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Importance of comment.

Updated on February 14, 2014
5 stars for comments

Express ideas openly.

Man is a social animal. Most of them had the ability to write.There should be a suitable platform for expressing ideas and feelings.When I found Hub pages I thought this is the right place for me to share my ideas. Hub pages is a Platform which grows through wonderful Hubs and healthy Comments . Through this hub I want to share some of my experiences as a Huber .

About my experiences as a Huber.

Soon after education ,I got married .I had traveled and stayed in a lot of places in India because of the transferable job of my Husband . I used to read a lot. I didn't get an opportunity to express my feelings and didn't get the proper platform to write . When I read about 'Hub pages' in a magazine, I was in search of that. I read a lot of interesting Hubs in Hub pages. I realize that this 'Hub page's platform is the best for my favorite cooking experience. I got thrilled when I am a part of Hub pages.

First I was not knowing how to write a Hub. After a month's Writing and editing, Gathering more matters, I was ready with my first hub. Thus I published my first Hub" Amazing truths of life ".I eagerly waited for comments.But did not get any comment for that. I got disappointed .I was waiting and waiting. I planned to write more to be get appreciated. Thus I started writing more . Most of them are about cooking. I know that I am not a good writer. Still I am trying my level best to express my feelings and experiences. I am eagerly waiting the readers reactions in the form of comments.

At last I got my first comment !

When I got my first comment I could not control my happiness. I replied soon . I spent most of the time in front of my computer to see whether there are any comments. I am also started reading more hubs and writing comments. Through my limited experience I can tell a Huber can grow easily through writing comments and answering the questions.

Hub pages is a good platform for a growing writers. If the content is interesting and informative he can expect healthier and encouraging comments.

The hub which I read and followed to get approval in Google adsense is the following;

How comments helped to get my approval in the Google Ad Sense.

Even my approval in the Google Ad Sense which I eagerly waited for came true through one Hcomment in the Question Answer section. Through this section I asked my fellow hubers" How to get accepted in Google Ad sense"? . One of my friends in hub pages community 'Banks cottage 'guided me to a Hub of Amy gillie which helped me for the approval. In my opinion comments , reply , Ask a question section ,are some important sections which encourage a Huber

What type of comments do you expect from the readers?

See results

Don't forget to leave a comment after enjoying one's creativity.

A Hub is a creation of a person which he achieve through hard work and effort .He has to Write content, arrange capsules in the proper way and has to spent a lot of time for this creation. So is it our duty to leave a comment after reading and enjoying his work ? For me reading Hubs and writing comments gives me pleasure.

If the work is done in a very good manner then we can surely leave healthy comments.If there are any suggestions we can express our views and ideas without hurting the author. . I think every body likes to be get appreciated. so please do not forget to leave a comment after enjoying a Hub. If you have any suggestions you can express it in a friendly manner . Readers can encourage a writer through their valuable comments .. Happy hubing.


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    • devisree profile image

      devisree 5 years ago from India

      Hi Michele Travis

      You are absolutely right.Getting comments to our work is like rewarding us .Thanks for commenting.

    • Michele Travis profile image

      Michele Travis 5 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio

      I agree with this one 100%. How can you get comments without commenting on others hubs? No one can just write hubs and expect to get a lot of comments without reading and commenting on other hubs. Commenting on other hubs is also a good way to make friends on hubpages.

      Voted up.