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How To Know If An Affiliate Marketer Is Only Looking Out For Themselves

Updated on September 20, 2012

Affiliate Marketers

Do you get emails from affiliate marketers informing you about money making opportunities? If so, then you may have found yourself actually wanting some of these products that affiliate marketers have pitched to you, and why wouldn't you, some of the products affiliate marketers pitch are genuinely good products that could help you make money.

However, many affiliate marketers who send out emails promoting products are just looking out for themselves, and you can tell which marketers are only out for themselves by paying attention to a few things. Continue to read the rest of this page and find out what to look for in order to tell if an affiliate marketer really doesn't care about what products they are promoting.

They Promote Products Way Too Often

If you find that an affiliate marketer is sending you emails way too often, maybe even daily, then this is a good sign that they just want to sell the products they are promoting and don't really care whether the product can help you make money or not.

If an affiliate marketer really cares about the people they are promoting products too, then they will only promote the best of the best products, not just any old junk that pays them a decent commission when they sell it.

They Contradict Themselves

There are many affiliate marketers who started promoting products before Google Panda and Google Penguin, but once these two Google updates occurred, these marketers started to promote products that were suppose to rise above these two Google updates as well as products that supposedly will not cause a person to feel the effects of these two Google updates.

However, then these same marketers started to promote products that would have likely gotten a person blacklisted or sandbox from Google. For example, auto-blogging software (most software) and article spinning is garbage, and there were a few affiliate marketers talking about how they were garbage, after the Google updates occurred. A few weeks after saying that, they were promoting auto-blogging software and article spinner software.

Pay attention to affiliate marketers who say one thing and mean another because this is a sure way to tell whether or not an affiliate marketer is looking out for just themselves.

The above two things are what you should keep an eye out for. If you are on an affiliate or internet marketer's list and you notice that they have done or do the things discussed above, then it may be time you unsubscribe from their list.


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