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How Hubpages Almost Got Me on a Japanese Game Show

Updated on April 15, 2014

I haven't been a very active hubber recently, as I've kind of moved on to writing fiction (At this time I have 3 novels and 10 short stories published). However, Hubpages kind of helped me take that first nervous step into the frigid waters of writing. So I've been meaning to come back and write this hub for a while, as I figure many in the Hubpages community would appreciate it, and who knows, maybe it will offer little encouragement to those wondering if pounding out hubs is really worth their time... Well I can I say beyond any shadow a doubt it was worth it for me, and yes I have made some money from my hubs. You won't see me on the success stories page, but I've made more than I ever expected and I almost got to be on a game show. So crack those keys hubbers, you never know what might happen!

So what happened exactly?

I wrote a series of hubs about samurai. Now, I'm not an expert on samurai by any means, but I've always found their history very interesting. Well, I was contacted by a media researcher about my hubs. Apparently this game show called Line! Japan Grand-Prix on FUJI TV was planning an episode based on samurai history, and after finding my hubs, they thought I might make a good contestant. Had I made it on the show they were going to fly me to Tokyo to compete on the show. I made it through a few rounds of interviews, far enough to do a video interview, but I didn't make the final cut.

However, at the time, just being considered was the highlight of my young writing career and I still have the email framed on my wall. So think about that the next time you go to write a hub... Anything can happen.


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