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How To Make Money On HubPages With Trolling

Updated on December 18, 2013
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Elton graduated from Common Sense University, is a father, artist and is currently featured on multiple blogs, sites and even edits a few.

The Conundrum...

Recently, while perusing the back alleys of HubPages, I ran across a strange and comical person with a genius approach to Hubbing. Writing hubs about philosophical concepts, beliefs and various related things. He expounds on a range of related topics.

Philosophy, being an interest of mine, I decided to read a few of his Hubs. As it turns out, he doesn't know a lot about philosophy. Though, as I discovered, his knowledge of the subject isn't the point. It hardly concerns him at all, it appears. Why would it when there's no money in it! Let me explain...

Pictured: Ah hook.
Pictured: Ah hook.

The Hook...

Initially, I was perplexed, I read through his hub and found myself, mentally, pointing out all of it's flaws. I felt compelled to comment on it (it's irrationality, arrogance, etc.) and I did. The reply I got was almost instant and just as outlandish as the hub.

The author, taking on an argumentative tone and pretentiousness, proceeded to argue with me via comments on his hub. All had the same flair for inept knowledge that his hub had. It was incensed by his tone. So, I commented back and the he would, so on and so forth.

I will admit, I like to argue. It's fun and can be entertaining, to a point. So, I went a long with the exchange for a while. Then, it dawned on me...this absolutely brilliant.

First! What is Trolling? Let this guy tell you...

Pictured: A Shtick
Pictured: A Shtick

The Shtick

The writer's intention isn't to relay competent information, instead, it's to provoke an emotionally charged response or agreement (trolling), in an effort to gain page views. His "shtick" is to play the part of a pretentious know-it-all, that prattles on about subjects and ideas he appears to barely grasp.

This, as you can imagine, sparks lively back and forth conversations in his comments section as he attempts to muddle his way through arguments. I must admit, I was taken in at first. Arguments can be very entertaining be it as a participant or spectator.

"The Shtick" is to either be or become someone who people want to argue with. Then, find a subject, sensitive enough to warrant an argument. Finally, draw them into a debate on the subject. It's a fairly simple setup and if done properly will yield a hefty amount of page views.

Page views that pay in real money.

Something to whine about...

The subject used to draw people to your Hub, blog, site or whatever is very important. Especially if you're going to provoke discussion about it. Surprisingly, there are scant few topics people are willing to argue about.

Yet, there are a few, sensitive areas that people are more than willing to debate about:

  • Philosophy - This is a great one, because all things philosophical are open to debate and done right, can illicit lots of emotional responses (from anger to agreement). The real draw is proclaiming your view to be absolutely correct and calling everyone else's wrong.
  • Religion - Bringing up religion in almost any context is certain to illicit a response from readers. However, due to the sensitive nature of the subject, this one can be a little tricky and may even get you banned.
  • Politics - Oh, politics, that age old divider of nations. Politics are a guaranteed fuel for trolling fire. It's possibly the easiest topic to expound on despite not knowing much...if anything about it. It's very easy to tell someone their particular brand of politics is dead wrong too!

These of course aren't the only topics someone can troll with, but, they're certainly easy to start with. Consider the starter set on the road to earning big bucks "trolling"!

Becoming "that guy"

The genius behind the method of course is the character of the villain. In fact, a good deal of HubPage writers engage in this activity.

The author acts like a buffoon, simply to garner views...and get paid for them. Wow.

Being that as it may, anyone that has been incensed into argument, knows that what is being talked about is only half of why you're arguing. The other half is the jackass you're arguing with!

Becoming a loudmouth know it all is key to prolonging, not only the argument, but the readership as well. For every person arguing with you, the longer your comment section grows. Hence, more subject matter for new readers to involve themselves in. It's a pretty cyclical thing, if done right.

The trick is to convey a sense of pretentiousness in your wording. Calling the debater a fool or perhaps an imbecile for his lack of depth will surely bring on a heated response. Be creative! Basically, calling someone stupid, will generally illicit some form of retaliatory rebuttal.

There in lies the rub...or his rub. He elaborates on topics he doesn't actually comprehend, pretentiously mocks the idea with half baked understanding. Proclaims it as irrefutable, to make people mad, insults them and rakes in the money from their views. It's painfully easy.

Not that kind
Not that kind

The Rub...

I don't want you to think that this is some easy, money making scheme, because it's not. You will be loathed, so, if that's a problem for you, you might disregard this plan.

Blathering on and contradicting himself constantly within his own writing, this mad genius, invokes hotly contesting commentary against his own nonsense. Often, this leads to people openly mocking him. It's not a business for those that are quick to anger. You will get angry, that's a given.

If, however, you can keep your emotions in check or get a rush from provoking people, then, this might be right up your alley. I do suggest some precautions before embarking on a monetized trolling scheme.

  1. Create a different name - If you're going to incite people, you might want to do it under a different moniker.
  2. Create a separate email account - There is nothing worse than an inbox full of hate mail. Especially if it's your primary email account.
  3. Remember it's only a part - It's best to divorce yourself from the persona of "the troller". Try imagining it to be an acting role or a character in a book.
  4. Don't tell anyone it's you! - The Internet can be a scary place, so, try to avoid telling friends and family about your ravings. Unless they can keep your real name and details out of it, of course.

The Trolling Poll!

What Subject Would You Get Emotional About?

See results

The Wrap Up...

So, as a matter of recounting, let's remind ourselves how the initial author did it.

  1. He picks a subject that's easy to argue about and will incite his readers to join in a debate.
  2. Then, touting his maniacal ravings as "facts", he draws readers into argument.
  3. He keeps them involved by speaking with mindless, pompous pretension and arrogance.
  4. Finally, he insults views contrary to his, with poorly executed rehashing of his own contradicting statements and proclaims his views to be superior to their arguments.

Now, if you can do this across multiple hubs, sites, etc. You can rake in a LOT of views and possible ad revenue. Imagine the possibilities.

Thank you and good night!
Thank you and good night!


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    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 4 years ago from sunny Florida

      I may have read some of the articles by this person. No, it might be that there are a number of this type of writer here on HubPages. Often I do not get sucked into the emotional debate thing. I have and I may have even thrown a couple out there unwittingly. There are just some things that are important enough to me to risk others despising what I say.

      Good read as well as thought-provoking.

      Angels are on the way to you this morning ps

    • Jaded Koala profile image

      Jaded Koala 4 years ago from United States

      I found this quite entertaining. I totally thought this Hub was going to go in a different direction. Makes sense though.