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On Looking for Work and Why Google AdSense is not all about Page Views

Updated on August 25, 2011

How Much I've Earned Since My Last Google AdSense Payment

Okay so I've always assumed that higher page views or traffic would mean that I will aslo have greater income. As you can see, my views have increased significantly but the earnings is just as slow or little as the last time I got my payment. So obviously, as I have pointed out several times, it is very important to get readers to click as well. PPC stands for pay-per-click after all. One thing though that the page views can do is increase ratio and I'm hoping that's a good thing.

So I now have 86 dollars since I got my last payment at the end of June. In spite of Google Panda's efforts to sabotage my life, my top Hubs seem to be stable and have retained their rankings in the search engines (and I thought it was going to be the end of the world already). In spirit of the HubPages 30-day Challenge, I figured I should write about my earnings so far. I'm now averaging around 35,000 views a month but as I have said that would be useless without the clicks (I don't even think I can say that word a lot cause Google might think I'm forcing my readers to do that).

One obstacle now is people in society who are not fond of people who make money without doing anything even when that's initially the goal of most human activity: to "retire". So I've been going around the internet looking for a job but just can't find one that suits me as of now. Unlike many people, I am guessing, I don't want to get a job for the sake of getting a job.

Blogger Pages Gadget
Blogger Pages Gadget

My Resume

As you can see I've posted my "curriculum vitae" on the pages tabs of my blog and am planning to put it in all three main blogs that I am currently writing on. I can't really link you to them right now in risk of becoming "overly promotional" which is against the policy of HubPages and AdSense. So I guess you can just see those links in my HubPages profile. Maybe by tomorrow they'll already be in all my blogs. For now I'll just test the stats first and see what kind of views I get on the blog post version.

It's basically just a visual resume that I thought of doing while updating my real resume. The way I've made it and arranged it is actually quite significant. For instance, I put the education background on the very bottom being that I believe that has the least importance in contrast with traditional resumes. This goes back a long way of my stand against contemporary schooling methods and rote learning. I don't think I'd ever want to work for an employer who puts a heavy weight on a diploma or GPA over actual skills and passions.

And so I really tried to be as concrete as I can with what I wrote there. I tried not to incorporate so much cliche that most people put in their resume like the abstract concepts of "hard working" or "leadership skills". I wanted it to be driven by results and everything I wrote to be reflected with some sort of output.

This visual resume, of course, is in its beta testing stage. There will be more revisions of course. And I will continuously update it as well (as I get new skills or attend more relevant seminars for example). This will evolve even more I'm sure. I'm even thinking of getting a domain like "" and put the visual resume there then I can put that link in the actual hard copy resume I'll be giving to employers or their HR team. If I'm gonna sell my life on a monthly installment plan, I might as well be really good at it.

Also, the visual resume is different from my portfolio being that a visual resume is like a summarized version. Resume has to be concise and straight to the point whereas the portfolio is an overall collection of sorts.

So I'm Looking for a Job?

The internet has been really helpful. I can't imagine that many years ago they used to look for jobs in newspapers or whatever it is they used to do. Now it's just very easy and way more efficient. That being said, I think I'm having a hard time looking for the right job for me. I was hoping I could get something that's more part-time being that free-time is the source of all my creativity.

But as I have said, people hate it. This is something that I've already expected and have been writing about for over a decade. I'm sure I just need to be more understanding and patient with those who have no grasp of my plans. I do fear that working will slow down my growth as a writer, as a lover of photography and cinematography, as a lover of music, as a thinker, as a defender of liberty, as a human being. The bottom line is that had I decided to work early on, many blogs I have now wouldn't even exist, many of my articles wouldn't have been written, many of the songs would never have been played.

So again, the only compromise is that the work has to be related to any of the things I love to do. It shouldn't enslave me or turn me into a zombie and still be able to provide ample free time.

Also, just by reading this right now you are giving me money so thanks a lot for that.

As I have said in my post regarding road safety and traffic regulations, I don't necessarily agree with or advocate anything written outside of that blog.


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    • DIYmyOmy profile image

      DIYmyOmy 5 years ago from Philadelphia, PA

      I agree whole heartedly with your comments about the envy directed toward creative people, and the assumption that since we don't have 9 to 5 jobs, we don't work. I wish I had a dollar--or even a quarter!-- for each time I've explained how I make money to someone who has then answered, "Oh, so you don't have a job?" Sigh. AdSense works better for me on my website than here on HubPages, but the pennies make nickels, which make dimes and etc. Anyway, great article, voted it up and as interesting!