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How to Get Traffic to Your Hub and Blow-up the Servers

Updated on January 6, 2013

Want to know how to get traffic to your hub? Getting traffic can be much easier than you think. However, you do need to focus on doing a few things just right. Below I’ve outlined a few things that have helped me get some great traffic to my websites and articles.

Find a Niche Topic
First, if you are really going to get some quality, targeted traffic, write about a niche topic. Choose a topic that is not so general you are competing with millions of other people/businesses. For example, don’t write about “computers”, instead maybe write a review about “computer x from HP” or “how to repair an x”.

Use Long-Tail SEO and ONE Keyword
Note, when you choose your “topic” you should also choose your keyword phrase. A lot of people will try to write articles and design landing pages for multiple keywords and keyword phrases. However, I’ve personally had MUCH more success with designing landing pages and writing for one keyword/keyword phrase at a time using long-tail SEO. In other words, “A Review of the Canon T3i Camera” versus “the Canon T3i”.

Be Informative and Don’t Use Your Keyword Too Many Times
Secondly, have well written content that is informative and gives readers quality information. Give readers information they can actually use, do research if you have to. Add value to your content. Don’t just throw some stuff together and hope it does the trick, because it won’t!

Use your keyword or keyword phrase one time per every 100 words (give or take). NEVER keyword-load your content, in other words, don’t use your keyword phrase 10 times per every 100 words. If you keyword-load your content like this, the search engines will penalize you and your hub or website may never be found or indexed. Ugh!

Add Your Keyword to Your Link and Title
Make sure that your keyword or keyword phrase is in your link AND title. For example hamner123.hubpages/hub/how-to-get-traffic-to-your-hub becomes my link; this again is long-tail SEO and “How to Get Traffic to Your Hub” is also my title. I might even do something like, “How to Get Traffic to Your Hub and Blow Up Your Server”. This title stands out a little better, and that’s what you want, a title that stands out from the rest!

So do you see, my link has my keyword phrase, my title has my keyword phrase and the keyword phrase is used throughout my content. Using this technique is how to get traffic to your hub the correct way.

Make Sure Your Content is Well-Written and Well-Organized
This is a no-brainer, but a lot of content I read is often not very well-written. It is hard to read, loaded with grammatical errors, and not well-organized.

Remember, your potential reader is many times a potential customer, and that means money right? Readers are most likely surfing through lots of other web pages looking for information. They want to find something that is easy to read and answers their questions. So put your information together in an organized manner so that your readers can find information easily.

To help with organizing your information, use bolded headers, bullet points and short paragraphs. This will allow a reader to easily scan over your content without becoming worn out.

I hope this information has helped you learn how to get traffic to your hub. Good luck!


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