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How do referrals work on Hubpages

Updated on February 23, 2011

Make money with referrals on Hubpages

Did you know on Hubpages as well as earning money from affiliate programs like Google Adsense, Amazon Associates and Ebay you can also earn money by referring people to hubpages or even other peoples hubs.  And the thing is most people do not realise this and you can miss out on some potential earnings if you never include your referral link when linking to Hubpages or others hubs. 

You may be wondering how to make a referral link and what you get for referring people to Hubpages and I will explain that over this hub.

Join Hubpages

If you are not already a member of Hubpages then join now and find an amazing platform to write, join a great community and earn money!

Join Hubpages

Why Should I Refer People?

Good question and the answer simply is that you can earn money and you are also spreading the word about this fantastic site. 

If you refer someone who joins hubpages you get 10% of all their impressions, the person who joins get the normal 60% and joins a brilliant site and gets help from you and also Hubpages gets 30% of the impressions!  

This means if a hub got 10 views, the ads for the person who wrote the hub would be shown 6 times, Hubpages ads 3 times and the referrer ads 1 time.  If someone clicks an advert or buys something during your share of the impressions you get 100% of the amount the affiliate program offers.  This means you can get a little extra money from Adsense, Amazon, Ebay and Kontera without any extra work - not bad.  

And while it is very unlikely your referrals will earn you that much it is all a numbers game and one may get 50,000 impressions and month and you could earn loads of money for nothing!

Or you could also look at the Hubpages referral program as 100 of your referrals hubs = 10 of your own hubs!

How Do I Create a Referral Link

To create a referral link:

  • First of all check out your trackers

(my account - url trackers)

  • Check out your trackers and if you are happy with the ones you have then you can skip the next bullet point. You may want a different tracker for different sites/topics.
  • If you don't have or want a different tracker click "create a new tracker" and make a tracker of your choice - preferably one you will remember.

The link to create a new tracker:

  • So you now have your tracker and want to create a link - right? What you do is quite simple really. Write the text that you want the referral link to appear for e.g.

Join Hubpages - a cool site where you write and can earn money.

  • Find out the url of the page you want to link to or for a hub click the share link and follow the instructions as it automatically includes your tracker.

Useful urls are either:

  • At the end of simply put "_your tracker here" and make sure you include a "/"

It looks loads but it actually is not - I have just included every single detail and an example is below.

Still Don't Understand?

Don't worry it is hard to understand at first but easy once you have learnt how to do it.

More information on the Hubpages affiliate scheme:

Create Join Hubpages Link by Susana S

Official Hubpages Affiliate Scheme Page

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An Example Link

One of my url trackers I created is "ns1209" and here is a join hubpages link with my tracker in it which will go to the tour page:

Join Hubpages

This is the URL I used:

I hope you now understand how to make your own Hubpages referral links and how you earn money if someone joins Hubpages through your trackers. It does seem complicated at first but it really is not!

If you did find this hub useful you can do the following things to help me and will take less than 10 seconds:

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Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave comments below about the referral system, if you understand it, want help or just want to say how awesome this hub is or how rubbish it is!

P.S Comments about how rubbish this hub are may accidentally be deleted - OK they won't but try to be nice!

Hope you liked this hub! Image from flickr
Hope you liked this hub! Image from flickr

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    • profile image

      Livin Healthy 7 years ago

      Great Info. Thanks... you really helped me understand this!

    • bushraismail profile image

      bushraismail 7 years ago from ASIA

      thanx. i finally understood. now hope it works.

    • Challah1202 profile image

      Challah1202 7 years ago from Chandler, TX

      Thanks for the information and for reading my stuff. I need to pay more attention. I didn't know about this.

    • ns1209 profile image

      ns1209 7 years ago from UK - England

      Glad you liked it! I just hope more people find it and learn to use trackers!

    • Granny's House profile image

      Granny's House 7 years ago from Older and Hopefully Wiser Time

      Thank you for the info. I do this all the time. now I know I am doing it right

    • ns1209 profile image

      ns1209 7 years ago from UK - England

      Glad you found it useful - I hope more people on Hubpages find this hub!

    • profile image

      sarahsherlock 7 years ago

      I never knew that - thanks for the advice.