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50 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Hubpages

Updated on April 15, 2013

Traffic is a must

As a fellow hubber I can tell you that getting traffic to our hubpages can be a very tiring task. The grim, and blatant truth is whether we write our hubs to simply get our writing out there in the public eye or whether we write to earn a passive income we must get that web traffic. To achieve any level of success online as a writer we must work to drive that traffic to our little part of the world online. Without sufficient traffic we will in no way benefit from our little section of the hubpages universe. It should also be noted that I included the number 50 in the title simply because it is a well rounded number. There are actually more than 50 tips and tricks within this text that should help bring visitors to your hubpages and fuel that stream of traffic needed to achieve writing success.

Before we get started I feel I should put some stress on the most important aspect of the almighty traffic. To promote our work on hubpages we need to write quality content. Sure having 80 hubs is great but having 5 really good detailed ones is a much better thing. Good content will inspire visitors to come back the next time you write an article or to use their social bookmarking pages to promote you full stream. If it is a profit you are seeking these return visits are the primary focus you should be having. return visits turn into people who are willing to click an affiliate link or check out an adsense ad that is posted on your hub. Repeat visits will transform into consumers and than the consumers will become fans of your work.

Now that we have that little morsel out of the way let's explore ways in which we can start shuttling in traffic to the hubs we write here at Hubpages.

Hubpages is an amazing site with great earning potential.

Whether you are here to learn, earn, or explore Hubpages is a site that needs traffic to sustain it.
Whether you are here to learn, earn, or explore Hubpages is a site that needs traffic to sustain it.

Resources From Amazon

Hubpage Video

Website traffic is tricky

You have to look to different sources to get the full potential traffic your site needs.
You have to look to different sources to get the full potential traffic your site needs.

Tricks of the Trade

Facebook- In terms of social media no site can hold a candle to the mother of social media Facebook. If it were a boxing match Facebook would be Mike Tyson and the rest of the sites would be that skinny white kid with the tape on his glasses that used to sit by you in chem class. Currently millions of users are logging into Facebook at an alarming rate to check statuses of their friends, post their own status or any number of other things Facebook offers. as far as traffic goes Facebook presents us with some serious drawing power. I suggest getting a good friends list. If you are using this for promoting your work on Hubpages you need to include a lot of people who share your interest. Let's explore a few ways we can use facebook to pull traffic into our own site.

Use your wall- Posting to your wall allows all the friends you have to see your post, This means that every individual you have listed as a friend will now see that awesome link you just posted to your Facebook that directs the reader back to an amazing hub here on hubpages. But that is not where the wall stops, no not hardly. Let's say you just wrote an article about saving money at the grocery store. Let's say that you have a friend who is president of a local coupon club. You do not have the same friends she does but you can share your link on her wall and now her friends can see your link too. There is also a significant chance they will share the post with some of their friends so the scope of reach is increasing all the while.

Facebook Groups- Find groups with similar interest to you or groups related to your niche. This is a great way to really reach a larger audience. I strongly suggest you join the group and begin posting. Let the group know you can contribute. Once you have established yourself as a beneficial member of the group you can start posting links. I have created a group for my series called Let's Talk Fire. That group can be found here.

Facebook Fan Pages- If you have a great article series going than why not create a fan pages for it? This is a great way to really pump some traffic into your hubpages. I created a fan page for the Wheelwright Library. I would love all my Hub family to go and like the page. It can be found here. Now what I did just now can work for you. Have people like your fan page and it will grow and grow.

Twitter- Twitter is almost as impressive as Facebook is. Twitter allows users to send tweets that alert people to everything from lunch breaks to walking the dog. The act of tweeting is becoming more and more popular so it is a vital tool for us to use to generate some traffic. I find the best way to really fuel the tweet train is to use hashtags. (#) If I just posted a hub on WWE wrestler Kane I would use #Kane. This allows the tweet to be indexed much easier. I also strongly suggest you ask your friends to retweet your tweet.

Digg- Digg is a very valuable tool to utilize as a traffic generator. When you digg a site or link you put it out there for a wide range of viewers to check out. A good digg has potential for going viral and driving heaps of traffic to your hubpages.

Stumbleupon- This site will bring you a large amount of traffic and should also be one of your major focuses when developing a traffic plan.

Reddit- Reddit has a great format and I seem to get major traffic from this one. You must not get to anxious and post to often because Reddit will lock up on you.

Delicious- How tos and tutorial hubs fair very well here.

Forum Posting- Find forums that are relevant to your niche and post in them. This is a great way to lead some targeted traffic to your hubpages. If the forum allows signatures than put a link to your hubpages in your signature.

E-mail Signature- If you are a big user of e-mail why not include a sig there. It can change as your hub changes.

Blog Commenting- A great deal of traffic can be had by using this tactic. Simply find blogs that share your niche and leave a well thought out comment. The key is to find blogs that allow you to post a link back to your own hubpages.

Search Engines- This is a biggie. If you want to get quality traffic you are going to need to get the search engines to catalog your site. I suggest submitting your url to the search engines yourself. On the same note search engine optimization is a vital key for getting traffic.

Submit Your RSS Feed- Real simple syndication is a great way to fuel the traffic train. Use sites like feedburner to pump in subscribers who will be updated automatically with your feed.

Yahoo Answers- I have written a detailed Hub to explain how this one works. You can find it here.

Hub Commenting- Scope out some other Hubs and leave well thought out comments on them. Don't just go with cliched lines like great job or very interesting. leave good comments.

Guest Blogging- Writing for other blogs in the blogasphere will get you major traffic.

Business Cards- Oh yeah old school marketing baby. Business cards a re a great way to promote your Hubpages. This is especially affective if you have a series of articles.

Flyer- Old school again but affective. A good flyer that catches attention and sparks some curiosity will get you more traffic.

Video Marketing- This is a major traffic generator. If you write a hub that reviews the film "Zombieland', than do a video review as well. Link to your Hub in that video's description. Use Youtube to get the video out there.

Write A 100 List- Something like the list you are reading now. Top 100 list really drive a great deal of traffic and if done well can start the traffic into becoming repeat visitors to your hubs. Something like 100 things not to say to your date or 100 things to eat with crackers.

Write A How To- Tutorials are great sources for traffic. People are always wanting to learn how to do new things. If you find things that are awkward and unique you are almost guaranteed to drive that traffic home.

Interviews- Find a key figure in your niche and interview them. Maybe you write about ghosts and you interview Troy Taylor. You can guarantee you will receive some serious traffic from the ghost hunting community. Use these interviews to get really detailed links and you have it made.

Free Classifieds- Free classified sites are great to drive traffic. Craigslist is the big one right now. Find heavy populated cities and post free information regarding and just fill in the gabs with what you have written about.

Write An E-book- Put together a great e-book and use it to link back to your Hubpages. E-books are all the rage right now. You can market this book on Amazon and any number of other sites so the traffic will be heavy and well worth it.

Host A Contest- let's face it people love free stuff. Offer a cool prize and watch the traffic start to pour in,.

Chat Rooms- They are not as popular as they once were so the traffic return may not be worth it. I suggest looking for niche chatrooms and using them to promo links back to your hubpages.

Tubemogul- Video marketing to the max.

Squidoo- Use Squidoo to make lenses which are simply little web pages. These pages can link back to your hubpages. Squidoo is very popular with search engines so it is a great resource for traffic generation.

Blogger- Create a blog on Blogger and use it to link back to your hubpages. Blogger has added features that will let you drive in even more web traffic.

Controversy Sales- Write an article that covers a topic that will strike up heated debates. Political or religious topics work very well for this.

Movie Reviews- Hubpages movie reviews are excellent ways to drive traffic to your hubs. They also lend well to video marketing and other forms of traffic generation.

Internal Linking- Always use your hubs to link to other hubs. If you are working on a hub about crafts and you already wrote one over paint techniques link them.

Write A Series- Breaking a larger hub into several smaller ones can create a very keen interest with viewers and in turn generate some very powerful surges of traffic.

Linkedin Questions- Same as Yahoo Answers

Keyword research- Always try and use keyword rich titles.

Pinterest- Images are a must for a quality hub. After you have finished your hub go ahead and pin the image to a board related to the niche. Now you have a great link back to your hub using a visual reference.

Tumblr- Very popular. The site is a laid back one so be witty and creative. Tumblr users are very likely to visit a site or link that has a cool funny picture.

DMOZ- This is a must have for directory submissions. It is important to get listed here.

Newsletter- A well written newsletter can generate a very large amount of traffic.

Celebrity Rules- Write a hub about a celebrity. It can be anything and it will draw some attention. One great way is to use jokes. let us not forget the Chuck Norris craze.

Write About Twitter- Twitter users are an obsessive bunch and will check out hubs that tell about Twitter. Write about how to get followers or how to go viral on Twitter.

Ping Your Hubs-Use pingaot, pingmyurl, and pingomatic to get the word out on your hub real quick.

Follow Other Hubbers- They will likely return the favor.

Use The Hub Forums- Post relevant and thought out comments. Hubbers will likely check out your work if they feel you have some in site.

Create A Web Page- I use my site Dravenstar Paranormal Research Team to promote my paranormal Hubs here. A website will give you added professionalism.

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Hubpages is a great way to get your writing read and make money for it too.
Hubpages is a great way to get your writing read and make money for it too.


As Hubbers we live to write. We find peace of mind at the keyboard. Getting that finished product may be difficult but once we have set fourth a game plan we can get it done. Getting traffic is no different. We must set a plan in motion and stick to it. When we put in that extra work we see the fruits of our labor blossom and I can assure you not many things beat that feeling of logging in to discover you pulled 1000 unique visits in one day. I would love to hear of other methods my readers use and I hope this has helped.


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