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Google Analytics Real Time How It Can Be Useful For Your Writing

Updated on October 8, 2017
Google Analytics
Google Analytics

I am addicted. Yes I have the Google Analytics bug. Ever since I was told how to click onto Google Analytics and see my readers in real time, I can't stop watching who is reading my hubs. Its absolutely fascinating.

And a strange thing happened. I suddenly realised that people out there in the world were really reading my hubs. I know this sounds completely stupid, but hear me out. I am totally aware of the fact that we write for the Internet. I also understand every day we make and write comments on each others new hubs.

But ever since I started to take notice of the google analytics real time, something suddenly dawned on me.

Real People Real Problems.

There are people out there with real problems. I have noticed so many different keywords that readers are putting into the google search to find out answers to questions that they just cannot find for themselves. I know this may sound obvious, but it really has opened my eyes to what people want and need to know in their everyday lives.

Some of the questions they ask are only slightly to do with what I have written, but have arrived at my hubs because of certain sentences in my articles. And it made me realise that actually the stuff I write is only skimming the surface sometimes. It really is showing me that however much information that we write in a hub, someone needs to know that little bit extra.

For example say I had written a hub concerning a particular herb. The reader may want to know whether it reacts to a certain drug or medicine they have taken. Because of this information I know know to go back to my research and add the relevant information for future readers.

Some of the keywords or questions that pop up are actually quite heart tugging. I recently had one that asked 'How do I cope knowing my boyfriend has cheated on me'? It brought home to me the fact that we may write something in jest, but there is a person out there going through hell trying to find answers to their questions.

I realise now that the information we put out has to be as detailed as possible to help the person in question. I know many of you already know this, and are probably thinking well, duh, how stupid is she? But sometimes when we write we forget that there is a whole world out there who read the Internet for answers to many personal and heart wrenching problems.

This view of google analytics real time has really opened my eyes to what people want to read, and the exact information the are looking for.

Not Mine Unfortunately!

Google Analytics Real Time Overview
Google Analytics Real Time Overview

Google Analytics Rocks!

On a good note, its also helped me realise exactly which ones of my hubs are the most popular. Obviously I can see that to a certain extent on my hubpage account. The ones near the top are the most read because of the hub score. But seeing it live really does show me how many times a day that the readers are clicking on it and what info they are looking for.

This has really helped me to see what links I need to add to the pages in question, and what keywords are needed to attract the visitors. In fact ever since I started using google analytics real time overview, and have incorporated a few changes to how I link, add keywords and put in the added information that readers want, the amount of readers a day has gone up drastically.

And more importantly, I am beginning, after three years of writing, to see just how the Internet works, what people look for on a daily basis, and how to write the information that they need. And lets face it, it gives us all a buzz to see people from all over the world clicking onto our articles.

I love sitting here watching those little circles appear over towns and cities around the world. Even more entertaining is the fact that I get to know many names of places that I have never heard of before!

So thanks Google Analytics, it took me some time to figure it out, but hey, we can't all be geniuses!

How To Find Real Time Overview Google Analytics

For anyone who has not used Google Analytics its a simple process. Just key into google, and sign in. If you don't have an account with Google Analytics then you can sign up very easily. When you are in click on HOME on the orange bar.

Then look down the left column to the words Real Time. Underneath you will find Overview. This is the one that I keep on, but you can click and explore as you go.

Nell writes on a variety of subjects which includes health, psychic phenomenon, strange people in history and any technology that catches her eye. If you are interested then please click onto:

Nell Rose Hubpages.


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