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How I got 100.000 visits and earned 1500$ in 17 months on Hubpages

Updated on February 8, 2015
Hot to get more traffic on your hubs
Hot to get more traffic on your hubs

In this article I will tell my story about writing on Hubpages. Writing on Hubapges is my hobby and I definitely haven't used a lot of time writing hubs. I have only 29 hubs published. When I feel like writing and sharing ideas, experiences and other content with the world I visit Hubpages and I create a new Hub. In the first part of the article I will explain how I create hubs. The second part is dedicated to statistics (visits, earnings).

How I create hubs

Most of my articles are about hiking and hiking equipment even though I sometimes write about other things. Hiking is something I am enthusiastic about. Most of my free time is used for hiking in the mountains and testing hiking equipment. It doesn’t take me a lot of time to publish a hub because basically I just share my experiences and ideas. But not everything is worth sharing. I believe everybody gets frustrated when he publishes a hub which performs bad - visit quantity wise. This is wasted time and time is precious. So, how to avoid that?

Most people say that on Hubpages goes like this:

Making a Hub on Hubpages
Making a Hub on Hubpages

Does it really go like this?

Well, it doesn’t - for me it goes like this:

Making a hub on Hubpages my way
Making a hub on Hubpages my way

So let’s go by steps

How to choose the right niche on Hubpages
How to choose the right niche on Hubpages

1. Choose Niche

Niche is what your hubs are focused on. Choose a field which interests you and you have experience in. If you are lucky other people are also interested in the same things as you are. If not, you have a problem. Not everything is worth writing. Remember your time is precious.

Don’t forget to select user name which corresponds to your niche. I’m sorry I haven’t done this when I started writing on Hubpages. Don’t do the same mistake. Username is a part of your hubs permalinks and if it corresponds to your niche it significantly increases your ranking in Google and other search engines.

Getting an idea for hub on Hubpages
Getting an idea for hub on Hubpages

2. Get an Idea

So, now you know what you’ll write about. It’s time to structure that. Don’t publish to short nor too long hubs. Hubs need to be focused on problem you are solving. This makes hubs valuable to visitors. For example I am writing about hiking equipment so when winter comes I know I’ll need a good hiking jacket for my tours. I believe other people will also need a good hiking jacket. My next hub will be about hiking jackets. With my hub I will facilitate the purchase of a hiking jacket for visitors of my hubs. This is the added value of the hub and a problem solved for visitors of the hub is that they know which jacket to buy.

Keyword research on Hubpages
Keyword research on Hubpages

3. Keyword Research

Sometimes I get a new idea what to write but after making a keyword research I change my mind. Keyword research will tell you what potential your idea has. For keyword research I use Google Adwords, Wordtracker and Google Search Engine.

Make keyword research before you start writing.


For example you want to write about walking benefits. Your main keyword is walking benefits. Now check this keyword in Google Adwords and Wordtracker.

3.1. Google Adwords

What are you looking for in Google Adwords?

  • High search volume
  • Low competition

Google Adwords Keyword Research
Google Adwords Keyword Research

This hub has potential because monthly average searches are high and competition is low.

Share your experience

How many visits do you get daily?

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3.2. Use Wordtracker

Wordtracker will give you the highest potential keywords based on the keyword entered. It is good to use it when you can’t find a keyword with low competition. Keywords with the highest KEI (key effectiveness index) will draw the most traffic to your website.

Wordtracker is free to use in limited version. If you are planning to do some serious writing I suggest you to subscribe.

Wordtracker Keyword Research
Wordtracker Keyword Research

3.3. Use Google Search Engine

Enter the keyword you have chosen to Google Search Engine. Check which websites are on the first page. If you see only popular websites with tons of visits you should be aware you don’t stand a chance to be listed on the first page. What does this mean? Don’t waste your time and find something else to write about.

Write on Hubpages
Write on Hubpages

4. Write

So, let’s talk about writing. The biggest mistake at writers on Hubpages is that their content is not structured and clear. To attract visitors your hub needs to be structured and has to offer clear overview. Use a lot of headings and avoid long texts under one heading. Media is required, but because you are writing about something what you do this shouldn’t be a problem. You definitely have a lot of pictures and videos for your hubs.

Publish on Hubpages
Publish on Hubpages

5. Publish

Not much to say about it. Press publish button and open a beer. Congratulations.

Earn on Hubpages
Earn on Hubpages

6. Earn

If you did everything as described above, earnings will come. Wait patiently. I got my first earnings the second month after publishing the hub. The payment came two months later through Amazon Affiliate program.

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How much money do you make on Hubpages monthly

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My Statistics

Okey, so let’s check out my statistics. I have been on Hubpages for a little more than 18 months now and I had more than 100.000 visitors on my 29 hubs. Through Hubpages earning program I have received more than 1500$. But that’s not all because I also use my own Amazon Affiliate program which is also profitable.

I have been tracking my Hubpages performance from the beginning of the 2014. I won’t write a lot about this. Graphs below show everything.

If you have any additional questions you are welcome to ask below in the comments section. If you want more hubs on this topic show that by sharing or liking this hub.

Happy hubbing!

2014 Earnings - Graph

My Hubpages Earnings
My Hubpages Earnings

Blue: Hubpages Ads Program
Red: Hubpages Amazon Program
Green: Both programs together

As you can see hiking equipment is not so popular in the winter.

2014 Pageviews - Graph

My Pageviews on Hubpages
My Pageviews on Hubpages

2014 Earnings per Pageview - Graph

Earnings per pageview on Hubpages
Earnings per pageview on Hubpages

Hiking equipment is definitely seasonal niche which is clearly seen on the graphs.

© 2014 BobbySD


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