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How A Blog Carnival Can Increase Traffic To Your Website?

Updated on July 18, 2013

Are you getting that much needed traffic to your website/blog?

We all know that writing quality content is one of the keys to boosting traffic to your website or blog. But you may ask, "I am publishing content-rich articles and blog posts regularly after doing a thorough research and yet I am not getting that much needed traffic that I deserve? What am I doing wrong?"

Well, maybe you are not doing anything wrong here but its just that the "content is king" policy does not always work the way in which it supposed to. Confused? Let's lift the fog! Of course, "content" is the most important factor to be kept in mind when you publish an article or blog post but hold on - ladies and gentlemen - that's not all! The content must become available to readers looking for information online so that you can get the reputation you deserve! In other words, your article/blog post has to show up in web search results.

So, how do you drive more traffic to your website so that all the excellent content that you are publishing are being picked up by search engines? Have you heard of a blog carnival?

Read on to know what a blog carnival is all about and how it can be fruitful for networking, driving traffic and providing links back to your website.


Joining a blog carnival can increase traffic to your website/blog.
Joining a blog carnival can increase traffic to your website/blog.


A summary of the whole process

  • A host for the carnival is selected from the participating bloggers. Usually, a different host is selected for each cycle.
  • The topic for the carnival is selected and communicated to all the participating bloggers.
  • The bloggers write posts on the selected topic and publish the posts on their respective blogging sites and provide the carnival owner with the urls.
  • The carnival owner then collects all the urls, picks the ones which are the most relevant to the topic in hand, writes a brief introduction for the topic and provides the links to the blogs after the introductory paragraph.
  • The collaborated post is then published on the host blog site.

What is a blog carnival?

A blog carnival is an online community of bloggers and article writers who write blog posts and articles on particular subjects. So, rather than a single person writing blog posts on a niche topic, a group of people write them and they are all posted in the same place known as the "host blog".

Blog carnivals are often described as being like magazines. Usually, they have a weekly or a monthly publication which provide permalinks to the blogs relevant to that publication's topic. It can be called an e-zine which collaborates all the information on one topic and provides it to the readers at one place.

Also just like a magazine, a blog carnival has an Editor or a Carnival Owner who decides which blogs should be highlighted for that particular issue. The editor maybe the owner of the host blog or he/she could be different for each publication, often selected from the group of bloggers for each cycle. In either case, the owner writes a short description introducing the topic and why it should be read before providing the links to all the relevant blogs.


There are numerous benefits of joining a blog carnival.
There are numerous benefits of joining a blog carnival.

Why should you join a blog carnival?

What are the benefits of joining a blog carnival? Are you going to gain any increase in traffic at all from all the effort that you put in?

  • You will gain an increase in traffic. As I mentioned before, content is the one of the most important factors to get a trusted reader base on the internet and if your article/blog post is content-rich it will surely get selected to be featured in the carnival. Since the carnival owner will include a link to your post in the host blog site, it is extremely likely that you will get new readers and this will boost traffic to your site.
  • It is completely free of cost! Certainly there is nothing better than doing some free marketing for your website.
  • You will gain reputation as being an expert in your niche and gain a trusted reader base, people who will keep coming back to your site looking for information. Your website/blog will gain brand value.
  • You will get new backlinks to your blogs. And you never know, the links maybe from sites with higher page ranks than your own!
  • You may get a chance to host your own blog carnival some day and in doing so you will gain wider exposure and traffic.


How to search for a blog carnival?

There are many blog carnival directories available in the web, the most notable one being

Alternatively, you can do either a google search or a google blog search for carnivals relevant to your niche.

To do a google blog search, go to and type in the keywords for which you want to do a blog search followed by the terms "blog carnival". For example, if I want to search for blog carnivals on "finance" or "backlinks" I would type in "finance blog carnivals" or "backlink blog carnivals" in the search bar.


Google blog search

Type in the keywords followed by "blog carnival".
Type in the keywords followed by "blog carnival". | Source


A blog search lists various blog carnivals available

It will display a list of relevant blog carnivals.
It will display a list of relevant blog carnivals.


How to join a blog carnival?

Joining a blog carnival is relatively easy. Once you have located a carnival suitable to your needs, you should visit the carnival's home page and find out the process for joining. The usual procedure is to send an email to the owner but it can vary from carnival to carnival. Also make sure to check all the rules and regulations for joining and the manner in which you are required to submit your posts. would be the best place to start if you are at a complete loss! Hundreds of carnivals are listed here along with links to the host sites. You can even do a category wise search to find one which suits your needs.




Other useful tips

  • Always submit your best content to a blog carnival. This will ensure that your work will get accepted by the carnival owner and you will get good traffic from your submission. There are hundreds of bloggers just like you looking for ways to enhance traffic to their sites. Hence, poor quality content will be rejected by the owners and only the most unique and interesting ones will be given preference.
  • There is a time frame within which you need to submit your articles to a blog carnival. Submit early to have a better chance of getting featured in the publications.
  • Do not submit the same article to many carnivals. Choose wisely, and submit your best content only to one carnival.
  • Last but not the least, remember to keep the whole process clean and spam free. Stick to the rules, submit quality articles regularly and reap the benefits of more people visiting your website.



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