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Google Adsense can you make free money?

Updated on October 31, 2009

Google Adsense can you make free money?

Google Adsense can you make free money? Well this seems to be the honest question of many people. There are several different articles that seem to explain how to make a fortune. They suggest about posting links which I basically haven’t figured out what that is about. I’m going to explain below how you can make a few dollars or a lot of dollars, keep in mind it’s all based on people visiting your website and clicking the links.

People click the links on the google adsense advertisement which is linked to your hubpages account or website.
People click the links on the google adsense advertisement which is linked to your hubpages account or website.

1. Sign up for a account, this is a website where you can write interesting articles that people will search and read. The follow the directions in the help page for hubpages on how to setup a Google Adsense account.

2. Sign up for a Google Adsense account at this process will take sometimes up to a week to approve.

3. Once you Adsense account have been approved you can link it to your hubpages account.

4. Once it’s linked you will get a share of each click on the Google ads, if you notice when you submit a hubpage site that all around it there are ads by Google. These are targeted to your content. For example if you write an article about “Snowmobiling” you will notice that the ads might be about other snowmobile websites offering goods and services. People who are interested in snowmobiling found your hubpage, and then they might click the ad to check out that site. You make money off of that click.

5. Also if you have your own website, log into Adsense account and get there advertising banners and post them to your website, same thing it targets your content and people interested in your website content may click the related ads.

6. Remember getting traffic to your hubpages is key to the success, do you have a Facebook account with 400 friends but you only know 20. That’s perfect; every time you post a new hubpage click submit to Facebook. Also do the same with twitter and other websites. Ones that I recommend are,,, people search these sites for interesting new posts. They are social networking sites.

Final Thoughts

Well basically I have only made 2.84$ so far. That’s from about 7 clicks on my site and 1 through Hubpages. I’m working on getting the traffic coming in and creating fresh new articles that is the key. Keep things interesting and develop stuff that other people are interested in. Remember to not click your own ads as Google can tell if you’re doing this and will suspend your account. Also with hubpages follow all the help they provide, they have very good information in there help section so check it out.


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