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How to Use The "Answers" Section of Hubpages

Updated on November 27, 2011

Confusing Questions

As a hubber who loves the Answers section, I can tell you that no matter how confusing your question is to you, it can be ten times more confusing for someone trying to help your question if it isn't formatted for hubpages correctly.

So, to help out those in this wonderful hubber society, I am providing this hub to help you understand how to use the Answers section correctly, so that you can get the most out of it, and the best answers from the best hubbers with the knowledge.

Spell and Grammar Check

I know that English is not everyone's native language, but it really is important to do your best to provide correct spelling and grammar when you ask a question. Spelling isn't nearly as important as grammar though, as most of us can understand a misspelled word easily enough, but if the grammar is incorrect, the question that you asked may lead to an answer you weren't seeking.

Some tools you can and should use before asking a question on the answers section:

Google Translate

Microsoft Word Processor (with Grammar Checker)

Open Office Word Processor (with Grammar Checker)

Or go to and download a spell and grammar checker. There are several free ones that you can take advantage of anytime you want to make sure you are heard loud and clear. IT'S WORTH IT.

Provide Details

Often times, even when a question has bad enough grammar to be confusing, the whole situation is made worse by not providing any details. There is a very large text box provided for as much detail as you can give, and it's important that you use that section if you are really in need of information. If you're not that in need of answers, then it's not really worth it to use the answers section.

So please, take the time to give details to your question. The title question alone isn't enough. What do you need information about? What situation are you in that sent you to seek help? What do you want hubbers to provide for you information wise?

Correct Categories

Seriously, if you are asking a question about love and relationships, it doesn't belong in the politics category. This happens more often then you might think, and when hubbers look for specific questions through categories they are experts at, it can be time consuming to wade through questions that have nothing to do with the category they are in. It's frustration enough that many hubbers will flag your question for deletion if it's not in the right category.

Hubpages has an extensive list of categories that you can choose from, and they even give you helpful hints as to where your question could go. Do your best to make sure your question has the right category and you will likely get an answer faster and more precisely.

Check for Answers Before Asking

Before you click that button to post your question PLEASE check hubpages to see someone has already answered your question. Hundreds of wonderful hubbers have written tried and true hubs about topics you need help with, and if you use the search tool at the top of every page of hubpages, you might just find the answer you need is already there.

By doing this, you'll not only help the authors who already had just what you needed, you'll save time and space in the answers section for questions that have not yet been answered, including future pressing questions you may have.

Ask An Author for Help

If you are having a hard time with any of these suggestions, or your question just doesn't seem to be getting answered, you might try asking an author for help. You can ask just about anyone on here, including me!

Just send a message and ask your question, I very much doubt any hubber would be offended by the opportunity to help you.


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  • BizGenGirl profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Lake Stevens

    @ThoughtSandwiches, I do see your point. Though I can say, that even without bad grammar/confusing questions/typos/spelling errors, there is plenty of humor in the questions that our species asks at times, lol

    @Katedonavon, thank you so much for pointing that out! Can't have a hub about proper grammar/formatting have bad grammar and other errors, lol

  • katedonavon profile image


    7 years ago

    I can't resist pointing out a misspelling in the heading "Spell and Grammar Check." You spelled it Gramar. :) Also, the sentence including "someone trying to help your question isn't formatted for hubpages correctly" should probably include the word "if" between "help" and "your."

    However, you make some very good points. Voting up and useful!

  • ThoughtSandwiches profile image


    7 years ago from Reno, Nevada

    hi bizgengirl...

    Alas...I have seen some of the questions that have inspired this hub. You are doing good work my friend! Still...some of the humor factor will leave the answer section if everyone begins applying your common sense approach. Not a bad thing...just a thing.




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