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How To Chose a Topic that Will Get Traffic

Updated on May 22, 2012

Coming up with topics to write about is not hard. The easiest way to come up with topics is to write about things you already know. Keep an ear out for what is currently interesting others listen to what people are talking about around you. There is always something happening in your own life so think of any problems that you have had recently and were able to solve. Most problems that you have someone else have a good of having it too. Problems are a great way to write articles because you have already had the experience and you came up with a solution. They would love to read how you were able to overcome your problem and maybe they will take that nugget away and use themselves.

So, start by grabbing a sheet of paper and a pencil or open up not pad and see if you can think about any problems that you or your friends or relatives have had. They don’t have to be life threatening problems, but you do want to write about problems that people are going to relate. For example, has anyone in your circle lost their job recently? How did it affect them? Were they sullen or look at the opportunity as a new start? Maybe one they could not have when they had a steady job? People want to know how to solve their own problems most searches in Google are related to how to do something. So people will be more likely to come upon your article if it is a problem related. Here, are a few other ideas you may want to consider.

• What is the best way for a middle age man to lose 10 pounds?

• How to you get rid of a virus on your PC

• How are you able to make money online?

• Has your son or daughter gone through teen pregnancy?

• If so, how did you deal with it?

• How are you dealing with the cost of living increases for groceries, bills, etc..

Having answers to some of these questions would be great topics to look into for writing an article on hub pages or your own website. If, you truly are lazy there is another option that involves someone else. If, you don’t want to write an article or series of articles on this topic you can always hire a ghost writer to do it for you. However, you can do the necessary research yourself and save some money by using any modern search engine for information on your topic.

Where do You Get Your article Ideas?

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Another way to find good topics to write about is to research some of the most popular books on has a section for best sellers in this section it will show you what people are buying. Choose a popular book preferably one that is non-fiction and start your article describing the book or doing a lilt paraphrasing. Why only choose non-fiction your probably thinking? Fiction readers are a different sort of animal, and they really tend to like to have the physical book with pages and covers. Of course, you can do fiction as well it is harder to write about but if you are up for a challenge you may want to take a shot at it.

If, you are worried that you may be breaking a copyright law by paraphrasing a book do not worry you are not. Ideas are not able to be copyrighted. Copyright law only protects the way in which ideas are expressed so providing you have done a complete rewrite and have not copied the text of the book word for word then you are ok. However, even if you are paraphrasing someone else work it is only right to make sure you document your source and the original author in your article.

So, the basic Idea, here is to find out what people are interested in and write about it!! You will become a successful article writer!


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  • Kadmiels profile image

    Kadmiels 6 years ago from Florida

    welcome good luck!!

  • artrush73 profile image

    artrush73 6 years ago

    Thanks for great pointers

  • kerlynb profile image

    kerlynb 6 years ago from Philippines, Southeast Asia, Earth ^_^

    "So start by grabbing a sheet of paper and a pencil or open up not pad and see if you can think about any problems that you or your friends or relatives have had." - I can't agree more. Hubs that offer solutions to problems are really evergreen and would always be looked up by people on the net. Thanks for this useful hub.

  • profile image

    Jen Levine - Web Traffic 7 years ago

    Hey thanks for sharing mate! Nice tips I'll try to integrate them with what I know! Kudos!

  • creation75 profile image

    creation75 8 years ago from India

    Very good information