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HubPages 30-day Challenge — a Hub a Day for Thirty Days

Updated on August 16, 2011

Why embark on the 30-day challenge?

Well, I've been writing here on hubpages for one year now and in that span of time I noticed that I've only written 99 hubs/articles, many of which are useless (probably only my top 10 Hubs are the ones that are doing me any significant traffic or earnings). I have earned a bit of cash even with these few articles so what more if I wrote more, right?

So I realized that after my100th hub, the one tackling the threats of Google Panda to my rankings and traffic, it is only fitting to embark on this trending thing among HubPages authors, a 30-day challenge. That means one article a day for thirty days. And since I hardly ever write, this challenge will really motivate me in writing more which also means earning more! As I've said in a previous article I wrote, I'm already averaging around 23,000 views a month (ideally I'm supposed to earn more but then there's the 60/40 cut between me and HubPages) but I just realized that that's not really an achievement but more of a reminder of my goals with this whole making money online through blogging thing.

Obviously the money I'm earning in spite of the thousands of views isn't enough. I'm actually broke right now. So this 30-day challenge is a brilliant idea, I think. Plus, with all the stuff I've learned about Search Engine Optimization, I surely will end up with a good number of ranking articles that will be bringing in the cash.

With that being said, I will obviously have a bunch of guidelines regarding my approach about this whole 30-day challenge. And in the end of it all, the 30th hub will be a summary of my 30-day challenge experience and then maybe assess how I did when it comes to search engine ranking and Google AdSense earnings.

Doing this 30-day HubPages challenge is a good way of addressing the serious Google Panda issues facing us.
Doing this 30-day HubPages challenge is a good way of addressing the serious Google Panda issues facing us. | Source
My last Google AdSense Payment Via Western Union in the Philippines
My last Google AdSense Payment Via Western Union in the Philippines

Can you really make money just by writing here on HubPages?

Yup. All you need is to sign up for Google AdSense and then you're ready to start writing and earning easily just by writing here on HubPages. On the HubPages "learning center" thing, they have a decent step-by-step tutorial on how to sign up and set it up.

A lot of people always ask me about signing up for Google AdSense and usually they have problems regarding this matter. I guess it is much easier, from now on, to just refer them to that link instead of just explaining on my own since I tend to be very erratic and random (for instance, I would emphasize on having just one Google account so that Blogger, AdSense, Gmail, and other Google services are just under one account name; also having a blogspot blog or a website with a lot of content already is a big plus).

For some reason, as I always say, I've blocked the memory of how I was able to apply for Google AdSense. One thing I remember though would be that I never had to go through any kind of problematic processing or application. The story of how I applied for Google AdSense will surely be one of the topics I will be writing about throughout the thirty day challenge so be sure to watch out for that!

Where will I get the keywords for topics I will write about?

Search Engines have automatic Keyword Suggestions that come out when you search
Search Engines have automatic Keyword Suggestions that come out when you search
SEOBook offers a free keyword suggestion tool that I've been using since I started writing here on HubPages
SEOBook offers a free keyword suggestion tool that I've been using since I started writing here on HubPages

One way of getting them would be of course through the keyword suggestions that appear on Google or other search engines. But for more in-depth analysis on the keywords, it would be better to sign up for the many free keyword tools available online.

One of the keyword tools that I always use would be the one from SEObook. It's something I learned during my internship as a content writer and possibly one of the most important thing I'll ever learn to use in my life. This is how I was able to find keywords for some of my Hubs that are getting a lot of traffic and getting great rankings. All you have to do is type one word on the topic you want to write about then this online tool will give you a list of keywords with their average search queries a day in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Plus, it gives you the word count or the amount of competition you'll have for that keyword. Maybe I can expound more on the topic of keywords in one of the articles I will be writing for this 30-day challenge.

SEO and Quality of Articles

Of course it's good to have a bit of search engine optimization when it comes to your articles but all in all, for this 30-day challenge, I will be focusing on the quality of my articles. Meaning, I won't just choose any random topic that has a lot of hits on keywords. This time around, I will be writing about things that I am really knowledgable about. I mean I have been doing this a lot here on HubPages and usually write about my interests like photography or cameras or any other topic I am passionate about. This means that I can really write naturally without the need for much research or no need to make up information because I really know a lot about these things.

So starting today, this being the first, I plan to write one Hub article a day for 30 days. Challenge accepted. Dear Google, your stupid panda doesn't scare me.


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