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How to Make the Most Money Complete Guide Tutorial

Updated on June 19, 2013
Former author-turned-retail-store-owner, Tori Thompson
Former author-turned-retail-store-owner, Tori Thompson | Source

How Money is Earned On HubPages

Let me start off this article by explaining WHY I wrote this in the first place. I am a former online author who now owns retail stores; my online earnings were what allowed mew to open my first retail store in 2008, my second in 2009 and my third in 2011. My intention of writing this article was to teach my employees how to use HubPages to make money. After finishing my "Guide" I decided, "Hey, why not share this information with EVERYONE!" So here it is! Keep in mind, this entire tutorial was created for my employees, but is PERFECT for anybody who wants to genuinely learn how to be a successful online author.

XO$XO$XO & Enjoy!

- Tori Thompson

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

FACT: Top earners on HubPages make $1,800 to $3,000 A MONTH and have around 500-800 published pages.

So lets start with the very-very-basics…


(This quote is directly from;)

“On HubPages you earn money through online advertising (Google AdSense and the Every time someone views one of your Hubs, we display ads. 60% of the time, these ads can generate revenue for you, and 40% of the time, the ads can generate revenue for HubPages. We make it easy for you to sign up for all of these!

· You can set up an AdSense account with Google through a simple form. Once you hit their minimum payout, you will get paid directly by Google.

· eBay and Amazon products are optionally featured in your Hubs through Capsules—you decide which products to highlight. However, Google AdSense and the Ad Program automatically display ads in your Hub—no Capsules are needed.

· In order to participate in the Ad, eBay, or Amazon Programs, you must activate the HubPages Earnings Program. The HubPages Earnings Program provides a way for HubPages to pay you directly for the Ad, eBay, and Amazon Programs, and other things like contest prize winnings. Once you hit the minimum earnings in the HubPages Earnings Program, you will get paid by HubPages directly.” (end quote)

Now, lets assume that you have already completed the Enrollment and you have also already Activated the HubPages Earnings Program. Now it’s time to start earning!

CONTENT - PART 1: What Really IS “Content”?

As a former author of a popular online website, I speak from experience when I say “Content is King”; meaning, whatever you choose to write about needs to be GOOD, QUALITY content (AKA: Stuff people WANT and NEED to read). In order to produce good, quality content you need to know what you are talking about, thoroughly. Pages about anything that either provides people with ways to SAVE MONEY, “HOW TO” articles or pages with NEEDED INFORMATION have always been my biggest money makers regardless of what site I wrote for. For example, you are learning all kinds of things in college or at your job, right? Why not turn your college papers into Hubs? People taking the same or similar classes can genuinely USE the information you provide! Plus you make money just for sharing what you have learned! Why not turn what you have learned at work into assistance for others?

Generally speaking the more content you put on your hub the better. Anything you publish online needs to be AT LEAST 400 words; if you can’t easily write 400 words about the topic you chose, then you may want to reconsider what you are writing about and instead choose a topic which allows you to share your knowledge with ease. From my experience with Search Engine Results, the FIRST THREE paragraphs of the content is the most valuable (as well as the title).

CONTENT: PART 2: I’m Staring at a Blank Page… Where Do I Start?

What are your interests? Lets say you LOVE art; why not create pages on “How to Decoupage”, “How to Make Cost Effective Retail Store Risers / Fixtures” (and include step-by-step photos of wrapping a USPS box or other cool things you have came up with?)

Basically, as stated earlier, whatever you write needs to feel “natural” to you. As a business owner, things that I, personally, can write about without having to “research” would be “How to Open a Boutique”, “How to Hire Employees in the State of Michigan”, “Cool and Creative, Cost Effective Store Fixtures”, “How to File Business Taxes”, etc

  • Cool ideas you *could* write about (I came up with all 30 in about 15 minutes)
  • 1. How to (do _____) in Quickbooks – You have SO much written already to help employees, why not create Hubs?!!!
  • 2. How to Organize (_______)
  • 3. How to Spot a Shoplifter / Theft in a Retail Store
  • 4. Ways to Motivate Employees
  • 5. How to Train a New Retail Store Employee
  • 6. How to Use Google Gmail for Your Retail Store (Mailing Lists, Birthdays, Google+, etc)
  • 7. Retail Store Decorating Ideas
  • 8. How to Make a Retail Store Display
  • 9. Cost Effective Gift Ideas for Your Boss
  • 10. Cost Effective Gift Ideas for Coworkers
  • 11. How to Deal With Angry / Mean Customers
  • 12. How to Deal with Difficult Coworkers
  • 13. 10 Awesome Ways to Surprise Your Boss
  • 14. How to Use a Clothing Steamer (- You would be surprised at how many people DON’T know simple information…such as ME!!!!)
  • 15. How to Refill Your Citizen Receipt Printer Paper (and trouble shooting, such as paper being upside down!)
  • 16. How to Refill Your Zebra Label Printer (and trouble Shooting!)
  • 17. How to Make a Pretty Jewelry Display on a Plate or Tray
  • 18. How to Determine Body Jewelry Gauge Size ( - Even I don’t know this!!!)
  • 19. How to Identify Different Types of Body Jewelry; Labret, Nipple, Eye, Marilyn, etc
  • 20. Getting Ear Plugs Body Jewelry: Cost, Pain, Healing Time, Cost of Plugs, etc!
  • 21. How to Make a Nightlight Shade – (NOTE: I have an extra one at the house in the hallway upstairs room; feel free to use it!!!)
  • 22. How to Get Stains off of (Boots / Shoes, Clothing, Dresses, etc)
  • 23. 10 Things I Love About Working in Retail at a Boutique
  • 24. 10 Things I Hate About Working in Retail at a Boutique
  • 25. 10 Tips on Being a Boutique Retail Store Manager
  • 26. How to Get Over a Bad Breakup Quickly
  • 27. How to Balance Work, School, Family and a Relationship
  • 28. College: Part Time or Full Time: Pros and Cons
  • 29. Tips to Picking College Classes OR Tips for Picking the Right College
  • 30. How to Make a Retail Store Coupon in (Program Used; i.e;, Microsoft Word, etc)


Now that we got past the very-very-basics, it is time to discuss just the very-basics and basics of online writing. Until you thoroughly understand how online writing works, you will never find finanacial success.

Of course, as with anything, practice makes perfect, BUT if you can have a great coach to teach you all the plays BEFORE you jump into the game, you're far more likely to WIN!!!

MONEY MAKING: PART 1: Laying the Foundation for Making Money

This is probably the most important part that I have learned in my numerous years writing content: the title of your hub (or ANY content) needs to be based on your keyword research. The general question I ask myself when I write anything is “What would someone type into the Google Search Box if they are looking to read this?” – So if I write an article about making and launching my own line of fragrance oils, a BAD title would be “Make Oils” or “About Fragrance Oils”. A GOOD title would be “How to Make Your Own Line Brand of Fragrance Oils” – Note the important words:

How to Make Your Own Product Line Brand of Fragrance Oils

Why are these words important? Well, because if I go to Google and type any of the following, my article SHOULD come up as a result:

“How to Make Oils”

“How to Make Fragrance Brand”

“How to Make Fragrance Oils”

“How to Make Your Own Product Line”

“How to Make Your Own Brand”

“How to Make Your Own Oil Line”

“How to Make Your Own Oil Brand”

“Make Your Own Oil”

“Make Your Own Oil Brand”

“Make Your Own Oil Line”

“Make Your Own Oil Product”….etc

See, a computer search is only as smart as you tell it to be. When a Google Search is preformed, the order of the words do not matter; it is the words themselves that matter – this is why you can search for one thing and sometimes end up with funny or irrelevant results – for example, if I want to search for “DICKS Sporting Goods” and all I type into the Google Search Box is “Dicks”… the results that appear are NOT going to be as I planned…and hopefully “Safe Search” is on! BUT if I add in the KEYWORDS “DICKS Sporting Goods”, I am not refining my search to information that is not XXX-related and instead sports related, in specific, DICKS-Sporting-Goods-Related. If I go one step further and search for “BASEBALL GLOVES at Dicks Sporting Goods”, I am now telling Google that I ONLY want to see content or websites that have something to do with Baseball Gloves AND Dicks Sporting Goods. So, as you can see, we went from searching for “Dicks” which did NOT give us the results we wanted to searching for “Baseball Gloves at Dicks Sporting Goods”, which produced EXACTLY the results we were looking for.

So when writing a title, consider what EXACTLY your "customer" (AKA: reader) wants!

MONEY MAKING: PART 2: Title Tips / Tricks

Titles DON’T always need to make complete sense! Remember how I said that the order of the KEYWORDS don’t matter? The title is the same way; hence the reason my title for my oil article is “How to Make Your Own Line Brand of Fragrance Oils” – in “real life” you would likely never say the words “Line Brand” consecutively, but in online content, both of these words are of value.

MONEY MAKING PART 3: Content Tips / Tricks

This is something I have been doing since 2007 to achieve high rankings in anything I have written:

You know what a “Thesaurus” is? Of course, it’s a dictionary of “similar words”. If you look up the word “FREE” in a Thesaurus, you will find great similar words that you can use within your content instead of repeating the same KEYWORD(S) like a broken record. Great similar words for “Free” are “No cost”, “complimentary”, “Freebie” and “costless”. So, if I were to write an article about “10 Ways to Get FREE No Cost Advertisement”, within my content, I can switch-up my keyword to make my content less dull.

Here’s an example of broken-record-content:

“If you are looking for absolutely FREE advertisement, a great way to do so is by producing great HubPages. You can get FREE advertisement when you write about topics that genuinely interest people and also tie in your market…and it’s totally FREE. FREE advertisement can also be obtained through sites like Craigslist, which is also FREE.” – get it? Free, Free, Free = boring, borning….I am now asleep.

Now lets revise the same content as above and use some of our Thesaurus Keywords:

“If you are looking for absolutely FREE advertisement, a great way to do so is by producing great HubPages. You can get NO-COST advertisement when you write about topics that genuinely interest people and also tie in your market…and it’s totally Complimentary. FREE advertisement can also be obtained through sites like Craigslist, which is also COSTLESS.”

- Ok, now I don’t sound like I am a infomercial that is selling the word “FREE”.

MONEY MAKING PART 4: Writing With Odds in Your Favor

This isn’t necessary, but it CAN help determine IF people are actively Googling whatever “keywords” you wish to use. Google’s Keyword Research tool – drop in some keywords that your article might be about and see what comes back at you. For example, I typed in “How to Catch Shoplifters” and the results were:

A.) The “Competition” is “LOW”, meaning that a good article / page on this topic would LIKELY get views!

B.) The “Global Monthly Searches” for this exact phrase is 590 people.

C.) If you look down to the next section called “KEYWORD IDEAS”, you will see that the KEYWORD “SHOPLIFTING METHODS” or “METHODS OF SHOPLIFTING” get 880 Google Searches per month, thus making these “Keywords” more likely to bring in readers.

D.) While “SHOPLIFTING TIPS” gets by far the most views, with 2,400 per month, the article we would want to write wouldn’t appeal to those who are LOOKING for ways TO shoplift, so an article of this type isn’t going to help bring in money (obviously because Shoplifters are looking to steal items, not to purchase items).

But the good news is that even if you don’t do any research, you still have a chance of picking up some visitors on Hubpages. But, the more you plan out your keywords the better you will do.


I’m sure you have Google-Searched for something and found a link you thought would provide information you were seeking; you clicked the link and ended up on a page that was so dull, you began to wonder if the page was actually “complete”; and if the page isn’t “Complete”, then is the information on it even RELIABLE? So be sure to make your pages COMPLETE: Add as many of the widgets as you can. You can add a news widget, a poll to ask your readers a question, etc. You don’t necessarily NEED to add a bunch of widgets, but it defiantly won’t hurt. The more there is on a page, the longer the reader will stay; the longer the reader stays the better the chance of making more money!

What Do You Want More Awesome Info On?


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    • Deborah Demander profile image

      Deborah Demander Reno 

      5 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

      Thanks for writing this very helpful article. It was informative, without being excessively dry or boring. Great widgets!


    • isaacasante profile image

      Isaac Asante 

      6 years ago from Accra, Ghana

      Hey, nice hub... Nice ideas. I like how you write as if you were talking for real to us directly.

    • Gavino profile image

      Gavino Berardesco 

      6 years ago from Cleveland, Tennessee

      I am learning something new every time I come to hub pages thanks for this wonderful piece of information. I should have been using this site when I first signed up in 2009. I guess it's as they say better late then never. Thanks for your insight.

    • passionate77 profile image


      7 years ago

      thanks Tori dear, for sharing such a detailed article on this very important topic. in fact it gives all the necessary ideas and tips that we have to follow to be succeeded writing online - not only at hubpages but every where even if one wants to run own personal blog. it is so helpful article, million thanks for sharing great info, i bookmarked the hub. stay blessed dear!

    • Codebreak profile image

      Gwendolyne Black 

      7 years ago from Erwin, TN

      Great! Hub. Thanks!

    • spiritualpaths profile image


      7 years ago from Michigan, USA

      The recommendation for using the Google AdWords tool is spot on!

      Great info. Thanks!

    • Poshbytori profile imageAUTHOR

      POSH by tori boutique 

      7 years ago from 1545 Union Lake Road, Commerce, MI, 48382

      Thanks a mill!!! Be sure to check out new articles coming this week! Great stuff!

    • academylight profile image

      Katerina Kostaki 

      7 years ago from Athens-Greece

      Very good article .I have to bookmark it.

    • brajeev profile image

      Aswin Rajeev 

      7 years ago from Cochin, India

      Really informative hub! Thanks for sharing your views.

    • Tricia1000 profile image


      7 years ago from South Africa

      This is a very helpful article which I am going to share with my followers as well. Also voted up.


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