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10 Hubpages Tips - How to Improve Your Hubs

Updated on June 26, 2011


When I post this, this hub will be my 50th hub on hubpages and in it I will try to tell you some of the most important things I have learned about hubpages, hubs, traffic, making money and anything else related to hubpages.

I have learnt tonnes of information from various place but the best place to learn about things like search engine optimisation is actually at hubpages. Search for any topic and you will nearly always find something helpful. I have learnt from many users but the ones who I have learnt the most from are by hubbers such as Sunforged, Mark Knowles, Misha, Nelle Hoxie and many more. The hubpages community is really great and although my main aim is to try and make money online I do really like hubpages.

If you have not already joined Hubpages - where you have been! Don't worry though you can join today.

Backlinks are probably the most important part of SEO and appearing on the first page of Google
Backlinks are probably the most important part of SEO and appearing on the first page of Google

How to Be Successful on Hubpages

I admit it - I am by no means the best hubber, in fact I am probably the 178520 best hubber but I have already learnt a lot and I will try to share that here!  

  1. Write quality content - To be successful you need to have something worth reading and the better your content is the less work you will probably need to.  I recommend and I don't always follow this advice myself but I think you should always write over 500 words of good, useful content.  Also if you write quality content it is more likely someone may link to it.  Unfortunately just having quality content will mean you are not very successful because how will it be found?
  2. Backlinks - The main thing I have learned from the time I have been on Hubpages that unless you are really lucky or are writing in an area with next to no competition you will need links to your content if you want it be on the first page of Google.  Also make sure you put the keywords for your article in the links.  If anyone does this for you, great - but don't expect it!  The more links the better but the quality of a link is also very important.
  3. Write a series of hubs on the same/similar topic/niche - Try and write more than one hub on your subject as it provides many benefits.  For a start you should see your own hubs appearing in the related hubs section a lot more which means more links and also you are more likely to keep visitors on your pages.  Also you become somewhat of an expert in an area.
  4. Link to your other hubs/websites - If you are writing on a very similar topic to another article make sure you link to it and use the keywords you want people to find your work for instead of just click here.  For example "cheap xbox live gold" is a much better link than click here to find out about cheap xbox live.

Evergreen content is important From flickr by ell brown
Evergreen content is important From flickr by ell brown

How to Be Successful on Hubpages Tips 5-8

5. Use RSS feeds - If you can get your head around them they are actually really good. Try to include one rss feed in each of your hubs.

If you just want people to see your latest hubs then try to remember you just need to

type (without the gap)


An example is


You can also do this for your best hubs and hottest hubs simply change the latest with "best" or "hot".

6. Use topical RSS feeds - If you have been writing on same subject use that keyword in your rss feeds and everything else is the same as usual (see above) - that way you can have an RSS feed to your related content which automatically updates.

For example -


7. Try to write on content that will still be relevant in a years time/5 years time and 10 years time and even 20 years time!

Don't worry about this too much but if all your hubs are based on the 2010 World Cup while they will achieve great success a month or two before and during the tournament - in a years time who will still be looking for it? This is meant to be passive income after all. However at the same time I have been quite successful over the World Cup - traffic and moneywise!

8. Experiment - Listen to others and take their advice but remember what works well for one person might not for another person.

Many people are successful on hubpages and they all do some slightly different things - some promote on sites like Shetoldme and Xomba, some earn all their or nearly all of their money from hubpages, others run successful blogs and websites, some people find product reviews work well for them, some people outsource hubs and even in your hubs - experiment!

Find out what works - maybe an Amazon capsule in the top right hand corner is more effective than in the middle, most people find using Kontera reduces their Adsense income, but how will you know until you try for yourself!

RSS Feeds are great and you should use them.
RSS Feeds are great and you should use them.

Hubpages Tips 9 and 10

9. Don't worry too much about hubscores, hubberscores, hub karma, accolades, followers e.t.c. 

If you start getting worried about these stats too much you get taken away from what you want from hubpages - in most cases traffic, money or you just like the fantastic community.  Hubscores and hubberscores are meant to go up and down especially when you publish a new hub - they are just guidelines and outside hubpages mean absolutely nothing!  All of these things are just nice little extra additions that make hubpages more rewarding but if you lose a follower, your hubber score goes down by 3 or you have a hub karma of 30 - don't worry!

10.  Try to enjoy your time on hubpages - it is a great place and just try to have fun, don't worry too much!


Use the forums - they can be your best friend. Don't be afraid to ask questions - it is confusing and things are always changing. 99% of the people on this site are willing to help you. You will also find you gain more traffic from inside hubpages and you may make some friends!

Also you will often find an answer to what you were looking for!


If you follow these tips, are willing to learn, listen to experienced people, try hard, and do some work and find things out for yourself on hubpages you will most likely succeed and therefore get traffic and money.  

If you are lazy and try for 2 days and do no research you will end up with $0.01 and never reach a payout!

If you work and have the right attitude basically you will do well on hubpages (ask anyone earning over $1000 on hubpages.

If you still have not joined, seriously join now and take part in an excellent community, get some traffic and earn some money and have a little fun!

I hope you have found these tips useful and you do well on hubpages!

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    • wiserworld profile image

      wiserworld 4 years ago

      Good tips on how to generate more traffic to hubs. Thanks.

    • RZed profile image

      RZed 5 years ago from UK

      Useful information, thanks.

    • gottaloveit profile image

      gottaloveit 6 years ago from MD

      I'm just getting started and against one more learning curve. Thanks for laying out some of the more common rules for creating quality content.

    • jamesjacques profile image

      jamesjacques 6 years ago from Seattle

      thanks, very helpful hub

    • RichERich1175 profile image

      RichERich1175 7 years ago

      Thank you greatly for your helpful hub. You advice is golden and will come in handy.

    • Bard of Ely profile image

      Steve Andrews 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

      Another very useful hub! Though nothing in this one I personally didn't know but excellent tips all the same!

    • LivingFood profile image

      LivingFood 7 years ago

      "most people find using Kontera reduces their Adsense income, but how will you know until you try for yourself!" Nice Tip..I will experiment. Thanks!

    • M.s Fowler profile image

      M.s Fowler 7 years ago from United states

      Nice tips thanks for writing this it's very useful!

    • ns1209 profile image

      ns1209 7 years ago from UK - England

      Please leave any comments!