather. Leather coat, chaps, boots, gloves.

I have glasses to block the wind. I have earplugs to cut the noise. Sunscreen. A hat.


There are a lot of people who ride for others. Benefit rides. People will get together for a cause and perhaps a hundred or more bikes will ride together in an organized fashion. They may or may not have food and drink and may sell auction items. Proceeds going to the beneficiary of their cause.


I find that talking about my pages is effective. As mesmerizing as I am, oftentimes people will say that they wish they could see what I'm talking about. Then I get that look in my eye, you know - that gleam - and I say, 'do you have internet? You can look this up. Just google Char Milbrett or firstcookbooklady.

Mesmerizing [smile] yes, when your ear falls off your head and lands on the floor because I have talked your ear off, mesmerizing. Look in the dictionary under mesmerizing... you'll see my picture. [smile, again] I'm lying. You won't see my picture.

There are a lot of pages out there when you google Milbrett. They are not all about me. There is another Milbrett out there that gets attention, but she's in another branch of the family. Apparently a cousin on my husbands side. Tiffany Milbrett, the soccer player.

A Million Views

When I wrote for Yahoo, I think that the most views I ever got was about 175,000 views. At Squidoo, I was up to a certain level. The levels were based on views. When I wrote for the Freelance Writer's Organization International I wasn't advised of views.


There are tools to see how your page is doing on the internet. I used to use Alexa to check on my pages. It was an interesting tool. It showed where your traffic was coming from. How it was linked to others.

I found it fascinating. It is a rather large download and with large downloads it takes up much of my monthly allotment for internet, so I avoid downloading large files.

Do I Need a Gimmick?

A gimmick. One thing leads to another. I could post my mailing address, I could tell you to send me a stamped, self addressed envelope and I could send you, let's say, a sliced black walnut.

In theory, I would get bombarded with letters. I would spend months opening them and inserting a black walnut slice and even more months mailing them back.

Postage would go up because of the increased load on the system. There'd be overtime scheduled at the post office. And, since I'd have millions of stamps on these envelopes sitting around, I'd have to start up an additional page about stamp collecting. I'd have to bundle up all these stamps in groups of 100 and make a book to put them in and get people hooked on stamp collecting. Yep. I have often thought about doing that.

Electronic is Easier

That's where the internet has changed things. Now, I could offer a downloadable pdf file and people could be required to use a payment medium like paypal to release the file.

There would be millions of people that would click on download and millions of downloads being downloaded and my paypal account would grow and grow.

I mean. That's what a computer is for, right? Well. I don't have my book written yet. I do have walnut slices now.

Target Audiences

Let's examine target audiences. Obviously, a target audience isn't interested in everything I have to offer. A person needs to get specific. Even if you pick a niche, there are millions of people who are also interested in that particular topic.

The trick is to pick something that people are looking for. The biggies include food and drink. I hesitate to offer food items, because there are so many out there that have unique body systems that react to things differently. Some people have nut allergies. Some wheat. Some gluten. Sugar. Best to not offer something that will cause health problems.

What I am Interested In

I am interested in specialty tools, widgets, oddities and inventing.

I spend umpteen hours each week, researching whatever random things pop into my head. My latest thing is magnets and magnetic energy. Sometimes, I am consumed with an idea and spend loads of time on development.

There is nothing more satisfying than visualizing an idea and taking some construction paper and tape and actually creating the object in a 3D fashion and then, converting that paper image to something made of metal, wood and nails or nuts and bolts.

Then, there is nothing more satisfying than turning the switch and watching that project roar to life. Almost like the satisfaction that Igor had when creating Frankenstein.

Not Always Successful

Failure leads to new ideas. There is nothing wrong with failing if you continue to pursue to the goal. Failing just reinforces the road to the goal. That didn't work, let's try this idea instead or in addition to.

There is a story that I think of that involves a guillotine. It has to do with three men who are to be beheaded by the guillotine. The guillotine is jammed and doesn't function for the first two men who take advantage of the jam and one says that double jeopardy has been claimed and the other says that karma has provided pardon and the third man looks up at the mechanism and says, "I see the problem.:

It's not always an advantage to see the problem and fix it.

I Ask You - Target Person

Yes. Dear reader, you are my current target person. You are a brave soul, reading through this page. You are still reading this page, are you not?

I don't know if the ads change with each viewer. If the ads are designed to react to the cookies in your own computer or if they respond to keywords in my own page. I have no idea. But as long as you are here, let me pick your brain for a moment.

Brain Picking

What types of things are you interested in? Do you use the internet for the same thing everyday? I suppose you check your emails, bank records, social media, and whatever else.

I do. I have a game I play on Facebook. I love to play words with friends. I find it fun and challenging. Although, I admit, I am very competitive and will withdraw for months when I don't win. Oh, well. I'll get over it.

What is My Obsession?

I am obsessed with invention. Engineering. How things work. How marbles roll. Gravity. Natural forces. Magnetic pull.

I am obsessed with crafts. I come by it naturally since my entire family was very into being inventive. I grew up with a brother who had a darkroom and did photography. Another that was into aviation and has owned many airplanes in his lifetime and has an airstrip in his back yard for landing his planes.

My father was a carpenter and would build houses, furniture and was a wood carver. My mother was an organ player, counted cross stitch person and painter. She was obsessed with birds and would create little birds out of cornstarch clay and would then paint them realistically.

One of my sisters was into chip wood carving and the other was into horticulture. We were encouraged to grow and develop our ideas.


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    • firstcookbooklady profile imageAUTHOR

      Char Milbrett 

      2 years ago from Minnesota

      Thank you Mills and Larry!

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Good luck.

    • profile image

      Pat Mills 

      2 years ago from East Chicago, Indiana

      Let me put you one step closer to one million. That's a hard goal to reach. In all of my years on Epinions, only a few dozen people reached that mark. I wasn't one of them. That mark seems even loftier now, as I recently calculated I'd need 571 years to get there. Online writing has become even less lucrative, as my efforts here show. At least HP seems more honest in its monetary goals, and ultimately less cheap than either Epinions or Bubblews. In any case, good luck.


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