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How NOT To Promote Your Blogs, Hubs, Articles and Content On Someone's Hub

Updated on May 4, 2012
Because expressing how dumb that was - in words - just doesn't work
Because expressing how dumb that was - in words - just doesn't work

Raise Your Hand If...

  • You've had someone spam one of your hubs with their irrelevant blog link
  • You've had someone come and push they're own hubs in your comments
  • You've had someone come and leave a potentially viral link on one of your hubs
  • You've had anyone come to your hub and start promoting their unrelated forums
  • You've experienced another form of rudeness from other net users who've spammed your hub(s) in one way or another.


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If you're raising your hand...

Then you probably know exactly how NOT to promote something on your hubs. If this is you, then I need your help. You see, there are CLEARLY lots of people who both join and quickly visit hubpages and SPAM various hubs without any particular rhyme or reason. I feel it is our duty to help them understand how to play nice with us hubbers. Or at very least, when they wonder why they're comments go deleted (because seriously, some people don't realize they are spamming), they can turn to a hub that will help them understand.

I'll get this hub going, adding all the things a person can do to INCORRECTLY advertise on someones hub. All I need from you, is to help me add to the list if I miss anything. Easy enough, right?

Here Goes...

  1. Post links to your IRRELEVANT blogs and forums - Because everyone who reads a hub about sewing, really wants to read your thread about flood-fire-tornado insurance!
  2. Or you can post suspicious looking links and not give ANY description or insight into what that link goes to, or if it's safe - Because we ALL love to risk our computers to your VIRUSES and WORMS.
  3. Leave comments that say NOTHING (or almost nothing) about the hub itself, but still talk ALL ABOUT the hub YOU made (don't forget to leave a link!) - Because the author of that hub will LOVE you so much for that....
  4. One of my favorite spamming techniques (to the level of creativity involved), is when you come in and act like a complete TROLL, getting everyone amped up about your behavior, then post links to your website, blog or whatever. Because people REALLY want to know more about that troll who spammed their hubs...

For those of you whom may now be wondering...

Is there a way to talk about my own endeavors on someone elses hub (or any content of someone else's on the web), without spamming?

The answer is YES.

Most people do not mind seeing a related blog or hub link left, IF the author of said blog/hub, actually took the time to read the hub they are commenting on, and they have left and detailed and THOUGHTFUL comment about said hub.

Some people won't mind if you want to promote that book or website, IF you've left a thoughtful comment AND you assure them that you are not a bot nor are you posting a potential VIRAL link.

It's really just common etiquette here. There is a fine line between sharing your information and spamming, and often that line is just a matter of tact and good social skills. If you were to walk up to a circle of people at a picnic, who were having a deep conversation about the recent scandalous behavior of the local school district, you wouldn't jump in and put bumper stickers on all they're foreheads and say "Hey! You should come over to my Republicans Against Funding Education party!", would you? I think not.

Yet, if you were to politely edge your way into the conversation, get an idea for what the conversation was really about, join in a bit yourself and then as the topic slowly began to dissipate, lead the people into a topic related to a book you wrote, then you happen to get around to telling them that you just got a deal with a local book store and you have to get some copies to it - THEN they might be interested in getting your business card, or buying a couple of copies of your book before they hit the stores (people do like to be first).

The differences make all the difference.

What would you add?

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  • BizGenGirl profile imageAUTHOR


    5 years ago from Lake Stevens

    At the moment, you've nothing to worry about with my hubs Diana. Though do make sure to be careful. Make sure that anytime you leave a link for self promotion, that you reciprocate the traffic (as you've done with my articles) or you leave a detailed comment to add to the persons hub or conversation ;)

    Thank you for featuring some of my hubs on your squidoo lens

  • Diana Grant profile image

    Diana Grant 

    5 years ago from London

    Hope I haven't offended you by mentioning RELEVANT links on two of your hubs - I feel a bit doubtful now

  • suzzycue profile image

    Susan Britton 

    7 years ago from Ontario, Canada

    I thank you for this information. I did once put a link into someones comments and they did delete it. I am sorry and learned the lesson the hard way. I did not know this was spamming.It is hubs like this that I am grateful to read.

  • Vampsdes profile image

    Jenny Stub 

    7 years ago from Missouri, US

    This is something I haven't experienced yet. I'm sure if I'm active for very long I will though. Now I'll know what I'm looking at when I do see it. For people like me who are new to all of this, seeing a strange link posted in a comment might seem odd, but wouldn't put up a red flag for me. Now it will though, I'll know what to watch out for.

    I won't approve comments with these type of links in them. As you pointed out, they may very well be hazardous to your computer. Thank you very much, this was a unique hub and I'm very glad I read it! Voted up!


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