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How To Put Multiple Pictures & Add Youtube Videos In Ebay For Free, Which Will Increase sales

Updated on October 29, 2011

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 Many Ebay listings are very basic and usually only have one picture due to most people trying to keep their fee's down. Ebay's fee's are very fair ( you try getting 2 million + visitors today to your website ) but if you could get something on your Ebay listing for free which would definately increase your sales you'd be over the moon right? Now how you do this something called HTML. HTML is the code which displays everything you see on a website, pictures,colours,fonts,vidoe,buttons pretty much everything has a code behind it. Now don't you do not have to be able to read or write HTML code to do this all you have to do is know that you need HTML code to do it.

If your using Ebays Quick Sell, naughty, naughty! You should be using the advance selling template, yes it might seem a little complex, but use it a couple of times and you'll soon get used to it. You also have the option in this format to list your item for 30 days and "Good till cancelled" which is a must for business sellers. The fee's are cheaper too.

 Ok so you've got to grips with the advance selling template, your now ready to do this, it is quite simple and once you know how, you'd of wished you knew this sooner. Right, in the description text box ( where you write your descriptions ) you should notice that above the font box (Arial) there's a white tab that says standard. Thats what your descriptin text is set at. Now write yourself a small sentence, change the colour of some of the text and make some of it is in bold too. Now go over to where it says standard and click the tab next to it saying HTML. What you have just writing should change into something rather long and have funny symbols and letters in there, this is the HTML Code that makes your text appear the way it does in standard form, just a small sentence can make quite a big code. Ok stop panicking you do not need to understand the code. You should see you text in amongst the code somewhere.

Ok this is how you add pictures and youtube videos for free in ebay listings. You need to join an image site such as Photobucket, its free to use but their are better benefits if you buy a membership (good idea if you make your own products) or you can just use the free service if your a normal ebay seller. Once you've joined, download a picture from your computer to the site. Once its downloaded click on the album you made to put it in, in photobucket, hover your mouse over your image andyou will have 4 small boxes appear under it with long text in them, they will say.

Email & IM

Direct Link


Image Code.

Click on the text in the HTML Code box and it will highlight now press CTLR + C on your keyboard ( this will copy the text ) now head over to ebay and  click your mouse at the end of your text the end symbol should this > , make sure your still in the HTML Code descrirption tab then press CTRL + V on your keyboard ( this will paste ) the code you copied should now appear at the end of your sentence HTML Code. Now click on to the Standard tab, taddaaar your image should now be showing in your description under standard form. Now write a much as you want in the standard form. You do not need to go back in to HTML unless you want to add another picture or a youtube video.

To add a Youtube video, go over to youtube and select the video you want on your ebay page. Just underneath the video you'll see something saying "embed" click on that and another load of code will appear, click on it to highlight it and do your CTRL+C command again to copy it and go over to ebay and press CTRL + V command to paste it into the description but you must be on the HTML type on ebay.

Remember to add your code after > sign which is at the end. if you want the picture to appear underneath the sentence hit enter a couple of times.If you cant find amongst your code where you want to put your picture, when your in standard form do some like TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT in capitals this will stand out in the HTML code and you can then see where to put it. You could  always put your pictures and videos in the HTML Code first then write your description in standard form around it after but once you've had a play around with this you'll get the hang of it.

Make sure you still use the first Free picture in ebay as this will appear in the search results but after that always use this method as its free. You will no doubt make more money and quicker sales if you use this.

This is great way to keep fee's down when selling your car, it will also gve you the chance to show loads of pictures.

Making money on eBay is pretty easy these day's and some people have found out how to make it very easily. Visit to find out how you could be making money too.


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